Project Tracker: How Tracking Progress Leads to Successful Outcomes

Managing projects with multiple deadlines and many different stakeholders is a challenge for even the most experienced project managers. Consolidating all of your work in one place is the best way to keep track of your team’s progress as well as your resources. A project tracker is a perfect tool to effectively keep projects on schedule and within their budgets.

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What Is a Project Tracker

Project trackers have one main goal: to help you stay organized while planning and executing your work. And no matter how small or complex the project may be, being able to accurately keep track of your budget and measure the progress of tasks, is the key to your project’s success. 

A project tracker allows you to understand where you are in the project by keeping your information in one place; this way, you can always stay on top of what’s going on with your project and take the necessary actions to ensure a good performance and outcome. 

Why Use a Project Tracker?

Managers use project trackers as a way to measure the progress of their team as they execute the tasks that were assigned to them, and to supervise the way they use resources as they go. This is why they’re especially useful when you need to projects on schedule and within their budgets.

We’ve all been there: you’ve gone through a project proposal and a project planning phase, and now, stakeholders have approved your plan. This is where the most crucial part begins, and, at this point, you need to focus on monitoring and tracking the status of your plan. By keeping track of the progress you will be able to identify and anticipate any problems that could potentially harm your project’s success. 

So, what are the main elements you should keep track of when managing projects? 

  • Project scope: This refers to the goals and elements that comprise the project. What’s required to complete it and what are you doing to complete it?
  • Resources: Every project requires different resources to get the job done. Resources can refer to team members, equipment, software, and more.
  • Schedule: It’s very important to set a clear timeline for your tasks, this way, you and your team can focus and prioritize work.
  • Budget. By breaking down how much money you’re spending, you can stay within your budget.

What Is Project Tracking Software?

A project tracking software is a tool that specializes in monitoring tasks, timelines, and milestones, that allows project managers to easily track progress. 

Project tracking software makes it really simple to stay on top of important information associated with your project, and it helps you stay on schedule. They also allow you to monitor your team’s progress, which helps you stay informed at all times. 

Reporting is also an essential aspect of managing projects. Project tracking software alleviates this challenging process by storing information in one single place: tasks, subtasks, budget, resources, and progress. Usually, this type of software will provide you with a dashboard where you can visualize critical information and choose to export it in different formats so that you can share it with internal and external stakeholders. 

Project Tracking Made Easy With Instagantt

Project tracking requires saving important data. By recording critical and updated information you’ll be able to respond quickly to any issues as well as to make any necessary adjustments to your roadmap. But in order to do so, you need the right tools. This is where Instagantt comes in handy.

Instagantt is a project management software that helps managers stay on top of what’s going on with their projects while providing teams a place to collaborate online and effectively. This tool specializes in creating visually striking Gantt charts with just a few clicks. By using Instagantt, you’ll be managing your projects, tracking tasks, budgets, and resources in one single place. 

We genuinely understand how challenging managing projects can be. And Instagantt can really make a difference by helping you create and manage your work and your team’s schedule in a much more straightforward and productive way. With Instagantt, creating tasks and assigning them to your team members is incredibly simple. Also, thanks to a number of super useful features, you can generate schedules and share them with team members and stakeholders with just a couple of clicks. Try it for yourself!

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