GanttPro vs Instagantt
Which software is the best solution for me?

If you’ve started to look into Gantt chart software, you’ve likely seen or heard of GanttPro. It’s a well-known option that gives you a lot of features to improve your business. But it’s not the only one out there. There are tons of different Gantt programs and systems that you can use.

Do You Need Gantt Charts?

Maybe you’re not even 100% sold on Gantt charts in general. Do you even really need them? Are they even giving you the features that you want? Well, there are several ways that Gantt charts can be an excellent way for your business to go and a unique way for you to manage all of your projects. Whether you’re officially a project manager or not, chances are you have some projects taking place in your business. Is keeping track of them getting to be a little more complicated than you had thought? That’s where Gantt charts come in.

These charts are designed to organize all of the information that you have about different projects. You can create projects in them, create each of the tasks, and then assign those tasks to different people on your team. Then, you can assign subtasks, deadlines, start times, dependencies, and more. Of course. Just how involved or detailed your charts can be will depend on the specific software that you choose. Overall, these charts make it easier for you to keep track of what’s happening in each of your projects. That makes sure you and your team are always on the same page.

What is GanttPro?

Let’s start by taking a look at what GanttPro is all about. There’s a reason so many people know this system. It’s efficient, and it offers a lot of features, which we’ll outline in a moment. It also has a good design to it.

The idea behind this system is to structure your projects so that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed or missing deadlines. In general, this system is highly interactive and lets you keep on top of everything that you want to do. It does this by making the project management software as simple as possible and helping you track what’s going on. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to this system.

What is Instagantt?

Instagantt is a Gantt chart software system that provides advanced features designed for businesses of all sizes. It’s a platform that helps project managers to carry out all of the tasks necessary to do their job successfully.

This program is meant to bring together everything you need to carry out a project, so you don’t have to worry about seeking out additional information or trying to coordinate different people in different places. This GanttPro alternative allows you to do everything in one location, in the easiest way possible so that you can focus on more important things.

GanttPro Features

  • Quality Core Features
  • Kanban Board Style
  • Saved History
  • Permission Levels
  • Custom Fields
  • Critical Path Features
  • Designed for Small Business
  • Timelines
  • Tasks & Subtasks
  • Multiple Price/Tier Levels
  • Templates Included
  • Simple Setup Process
  • Video Tutorials Available

Instagantt Features

  • Timelines
  • Dependencies and milestones
  • Task and subtasks
  • Drag & drop
  • Baselines
  • Critical path
  • Multiple projects and workspaces
  • Diverse exporting options: Excel, image and PDF
  • Public snapshot sharing options
  • Team collaboration options: notification and task assignment
  • Custom view and custom fields
  • Custom color options for progress bars
  • Risk and priority 
  • Estimated and actual cost
  • Gantt and workload view
  • Templates Included
  • Ready to use templates

Where GanttPro Succeeds

The features that you’ll get with GanttPro are great. You’ll be able to create the charts your team needs, and you’ll be able to learn how to use the system relatively easily. You’re also going to have custom fields, a Kanban board style, saved history, permission levels, and even some of the critical path features you would expect. All of this will allow your business to carry out many different types of projects and make sure that they’re executed properly.

In general, you’re going to get the core features that you need to be successful with your project management. Each of those core features is high quality and executed very well. That’s what makes it a good match for smaller projects and teams. You’ll be able to utilize each of those functions effectively, and you can trust that they’re going to do precisely what they’re supposed to do, which is the great part. All of this makes it an excellent choice for some. On the other hand, there are several features you won’t get.

Where GanttPro Falls Behind

GanttPro is designed for use in small businesses, which means if you have a larger company, you’re already not going to get everything you need. It just can’t handle the types of projects that you have with a more substantial company or the size of the team that you need to handle. You’ll also find that it just doesn’t work with the more advanced aspects of your business. It can’t handle more nuanced features and requirements to make sure that your business is following the process that you expect.

This system is also not as easy to integrate. That means if you already have systems set up on other programs and other types of software, you’ll have to reset everything into GanttPro. If you’re already taking the time to program in a whole lot of information, the last thing you want is to have to do it all over again, right? You don’t want to go through the process of setting up your schedules and systems and then have to go through that entire process again. It takes up a lot of time that you just don’t have when you’re trying to get things done.

You’ll also find that there are not the same level of reporting tools that are available with other systems (including Instagantt). That means you’re not going to be able to evaluate how the process is going or what needs to be done to improve your process. If you carry out a lot of projects, you want to be able to check in on reports and stats to make sure you’re getting things done in the most efficient way possible. That’s just not possible through GanttPro alone.

Finally, you’re not going to have as many customization features. If you like your system to be set up a certain way and you’re looking for ways to create your ideal look, then you need a system with more features and customization options. You’re not going to get that here. This system is set up a certain way, and it’s mean to stay that way. So if you want to get your fit, you’ll need to keep looking. If you’re going to keep everything in basic form however you’ll do well here.

Why You Need Instagantt for Your Team

Just why is Instagantt the way to go if there are so many options? Well, because you’re going to have the most straightforward process of them all. With Instagantt, our team will make sure that you can create any project you want, whether it’s simple or advanced, without a hitch. We’ll walk you through the process to make sure you understand how everything works. Not only that, but there’s a straightforward learning curve that you can pick up in no time at all. That means the next project you have to put in you won’t need any help.

With our system, you’re also going to have no problem creating the most advanced projects, either. As a project manager, you likely have many different projects you need to handle at the same time. That can get complicated with many systems out there, including GanttPro. Instagantt makes sure that you can manage as many projects as you want just as easily as you would manage one. Plus, they have more specialized options to make that project custom to your business and your needs.

You’ll have integration for all of your favorite profiles and systems as well. That means, once you’ve put information into one of the programs that you use, you never have to worry about putting that information in again. Instead, you can just link the account to your Instagantt charts, and it will pull everything to make sure your projects are synced across different platforms and services. The goal, after all, is to make your life easier.

Pricing Structures

Pricing is an essential aspect of any software you get for your business. You want to make sure that the equipment is going to be worth the investment so you can make sure you’re not wasting your money or the company’s money. With these two pieces of software, the pricing structure is something you’ll want to take a look at. Each one does this structure just a little bit differently, so it’s something you may want to pay attention to for yourself to see what works.


GanttPro charges flat yearly rates for their services. There is no free option, but the lowest paid version is for a single user, which comes to $180 per year. This comes down to about $15 per month and gives you access to all of the features and all of the services the software has to offer. If you have a business with up to 5 people, you will pay $474 per year or a total of $7.90 per person/per month if you have five people. For groups between 6 and 10 people, it costs $828 per year or $6.90 per person/per month if you have ten people. Larger groups, between 11 and 15 people, are $1,062 per year or $5.90 per person/per month if you have all 15 people.

With these pricing schedules, you’ll get a total of 25GB of storage and all of the additional features available. If you have more than 15 people on your team, you can reach out to the company to get a customized quote for your yearly rate. Overall, these are pretty reasonable prices, and they are quite fair compared to many of the other services available. If you don’t have the highest number of people in your group, however (for example, if you have only six people on your team), you will be paying more per person.


If you’re looking to get started with Instagantt just for yourself, you can start with a free option. This isn a free trial because you’re required to upgrade after 7 days. It offers a limit on the number of projects you can have but not the features. If you upgrade to a paid single user plan, you get individual access to absolutely everything for only $7 per month or $84 per year.

If you are bringing an entire team onto Instagantt, you don’t have to worry about paying for services that you don’t use. That’s because this system only charges you for the people you want on your team. You pay $5 per person per month. So, if you have ten people, you would pay $600 a year. If you have nine people, you will pay $540 per year. You never pay for more people than you have. And all of your people get access to everything, including unlimited groups and projects.

GanttPro Alternative

Instagantt was created to help you handle anything and everything related to your projects. We designed it to practically do the work for you, so your job is as simple as possible. This happens because of the advanced features that are available through our system. Not all Gantt software is capable of handling everything that Instagantt can. That’s why GanttPro can be an excellent resource for some, but it’s just not capable of the more advanced features that you’ll find with Instagantt. So, if you’re looking for the best option, Instagantt will offer you that extra boost you need.

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