Business Process Mapping, an ultimate guide you need to know

A business needs full attention to get complete nourishment that is only possible if the whole team works in the same way and spirit. When you do not guide your team about the plan and the process to start and continue a project, you will not be able to get the desired results

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A business needs full attention to get complete nourishment that is only possible if the whole team works in the same way and spirit. When you do not guide your team about the plan and the process to start and continue a project, you will not be able to get the desired results. Therefore, documentation is necessarily required to map out the procedure of doing business so that you can develop better and effective business strategies to generate wonderful outcomes. 

This is only possible if you figure out the problems, analyze the cords that need extensions and improvement. You can do so by following the business process mapping. 

A guide on Business process mapping:

Business process mapping is a visual representation of the working plan of a business that shows the steps to follow throughout the business process and also the members of the team that will be participating in this process. You can say that it is actually documentation of a business project that shows the consequences of the steps that will be occurring during the process.

 Business project mapping covers the steps from manufacturing the product to its packaging and then it's delivery with maximum customer satisfaction. Business process mapping is a simple process if you know how to do it as you can do it on a hard file or software by presenting through some symbols. 

Essential elements of business mapping 

Anything that exists whether, in material or assumptions, it carries some parts or elements to keep it organized and well-versed. So, you need to focus on the essential components of the business process mapping to get better results. You need the following four elements to include in your business process mapping strategy to make it effective and result-oriented. 

1. Using the set of symbols

You can use different symbols to make a perfect map for your business process. It is necessary to know about the specific keys symbols you are putting in the mapping process.  

2. Sharing techniques to use business process mapping 

You can also include some techniques to build a meaningful business process mapping, like some software and applications. 

3. Data collection and arrangement 

Data collection is also a key element in making the process map. 

4. Using drawing tools 

You can use different tools like symbols and mapping types for best documentation.

Different ways to do business mapping 

For an effective business process mapping, you can take different types of process mapping that can brilliantly divide and explain the process in simple ways so that you can better understand each step and also make it easier for your team to achieve. Here are different types of business process mapping. 

Using Flowcharts 

The simplest type of business process mapping is using the flowcharts that make your work easy to understand by representing through the arrows. Even flowcharts can be of different types like basic flowcharts, development flowcharts, and detailed flowcharts. These flowcharts are the straight-line graphical presentation of the process. It is easy to make on paper or computer and simple to follow during the process. So, you can easily implement this type of business process mapping and do the analysis.

Making data flow diagram 

It is similar to a simple flowchart but more complex than it as it can take different paths to follow the consequences of the process. This data flow diagram helps not only to keep track of the sequence of tasks but also to extract the unnecessary things from the necessary by meeting the blocks through arrows. 

Using value stream map 

This type of process mapping is best for complicated processes having many things to do in collaboration with other things that may align parallel or awaited for their turn. You can use a value streamline map to find out the process themes. The beauty of this map is its flexibility that allows you to take any action of including or excluding the information or the steps. 

Breaking the process by SIPOC diagram 

SIPOC diagram is the most flexible of all types of mapping processes. This is much helpful for making the process easier as you can divide the process into steps to keep track of each. SIPOC includes different steps like suppliers, input, processes, output, and customers. 

Should we go for the business mapping process?

Business process mapping is an essential part of the business as it helps you to define each and every piece of information and required data. So, many reasons encourage you to follow the business process mapping like 

  • You can make a plan to proceed with the business projects
  • You can also transfer your knowledge and key plan to your team in a simple and easy way
  • It helps you to identify the big rocks of the business projects 
  • It also helps you to find the best way to bring about the best documentation 
  • You can make good communication and collaboration with your team. 

Not only personal but team goals become easy to achieve if you follow the above-given strategy in an organized way. You will not regret the steps you have taken by following this process, taking your responsibilities seriously, and bring about best practices to get maximum advantage. 

Key principles of the business mapping process 

You can make your business strategies better enough by bringing in the business process mapping method and following the important principles. These principles are necessary to make an effective plan or documentation either on the hard file or on software that you can follow and bring fruitful outcomes as you were perceiving. Your business process mapping should have the basic principles to drag out the best result, as explained below.

  • First of all, you should have a defined goal for your business or a particular project you are about to do
  • You should go for making a strong, well-communicating team and skillful team work with you. 
  • Before you build your tea, you need to set the parameters or the properties on which you will be searching for the employees that properly fall on the requirements. 
  • You need to go for the simple and easy type and business mapping process as per the requirement of your business project.
  • Next, be very clear and confident about every step you are planning through this documentation.
  • Never go from input to output. Keep your aim as your starter
  • It will be a plus point to use different software to build an effective strategy by using some templates.

Steps to follow while doing business mapping process 

Any process or even a simple method of making something, even a cup of tea, needs some recipe to follow to make it tasty and effective otherwise, it will ruin the taste of your mouth and the mind as you were expecting. So, look for the important steps to make a wow factor recipe and bring your expectations to be true. The following steps may be helpful for you to build an effective business process mapping strategy for your business. 

  • Identification of the process you want to plan 

First, you need to look deeply and find the process you want to plan and map out for your team to get the desired result. It means you have to think about the output first, then input. You need to bring about your knowledge and intentions so that you can declare the process you need to map. 

  • Build up a courageous and skillful team 

After that, make a list of the tasks you will want to assign to your team members and collect the desired results and look for the employees or the team with matching skill sets. Do not go for the team having a miss-matching skill set that is useless for the tasks you will assign them. 

  • Collect the required information 

Now, collect the data and information about the process you are mapping out to make powerful strategies. 

  • Do not forget to identify the customers.

When you are preparing a product, for example, how can you neglect the buyers or customers for whom you are making that product? This is useless when you do not target the consumers and prepare any product or services plan. 

  • Make a list of the tasks you will be assigned to your team members 

Distribute the tasks among your team members as per their skill and give them a deadline for completion.

  • Keep track of the steps you and your team are following 

Do not leave the process on an automated system but take a keen and deep view of each activity or task before and after its completion, 

How is the business mapping process beneficial for you?

Business process mapping is of great advantage all the way if you are not skipping its principles and following the right type of documentation. Here are few basic and general benefits of mapping the business process.

  • It helps to bridge up the gaps between the manager and employees by making them good at communication. 
  • It helps you to make grip over the leadership qualities. 
  • It also makes the documents easy to read and understand but not by all. Only the builder and the partner can get the details from this mapping style. 
  • It brings confidence and satisfaction to you regarding your team fellows as you are keeping track of everyone's performance.
  • It also helps you to set the time frame for completing a particular task.


Business process mapping is something that is helpful not only in enlisting the steps you need to follow for a business process, but it is also of advantage to keep the team in collaboration, building the flexible business mapping to take any suitable route if find some useless.

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