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Organize Your Product Roadmap with Instagantt

Plan Your Tasks

Break down your projects into manageable tasks and subtasks. Create sections to organize each stage of your project and detail every step along the way.

Manage Your Team & Resources

Besides your team members, add any resources—internal or external—that are essential for your project's success. This could include people, equipment, or even entire external teams.

Distribute Tasks and Workload

Assign tasks to your team and ensure a balanced workload. Monitor workloads directly on your Gantt Chart or use the Workload View to optimize resource allocation.

Get a Project Overview

Stay up to date with your project's timeline using the Overview View. Monitor progress, timelines, and workloads at a glance without getting lost in the details. Switch between views like Gantt, Table, or Board for specific information.

Share Progress with Stakeholders

Get multiple export formats like PDF, PNG, and Spreadsheets, ready to be shared with team members, stakeholders, and clients. Use our Public Snapshot feature to give stakeholders a read-only view of your Gantt Chart on Instagantt. Keep everyone involved and informed throughout the project

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Digital Marketing Plan

Having a digital marketing strategy is now essential for any business. Use this template to plan your actions and to reach your audience.

Project Planning

Project planning is an important part of your project’s life cycle. Use it to communicate the approach your projects will take.

Action Plan

Action plans can help you and your team achieve a common goal by providing structure, objectives, and accountability to your tasks.

Annual Planning Template

An annual plan is a business roadmap, and it is critical to set the overall direction of any company. Use this template to build your own.

Mobile App Development

Building an app from scratch requires a detailed plan. Use this template to refine your strategy and to successfully develop your apps.

Gantt Chart for Sales

Sales teams need to keep track of their multiple leads. Use this template to organize your activities and to navigate your sales process.

Quick and simple view to keep track of project advancements. I spend less time planning and more time actually working on projects.
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