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Great news! If you are a big fan of notifications, then this new feature might be just for you.

We are excited to unveil our brand new Inbox, our most recent feature that will make it so much easier to get the scope of your daily to-dos and keep track of your projects.

Inbox is your new notification center. It will display any new unread tasks where you have been tagged, and any comments that have been assigned to you, within a given workbook or projects you are a member of. 

Access Inbox:

To access the new feature, simply click Inbox from the sidebar. Your notifications will become visible in the main pane. 


New notifications:

Whenever you have an unread notification, a number will appear next to Inbox in the top bar.


You can quickly select the notification you want to read first and even reply to a comment, directly from the task view. In order to take action, click a notification to load its details in the right pane.

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