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Free Gantt Chart Templates in 2024

Gantt charts are commonly used for tracking projects and project management.
They can be extremely useful for managing your tasks, creating a strategy or even planning an event. Choose from a variety of templates and find the one that meets your needs.

Email Marketing Template

Being neat and organized is a must for any email marketing specialist out there because timing is super important for success. Get your marketing plan up-and-running in minutes with this template.

Construction Template

Construction projects can be extremely demanding, as they usually involve managing a large list of tasks related to different phases of your project. Set your own dates and focus on keeping your plans on track.

Client Management Template

When working with several clients, it’s surprisingly easy to start feeling like you are juggling 100 different projects at a time. Use this template and keep track of every client, by managing them all in one place.

Editorial Calendar

Planning and scheduling a content strategy is essential for marketing teams, but making sure it stays on track can be difficult sometimes. Use this template and focus on following your own strategy.

Employee Onboarding

Get your new hires accommodated to the aspects of their new jobs, and to the culture of your company, in an organized and thoughtful way. You’ll be making sure they get a great first-day impression.

Event Planning

Juggling the many tasks that involve planning an event can be a worrisome idea. Luckily, a ready-to-use template can be a great help. Set your own dates and tasks and focus on keeping your event plans on track.

Marketing Plan Template

From beginning to end, planning a marketing campaign requires a high level of organizational skills. Write down your tasks and your brilliant marketing ideas and focus on staying on track.

Social Media Planner

For marketers, social media is one of the most powerful ways to engage with audience through content and to grow a business. Get your social media strategy up-and-running in minutes.

Project Planning

Managing projects commonly involve handling a handful of information related to your team, client, budget, basic instructions, and more. Use this template as a quick checklist for your projects.

Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is crucial for companies all around and it involves heavy documenting. Use this template and make sure you don’t skip any important steps or tasks, on any given day.

Video Production

Video production can be a lengthy process as it entails writing, shooting, and editing. Structure and a strong sense of direction will help immeasurably, and this is exactly what this template will provide.


Sales teams are constantly juggling multiple leads at the same time, and this can usually mean chaos. Use this ready-to-use template and focus on helping those leads navigate your sales process.

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