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Nowadays, having a digital marketing strategy is essential when running basically any type of business. Contrary to traditional marketing, digital marketing provides the advantage to get a message successfully across to the people that matter most to your business; your specific target audience.

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Definition of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaigns are a group of several different initiatives planned and sent exclusively through digital channels. These actions will be intended to connect with your audience and to engage with them, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Digital marketing also provides a big upside: being able to measure results, with clear metrics that will help businesses make better decisions based on a cost-effective approach. But in order to make ideas happen, these initiatives will usually involve the collaboration from different members of your marketing staff.

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

A digital marketing plan can be defined as a guide-type document for your actions. Since you will be working with different team members, it will be necessary to coordinate your efforts and to thoroughly distribute and schedule them across your different digital channels. One thing is for sure, though; a marketing plan needs to have a roadmap, and this is where project management software can be extremely useful for your marketing department.

What Should My Digital Marketing Plan Include?

Building a digital marketing plan will need to include several key aspects. Let’s dive into them:

  • Target audience. Does your company have a clear buyer persona defined? If the answer is “no”, then you need to sit down and spend some time defining it before you do anything else. The definition of your buyer persona will help you develop a message for your target audience, and your digital marketing campaign will perform much better once you really understand your audience.
  • Channels. Once your message is defined, you need to deliver it effectively. Spend time analyzing your strategy, and think about where your message will perform best.
  • Objectives. Every plan needs to have a goal, so think about what you’re aiming for, and which objectives your company is looking to achieve.
  • Budget. Before you get into planning your initiatives, keep in mind your actions need a budget. Whether it is hiring an outsource designer, purchasing a new domain, or spending money on paid advertising, plan out your budget beforehand.
  • Timeline. You need to consider the full picture. Special holidays, existing campaigns, resources, and every phase and action your digital campaign will require.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into creating a digital marketing plan, and this also translates to your team. You will need several different resources and a different set of skills, such as content writers and copywriters in order to develop a successful message for your paid media, organic, and email marketing channels; designers to make the most out of how you communicate your messages, developers for your new websites, apps, and landing pages, and social media experts to promote your social channels.

Can I Use Instagantt (Gantt Chart Maker) to Build a Digital Marketing Plan?

One thing is clear: creating a digital marketing plan involves heavy scheduling and planning. By using Instagantt(Gantt Chart Software), you’ll be getting exactly the kind of control that is required when managing online marketing strategies. You will be able to keep track of all the different aspects that come into creating the perfect digital plan; overseeing channels, contents, budgets, schedules, and deadlines.

Most importantly, your entire team will be working together and your information will become centralized. No more sending hundreds of emails asking how your strategy is coming along. With Instagantt, progress becomes visual for everyone involved.

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