Social Media Planner Template

For some, social media is the go-to place to post pictures of their lunch or to swipe through pictures of furry dogs. For marketers, social media is one of the most powerful tools to engage through content and to grow a business.

If you are acquainted with the world of social media planning, then you must be aware of how challenging it can get; from analyzing the best channel to publish your content, to having the perfect graphic piece ready to accompany your post.

Executing an effective social media strategy requires a great deal of time and planning. And sometimes, a busy work schedule does not make things any easier when the time comes to perform. We are fully aware of how complex it is to execute a social media strategy that involves multiple participants and channels. And that's exactly why we want to share our social media template.

Lay down a concrete strategy

Having a goal is crucial to your social media strategy, so start by laying down what you want to accomplish, whether is attracting more subscribers or upping your engagement rates with your current audience.As soon as you lay down your strategy, you may start assigning tasks in the gantt chart to each of your teammates.

Man moving Tasks on a Gantt Chart Instagantt

Set up a clear publishing schedule

Your team won't operate effectively if the information is kept in the dark. Luckily, a gantt chart software like Instagantt(gantt chart maker) will help you and your team remain informed and alert. Working with multiple team members with different roles can sometimes be difficult, too. How do you accomplish everyone meeting their schedule?

Moreover, how do you make sure your designer knows what piece should be ready next or that your copywriter is aware of what post is out tonight? The answer is keeping a clear publishing schedule and a clear communication path between everyone involved. Joint collaboration and execution are key.

Say goodbye to chaos

Set titles, publishing dates, and assign ownership right away. By doing so, everyone will know who is responsible for which tasks involved in a post. Your team will avoid any sort of role confusion, and they will be thankful for it.Also, by using different colors for each social media channel and/or type of content, you will be able to easily identify your posts.

So, change the way you think about social media planning! It is not a messy ordeal, your team has only been lacking an organized command center.

Take a look at our Social Media Planner Template.

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