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Project Views

No project is the same. If you're using different project management methodologies, we've got you covered.

Project Organizing

Flexibility and control over your projects. Better organization. Clear mind. Better work.

Project Management

The exact amount of features to make project management simple. No more, no less.


Good things are achieved by individuals. Great things are achieved as a team. And awesome things are achieved with our collaboration features!

Reporting & Data Export

Everyone has a Boss. Every Boss has clients. We made these features to help them stay up to date.

Data Import

Already had some projects you need to keep working on? Instagantt makes it easy to reduce setup.

Our Clients say it better

Great integretion with Asana. Instagantt makes Asana more productive. Asana has similar functions; time line view, workload estimation and so on but Instagantt is better to use. The best comvenient feature is to share the latest gantt-chart by URL with relatives who don't have Asana account.

Kenichi N.


I use Asana, but don't like the Timeline View within the app. Instagantt integrates directly with Asana, pulling in all the tasks, subtasks, dates, owners, notes, etc. The tasks are easy to read in Instagantt, and dragging/dropping to shift dates is fast. Instagantt updates Asana instantaneously so I don't have to worry about it...

Emily S.

Online Business Manager

We are able to track and manage projects with very few resources and Instagant and ASANA being linked is now our go-to tool for project management.

Marion M.


I was strugling with planing different projects at the same time. Having everything under control was difficult and having everything on my mind was impossible. With instagantt I can have all tasks organised by project, date and I can control operator workload and decide which operator can be assigned to a task.

Anna E.

Production Manager

Our small business has been searching for a simple Gantt chart software to help us organize our projects. We need a big-picture view of our overall timeline for the year to assess our workload at any given time, and also the ability to open a detailed view of certain tasks when needed...

Sadie K.

Station Relations Specialist

I looked at 10 other software tools including Microsoft project, project manager. Com, Gantt charts galore, airtable, Monday and many other tasking solutions this is the best product for creating schedules based on multiple dependent tasks that is easily used as a weekly meeting go to system and not just hidden on printouts and white boards.

Dave L.


Amazing! I love this product. I was appointed in a position where they don't have any PM processes or software in place. I suggested other software products first. Once I tested this and simulated projects on Instagantt, I told our management team that this is what I will use going forward. It is really inexpensive compared to other products on the marker.

Divan B.

Project Manager

It is easy to use, builds off of a solid backbone (asana) and support is transparent and what it can and can't do (don't try to build a complex project in Instagantt, build it in asana instead and then let the sync do the work)

David H.


Instagantt solves all of my Gantt chart and project management system needs. It isn't ridiculously expensive and that makes it accessible for SOHO businesses. The support team are top-notch and resolve things quickly. New feature requests are also taken onboard.

Tony R.

Owner Developer
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