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A flowchart software visualizes the ideas and process milestones, accelerating the workflow and improving productivity.

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Flowchart software is a tool that helps you visualize complex processes in the form of steps so you know exactly the next move according to certain conditions. Although flowcharts can be made by hand on paper, the software brings multiple benefits like spotting issues, describing the process to customers better, and clearing multiple confusions.

While some individuals don’t choose to go for software for designing flowcharts, others don’t know which software to choose. So, here we will discuss everything you need to know.

Why should you use flowchart software?

Using such tools brings multiple benefits to individuals and their organizations. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should use flowchart software.

1. Visualize the workflow

The first reason to use flowchart designing software is that you can visualize the workflow. Verbal explaining or elaborating it in text form is not as efficient as a visual representation of the flowchart. It is because the flowchart makes understanding complex algorithms and processes easier.

2. Better communication of ideas and responsibilities

Flowchart designing tools make communication easier. Everyone reading the flowchart can understand the idea in a better way. Moreover, they can collaborate, sharing their responsibilities for different processes, tasks, and workflows. Hence, everyone stays on the same page, and flowcharts improve the workflow.

3. Better problem-solving with room for improvement

One of the major benefits of using flowchart designing tools is better problem-solving. Once you start working on a project and hit a roadblock, the proceeding can be difficult without a clear roadmap. Flowcharts give you a roadmap to follow depending on different outcomes.

4. Resource, cost, and time savings

Organizations can save the resources they use, cost spent on resources, and time to work on a project significantly with a flowchart. It is because the flowchart specifies the time and resources required. It means the least resources will be wasted, and pairing flowcharts with Gantt charts will further enhance your project management and productivity.

Top 7 Flowchart software options you can try

Here are our top 7 software options for designing your flowcharts that will benefit you with their features.

1. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is a famous flowchart-making tool that targets organizations and individual users. It offers a good beginning experience with many templates and the ability to import custom templates or shapes. Above that, the interface is very easy to use, streamlining your flowchart design process. Lucidchart comes with an auto-formatting feature, which makes designing flowcharts even better since all the elements are auto-adjusted to look perfectly aligned. Apart from that, it brings the following features:

·   Easy collaboration

·   Free-hand drawing

·   Integration with different workspace tools

2. Canva

Canva is a designing tool that can do many cool things, one of which is designing your flowcharts. It has a rich library of paid and free templates, and the drag-drop flowchart editing helps you quickly draw your flowchart. Moreover, you don’t need to stick to the template elements since you can add other icons, illustrations, and designs. Sharing your work is also possible with Canva, where others can collaborate. Some of its best features include:

·   Make flowcharts instantly from a presentation.

·   Easy interface with free online usage

·   Ability to export in various formats

3. Google Docs

Although it is a document editing tool from Google, it packs serious flowchart designing capabilities and offers several benefits. If you already use Google Docs for your documents, you won’t need time to get used to the interface. It has a similar interface to Microsoft Office tools, so it will not be hard. If you are working on a text document and want to include a flowchart, then Google Docs will be your best choice. It packs lots of other features, including:

·   Numerous templates available

·   Custom icons and shapes can be uploaded

·   Exceptional collaboration experience

4. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a tool that can be used to make over 70 types of diagrams, including flowcharts. SmartDraw comes with all the collaboration and customization options a professional will need when working on a flowchart for a business project. So, if your organization needs to work on different types of drawings, then SmartDraw is the flowchart software to go for. Some of its features include:

·   Modern and smart templates

·   Ability to create diagrams right from data

·   CAD drawing support

5. ConceptDraw

ConceptDraw takes flowchart designing to the next level since your flowcharts designed here look more like an architecture diagram. Thanks to the templates and icons that you can use in flowcharts here.

With such flowcharts with detailed designs, project management will become easy since everyone will have a clearer vision of the procedure. The only thing you need to be careful about here is that it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to learn in the early days. The best features of ConceptDraw include the following:

·   Support for PNG, PDF, and SVG files

·   Draw other diagrams than flowcharts

·   In-depth flowchart element customizations


For individuals who want a basic experience of drawing flowcharts with shapes and arrows only, brings a very simple experience. It is free and does not need any login from users. One of the best things about it is that there are no overwhelming or confusing interface elements. However, with such simplicity, it lacks the important features that other flowchart design tools may offer. The best features you get from are:

·   It is web-based, so it works on every OS

·   Very easy to export your flowchart design

·   You can save your work on GitHub or Drive.

7. Creately

Creately brings the best combination of power and simplicity with its easy interface and powerful features. You will start with the templates and enjoy customizing them to what you need. You can add detail to the flowcharts with rich text and collaborate with your team members and other stakeholders when working on a project. Creately brings a comprehensive flowchart designing experience with the following features:

·   Over 8000 templates

·   Real-time collaboration and sharing

·   Intuitive flowchart design elements

7 most important features to look for in a flowchart software

There are a lot of differences between multiple software options. So, when choosing one from the top options, be careful to look for the following features per your requirements.

1. A good library of templates, shapes, and symbols

You must choose software with a rich library of templates, shapes, and symbols. Some tools have free libraries, while others have paid libraries. So, selecting one depends on your budget and requirements. Tools with a better library will make your designing experience easy.

2. User-friendly interface with easy flowchart designing and automation

No matter how few or more features you get from the software, the interface must always be easy to use. If the interface is not user-friendly, the experience of using that software will not be great. One of the best interface features is design automation, which automatically places elements in the right positions.

3. Ability to customize templates according to your requirements

Getting templates is not good enough if you don’t get to customize them as per your requirements. So, look for tools that allow you to customize their templates. In this way, the flowchart design process will be quicker than expected.

4. Ability to easily share the flowchart and collaborate with others on the team

If you are working with a team, then sharing and collaboration will play a huge role in improving your experience. However, sharing will not be a huge requirement if you are working alone and only need the flowchart to discuss the process with the client.

5. Integration support with your project management software

For organizations that use CRM software and other tools, finding Flowchart software that integrates with their business software will be extremely beneficial. It automates a lot of things making the workflow fluent and streamlined with routine events.

6. Compatibility with multiple formats

A good flowchart design software allows you to export its contents in different formats. PDF and PNG are only a few examples, whereas you may also need to export the flowchart diagram in other formats.

7. Ability to import data for making flowcharts.

Lastly, you may need to import data to create a flowchart, and it can be crucial for improving your experience. It takes a few minutes to design the whole flowchart this way since you will be importing data into your tool.


Every stakeholder needs transparency about the project these days. Flowchart software can help you in discussing the process with customers and others on the team. With the easy design options and collaboration features, these software options make things convenient for everyone on the team, including the clients.

However, going with Gantt charts about project management will be the better option if you want to discuss more details. If you want to design a Gantt chart, then Instagantt will be a good choice. It has an easy interface and packs many features for designing your Gantt charts.

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