Your Top Teamwork Alternative and What Makes Instagantt Work for You

There are a number of different project management options out there, and you want to be sure you’re getting the right one for you and your business. But how can you do that? Well, you’re going to need to start by doing your research and that starts with looking at options like Teamwork and Instagantt.

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After all, if you’ve started researching at all you’ve probably found both of these and now you’re wondering which one (if either) is the best option for you and your team when it comes to project management software.

Why Choose Instagantt Over Teamwork?

When it comes to choosing the right project management system you absolutely need to make sure you have something that works for you and for your team. Teamwork is a great option that gives you a whole lot of features and it’s highly intuitive. You’ll have plenty of options for customization and you can do things like billing or invoicing right in the system. All of this makes it easier for you to stay on top of everything that you need to do. But is it the right option for you and your team to make sure that you’re doing everything the way your clients expect?

Overview of Teamwork Features:

- Invoicing & billing

- Free account options

- Highly customizable

- Simple design

- Intuitive platform

- Clean interface

- Easy access to tools

- Great for mid-size business

Overview of Instagantt Features:

- Timelines

- Dependencies & milestones

- Tasks & subtasks

- Drag & drop

- Baselines

- Critical Path

- Multiple projects & workspaces

- Diverse exporting options: Excel, images & PDF

- Public snapshot sharing options

- Team collaboration options: Notification & task assignment

- Custom view & fields

- Estimated & actual cost

- Gantt & workload view

- Ready-to-use templates

The Good About Teamwork

There are some really great features to consider when it comes to Teamwork. And those are important to consider when you’re looking for a good platform. First, it’s relatively simple to get started with from creating your account to setting up your first project. You’ll also be able to easily customize your account to make it fit in better with your brand. You can even add a logo so everything you do in the platform will be branded for your business rather than leaving it branded for Teamwork. That’s great when you get into the billing and invoicing sections that you may need to send directly to your clients.

That ability to do all of your billing and invoicing directly in the app is another great feature associated with Teamwork. You and everyone that’s working on any project will be able to put in the hours that you work on any task directly into the app. From there, you’ll be able to send those invoices to the client so they can pay for them. Because it’s all done directly in the system you don’t have to worry about having another program linked to your account or about trying to track hours separately from where you’re keeping track of the project. You can see what’s taking the most (or least) time right in one spot.

You will also have to option to create different teams within the program. That means you can send messages or information directly to specific teams within your project without sending to the entire project group or having to select individual people to send to. This will help you communicate better and more effectively as well as making sure that the right people on your project know what they need to be doing or what everyone else is doing. This is going to be extremely important for your project and it will help your clients as well.

With the blog and help pages available you can also get access to a lot of different information that will help you understand anything that might be confusing. If you find yourself uncertain about a new rollout or update you’ll find articles and help in these areas. This makes it easier for you to get your tasks done and to learn about all of the latest features. Plus, they often have video tutorials about how to do things, which can walk even your most tech averse team members through the process until they are comfortable with it.

The Not-So-Great About Teamwork

On the other hand, there are a few things that you’re going to want to keep in mind before you decide to jump in with Teamwork. That’s because, as with any other platform, it’s not perfect. For one thing, you won’t have markup options for any documents that you upload into the platform. That means if you have one team member who uploads a document no one else is able to edit the document without downloading it and uploading it again. This can slow down some of your collaboration efforts because it means each person could be editing the same document without realizing it.

The cost is another downside with this platform. While it does offer a lot of features and customization, you’re going to be paying more for those features, which can take away from the benefit. You’ll find that the pro version of the service costs you $12.50 per user, per month and that doesn’t actually offer everything. You are required to have at least five users and you’ll get 100GB of file storage and up to 300 projects. You also won’t get company-level teams or sub teams or all of the integration options with this level of service.

If you upgrade to the premium service you’ll pay $22.50 per user, per month, for 250GB of storage and up to 600 projects. You also get more features, all of the integrations and more. But you’ll be paying almost twice as much for all of these services. If you only opt to use the free service you can only have five users and two projects and you will only have 100MB of storage. Plus you’ll have very few of the added features that you can get with the other services. All of that means the cost is definitely a factor when you’re looking at a project management service.

Teamwork Alternatives

So, what do you do if you’re not quite sure that Teamwork is the way to go for your team? You’re going to want to look at your options. And that’s where you’re going to find Instagantt. It’s a great service that gives you many of the same services that you’ll get with Teamwork and a few that are definitely going to be better, like a lower cost to get yourself going and a great way for your entire team to collaborate however they need to.

First, you’re going to be getting Gantt charts, which are a great way to track all of the information that you need for different projects that your team is working on. You can create projects, tasks and more. Plus you can set who you want to be responsible for everything that you’re doing within the project. You can assign start and end dates, dependencies and anything else that your project needs in order to get things taken care of. All you have to do is decide how you want it organized and you’ll have no problem getting everything ready.

You’ll also find that it’s fully customizable, which is a great benefit for any service. Your business isn’t just like anyone else’s so you want to be able to create a system that’s going to work for you and your team members. You can set up colors and layouts and you can even set templates that you want to be able to use again. That makes it easier for your entire team to collaborate and make sure that you’re getting through each of your tasks the right way. After all, you want your business to continue on the right path.

What’s even better is the cost associated with Instagantt. You can get an individual account that costs $7 per month and gives you access to absolutely all of the features that the system has to offer. This will help you control any tasks or projects that you do on your own. Or, if you want your entire team involved, you can get a multi-user account for $5 per user, per month. You only pay for the users that you need and there’s no minimum or maximum. Plus, there’s only one tier of pricing so you get access to absolutely everything that the system has to offer.

Additional features are also a great aspect with any project management service and this program will give you plenty of those options. You get a lot of features in the program itself but anything that you need that isn’t included is easy to add in. You can link dozens of different apps and programs that you already have together with your Instagantt profile. That lets you update information in one place and see it reflected across all of your different platforms. This makes it easier to make changes and adjustments as you go.

Because this system is very simple to use, you don’t have to worry about a learning curve for any of your team. All they have to do is create an account or profile with your system and they’ll be able to figure out all of the steps on their own. Or they can use the help features to walk them through it. Everything is highly intuitive and designed to make it as easy as possible to manage your information, update tasks, collaborate with others and more. Every member of your team will be comfortable with it in no time.

Finally, you’re going to love the ability to collaborate with your team quickly and easily. You can communicate with everyone in real time, which makes it easier to get things done and to make sure that you aren’t missing out on any information. It also cuts down on the amount of time that you have to spend walking to different offices or departments to make sure everyone is on the same page. It can all be done right in the platform and you can even update information in real time or upload files and documents that others need access to.

Choosing the Best

So, what should you be doing to make sure that you choose the absolute best platform or system for your project? You need to take a look at all of this information and see which platform is going to give you and your team more of the features that you need. You might even be surprised at all of the different things that you can do with a project management system if you have the right one. While Teamwork can give you some great features and bonuses, you’re definitely going to be paying for them, and that might not be the best option for your team.

Instagantt can get you a lot of the features that your team needs and it makes those features easy to use and inexpensive, which is a great benefit for your business. You don’t have to pay a lot of money in order to get the features you want and especially not when you can integrate any of the apps and programs that you want together. You’ll be able to customize the system you want and create something truly unique and even more effective for your team.

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