Instagantt Unveils a New and Refreshed Look

Great new looks come with great design. And in our case, this statement has never been truer!

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Our design team has been working very hard, and we are finally very happy and proud to unveil a brand new look and a new IU design for the app. Not only do we bring you more and exciting features, but we bring you a truly outstanding change of appearance.

New interface Design

But there’s a reason for it. We have carefully examined and thought about all the ways in which we could change and improve your overall experience as a user and as a project manager, and we have made some exciting new changes that, at the end of the day, we feel could truly have an impact on the way you manage your tasks and different projects, all by providing a simpler and more intuitive design in the features that you already know and love.

We have been testing our new design for a while now, and it’s really had some great feedback. Some of the changes you will notice are new task-bars, dependencies, and brand new (and useful) information fields. 

So, go ahead and feel free to take a look around!

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