Gantt Chart Template for Email Marketing Specialists

When managing an email marketing campaign, timing is very important. Being neat and organized is a must for any email marketing specialist because there are specific dates, times, contacts, and subject lines involved.
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The word strategy doesn’t begin to cover it. Send the best subject line at the wrong time of day, and your campaign is dead. From beginning to end, planning an email marketing campaign requires high levels of organization and control. Luckily, using a Gantt chart to plan and to track every detail of your campaign, can really make an impact on its effectiveness.

Keep track of your strategy

By laying down all your actions, you will have the perfect timeline of your tasks, next to a visual representation. This way, you’ll never forget any important assignments.

Also, if your marketing plans include several campaigns, you can create different sections in your Gantt chart software to separate your email marketing campaigns. This way, you can visualize and compare them, easily.

Manage your resources

Email marketing campaigns involve multiple parties. From copy-writing to design, it’s important that you visualize who is under-performing, or who is overloaded. This way you’ll be able to reallocate your resources in time.

Gantt charts also give you the flexibility to realize how many hours a task is taking to execute, and how long it will take to jump to the next task. This will allow you to determine if your email marketing campaign will be launched on time.

Plan out your key actions

Your campaign is not only composed of just one email. There are many other actions carefully planned and involved. So, from the prior “Hello”, to the final “thank you for coming” email, make sure to input your actions next to their corresponding dates.

This way, you will never forget to send out a massive email, and you will remember exactly when it was sent, once you revisit your results. Include milestones when reaching important parts of your campaign, such as great response times or great open rates.

Keep your team in the loop with Instagantt (gantt chart maker)

Communication is key when managing large campaigns because everyone needs to know where they are at, at all times.

Luckily, collaborating is one of Instagantt’s core functions. You will be able to assign tasks to any of your team members, and they will be receiving an email where they will be notified of the task, next to any relevant information.

Also, you will be able to assign tasks or comments to any team member, right from your project management.

Take a look at this ready-for-use Email Marketing Gantt chart template, and take your email marketing campaign game to the next level.

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