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Gantt charts are commonly used for tracking projects and project management. But, do you know why they are called Gantt charts? Learn all about it here.
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Every project requires a structure on which to build your team’s workflow. Now, in the productivity era, project management software has become a highly popular solution, no matter the size of the company or team.

Let’s take a moment to discuss productivity: It is one of the most coveted aspects in a worker, it requires discipline and focus, it is especially important in the digital era, it is how we measure efficiency, and that is exactly what project management software will help you achieve. How? By tracking time spent on specific tasks, studying results, and comparing it to future projects.

The wonderful news is that you can achieve all this, right away!

The beauty of project management software is that you get it all in one place. It allows teams to collaborate and meet their goals on time, and it allows you to manage resources, workload, schedule, and budget.

Project management is better when it becomes visual, and this is just what a tool like Instagantt (Gantt chart maker) does. Thanks to its intuitive design you can easily create Gantt charts, training free.

Centralize communication in one place. Leave notes and give feedback to team members by mentioning them on a specific task, which is especially helpful for remote teams!

Manage Projects to Completion

Time Tracking

Tracking the amount of time each team member spends on their assigned task helps to measure productivity. Moreover, it helps you build important data that will help you forecast the completion and result of similar projects.

Task Management

Being able to assign different tasks and responsibilities to each member of your team is crucial for project management. It is extremely important to quickly identify who is working on what and to be able to communicate the urgency of a task.

Easily Create & Edit Tasks

Making changes to dates and  deadlines should be easy. So why not being able to adjust dates by simply dragging the edges of the taskbar to change its duration?

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With Instagantt you get:

Some of the most important features you should be looking for are:

Instagantt is a wonderful solution because it’s collaborative and it can be accessed anywhere, from any device. It's custom made for time management, progress tracking and team collaboration, all in one beautifully designed place.

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There are many project management solutions out there, but we strive to make our functions and features the ones you will definitely need when successfully running a project. Equally important, we are constantly improving. We believe in what we have built, and we want you to try it for free.

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