10 Kanban Board Software Options You Need to Know For 2024

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of all of the tasks that need to be done within your business you’ll want a software program that can help. With so many out there, however, it can be difficult to figure out just what it is that you need. The good news is, there are ways to start narrowing down your choices and to make the right decision overall. But it’s not just about choosing the right platform. It’s also about choosing the right method of tracking.

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What is a Kanban Board?

Kanban is one of the hottest methods of tracking any tasks that you need to perform. With Kanban you actually create categories and boards for different projects or types of tasks that you need to complete. Then, you can create individual cards that can be added to any of those categories and boards. You can even move the cards around in different ways to put them into groups or mark them as completed or anything else you want. You get complete freedom about what you want each of your categories to represent.
For example, you could have categories for tasks that need to be assigned, ones that are in progress, and ones that are completed. Or you could create categories for different days of the week or weeks in the month. Or you could create them based on specific departments that are working on tasks. The options are definitely endless and you’ll have the ability to create a board (or multiple boards) that best reflect how you want to keep track of information and make sure all of the tasks are being done properly. And the best part is how user friendly it is.

The Top Kanban Boards

We’ve taken a look at dozens of different apps and software options that offer Kanban services to make sure we chose the 10 best. From here, all you have to do is take a look at the features they have to offer and see which one (or which ones) will provide you with the best options and opportunities. These boards have a great deal of potential, if you know which one to use and just how to go about using it for the best results.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Kanban board  software available, so you can select the best fit for your team:

1. Instagantt

If you’re looking for an easy to view and ability to color-code Kanban software Instagantt is a very reliable one to look at. This board software comes with a free trial and allows you to show plans and to help you keep on schedule as well as put phases into your big projects. It has an easy drag and drop system and allows you to assign specific tasks to individual members to break out each team member's responsibilities and their time frame for completion.

It also has a dashboard combination system that allows you to see progress completed to budget, your hours spent, and the cost of each plan. Instagantt also lets you merge with another player on this list, Asana allowing different groups or companies to synchronize their project calendars and get you an aligned project plan for all parties.

2. Jira

Jira likes to call themselves the number one software development tool for agile teams and as great for teams that ship early and often. This Kanban board allows you to sort and categorize each task in a grid system and compare the progress between plans. You can then create real-time reports that will help any person in an oversight role look at different projects happening.

Jira offers a free trial to figure it out and can help you build your workflow design to fit your own style. They also offer a roadmap system that allows your team to better plan actions throughout the day. These roadmaps help you with organizing your daily or long term project plans and can be assigned to individual people or teams for full input. The also offer automation that will let you replicate projects with ease.


Gannttpro is another Kanban board system that allows you to try it for free as well. They have some great statistics reported by their users that claim project managers saved 45% on management and planning time, saw a 50% rise in teamwork efficiency, missed 75% fewer deadlines, and saved 36% on expenses of project management. Ganttpro is an in-depth project management system that allows simple drag and dropping of elements and no-nonsense addition and adjustment of existing elements within your project.

Ganttpro also allows timeline splitting for phases and has a simple color code system to separate different elements and show project completion standards right on the base timeline. They also allow specialized resource management that helps shave those project costs and gives per hour estimates and instant calculations when needed. The notifications system on Ganttpro is second to none and makes sure your keeping yourself on track with minimal disruptions.

4. ProofHub

Using ProofHub as a Kanban software means you’re in the company with major companies, government organizations, and universities for project planning and task distribution. They claim major partners like Pinterest, NASA, and the University of Michigan Medicine use their software meaning if it can work for them, it can work for you. ProofHub also touts itself for its simple fixed pricing plans by not having a per-user fee and lets you try it for free with no credit card.

ProofHub gives you everything from self-management Kanban boards to specialized workflows and Gantt charts with personal tasks for your users or teams. With an easy to use and mobile-friendly, the customizable dashboard you can get all your important information as soon as you log in and get to where you need to go quickly. ProofHub also allows a lot of integration with things like Google Drive, OneDrive, Outlook, and Dropbox so all your data can link up in one place.

5. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is unique in the Kanban space by working with a minimalist design that can be used on multiple platforms. Their system of project management and planning allows labels to be seen inside of each task and instead of setting groupings in a large bracket above the tasks like many other project management systems in this list they allow you to split them by category or phase for an easier layout. You can also set visibility of each milestone for individual people if necessary for those on your team or project group that don’t need the whole picture for their tasks.

Toggl Plan also has a free trial available and lets you customize colors, has a drag and drop system available, and allows file uploads from your workstation and comment additions for each individual task. Toggle Plan also links to Google Calendar, Chrome, and Github as well as Trello.

6. Kanbanize

Kanbanize claims their Kanban board system allows agility to scale with visibility across all projects and can connect planning with execution while delivering results three times faster than without a program. Kanbanize can help you visualize your workflow in minutes and has built-in business rules to help you stop running against personnel and time restraints as well as working with existing processes in the system. You can set certain tasks to be expedited in any task and will show completion of each task based on the members of your team and your project as a whole.

As you use the software more it can help predict questions and timelines for your end goals to make your next project creation easier to manage and to ensure the right tasks and persons are being assigned. Some of Kanbanize's clients include Epic Games, Continental Tires, and The University of Indiana.

7. Trello

Trello is a highly flexible Kanban software that allows you to create cards, boards, and lists to help you and your team organize and prioritize your projects in the best way you see fit. Their free trial allows you to do some basic work without charge for a fairly long amount of time. Trello is focused more on the specific Kanban boards style and less the project management style but their ability to do so in a stress-free and in a minimal restriction way makes them extremely useful for list-based projects.

The link with many outside apps including Google Services, Dropbox, and Evernote so you can sync documents and schedules in a snap. Trello also offers apps for both Android and Apple devices for you to use on the go. They bost major partners including Google, Costco Wholesale, and Bose Electronics.

8. Zenhub

Zenhub is one of the best Kanban systems out there for those on GitHub. Why is that? Well, ZenHub can be activated to work in GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. This makes it a big player with the likes of SAP Systems, Cisco Technologies, and NBC Comcast International. ZenHub integrates your project management from GitHub and allows you to find any underlying data and reference it in inappropriate places for your project management.

They break out the advantages and outcomes of choosing ZenHub into three main categories. First is engineering, with outcomes that include scalability of projects and reduced importing and exporting. Second is project Management, where it will show you potential bottlenecks in a workflow system and ensure data for GitHub is correct the first time. Finally is the product itself, as it is the first to do a road mapping inside GitHub and it is automatically up to date with no conversion delays.

9. Asana

Another minimalistic Kanban system is Asana, which bases its user interface in a top tab view much like an internet browser. Asana claims groups from VOX Media, Salesforce, and Deloitte Accounting use their software for project management. Asana strives to get every project team organized in one place, get everyone to stay on track with individual tasks and project deadlines, and strives to keep those deadlines in check. If there are problems Asana is built to eliminate as many as possible.

Asana offers a free trial for those who wish to take a look and they have glowing reviews from many customers. Asana touts their ability for teams to collaborate and complete projects remotely, to ensure that every project is done in a way that allows those teams that must be apart to still work together through any project they have, keeping everyone on time and in the know of changes that may happen.

10. Monday

Monday claims that over 100,000 organizations use their services, including General Electric, Unilever products, and Uber. The Monday platform is built specifically for remote teams as they are an online-based Kanban program. Each project plan can be viewed in multiple ways to get the best idea for project completion and tasks or individuals can be added seamlessly. You can set multiple automatic triggers with plug-in systems that allow you to do things like sending emails after a step is completed or notifying your team when a task they are waiting for is completed.

Monday offers major integrations from other software like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Trello, Asana, and GitHub. This wide-ranging linking allows teams that may not interact with each other to get tasks sent through Monday to other teams without needing to copy data in and out. Through top-level project management, you can set up instant chats and emails without leaving Monday’s client.

There are definitely reasons that Kanban boards are so popular. And one of the biggest reasons is that they are fun and easy to use. You get to customize everything.You get to see everything. And you’re definitely going to have a way to make sure that your team gets the job done right. While there are plenty of different types of boards available, Kanban boards are the ones that are really going to make a difference in your work and they’re going to help you stay on top of your tasks. If you’ve ever found yourself forgetting to get something done, Kanban boards could be the answer.

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