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Project management is all about collaborating and communicating the progress of your projects in a timely manner. Being able to share specific information on the go is crucial, especially when you are meeting with external teams, clients, or stakeholders since a lot of times they are not fully aware of the project’s current status or progress

We have just added a highly requested feature for exporting only a portion of your chart. It's a very common practice that on large projects, you may want to communicate just the current month or the next three months, versus the past few months that have already been completed.

Head over to the Export menu, and click on the "Date Range" section, which right now contains defaults set to "Full". You can choose a start and an end date so the exported Image or PDF will contain only the selected period.

Bonus Track

We have also included a "Completion Date" on the Spreadsheet export containing the date that was marked as completed (a non editable field provided by Asana). This is a very useful field for calculating project progress!

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