A Complete Guide on 10 Best Daily Planner Apps for 2024

We need planning not only for months and years but for days as well. We have different personal and professional tasks to perform on a daily basis and some additional on specific days.

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No doubt we are trying to complete all tasks, but it is not possible to keep their work steady and organized if we do not plan our day. For making our days planned, we need to enlist at least 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 so that we can make our New Year organized and catalyzed. 

10 best daily planner apps for 2024

Thinking about how to get rid of the daily juggling of tasks and which 10 best daily planner apps for 2023 can help you? Here is a guideline for choosing one of the 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 showing features, benefits, and cost-effectiveness in detail. 

1. Click up 

People who have observed all these 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 have ranked this app on the top and prefer to use it due to its highly productive features. Click up daily planner app helps people of every age group like students for setting their schedule for assignments and presentations, businessmen to look forward to the project goals, and even a person dealing with household activities.

Click up daily planner app can

  • Develop checklists and goal setting 
  • Create mind maps for working on the plan 
  • Use reminders as per the dates marked on the calendar 
  • Even work offline

Click up daily planner app is free for all if you need basic templates to use and develop simple plans, but for critical planning, you need some more features of this app which are paid. 

2. Todoist 

This app I love for mentioning clearly family-related tasks, personal tasks, work-related tasks, and even your leisure time tasks on one page. Many users consider this app the top priority of these 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 due to its multiple time-saving and peace-boosting features.

 It will let you know about all little chunks of tasks you need to do, even if you have to pay dues. You can categorize the tasks and organize them for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners and also track them easily by using this app.

Todoist app helps you to

  • Organize tasks per day and weeks 
  • Get notifications about the completion of work and the step you need to focus on more. 
  • Get reminders for the next task
  • View due dates for paying dues
  • Maintains peace of mind by keeping things on track. 
  • This daily planner app shares one free plan and the other 2 paid plans per month. 

3. Time tune 

This online daily planner app uses calendars to manage your tasks on one page that you can analyze timely. So, looking for the best conservation of time, you should select this app as it can let you know on which task you are spending most of your time on, and you will be able to decide you should continue to skip it. 

Time tune app has features to 

Develop timeline

  • Schedule meetings and set deadline
  • Share progress reports via notifications 
  • You can use its 2 sessions free but need to pay for getting an updated version.

4. Google calendar 

Google calendar is also one of the 10 best daily planner apps for 2024, as you can plan your days for different activities by marking them on the calendar. You can split the tasks into subtasks and connect them with other feature daily planner apps like Friday for getting more efficient work. YOU would love to use it as it can 

  • Get you today's agenda mail to let you inform what you will be doing today 
  • Develop a To-Do list next to the calendar you have been using
  • Keep updating you about the meetings and other tasks pending on you for that particular day
  • This app is free for students or basic use, but if you are using the business version of this app, you have to pay for it. 

5. Trello 

Trello is an online android mobile app that you can use for tracking not only your goal but also project management. So, this daily planner app will help you to dive deep into the project and personal goals by keeping a balance between them.

Trello can bring you. 

  • Project management 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Send notifications for the next task before it starts

Trello is also available in a free and paid version like all 10 best daily planner apps for 2024. 

6. Infinity 

Infinity daily planner app lets you categorize the tasks on a daily basis and keep track of the time any of the tasks is consuming more. You can evaluate time for each task and invest it in the most important tasks or utilize it to boost your energy. 

You can use this daily planner for scheduling the events when you are looking for something big by going through different processes like tasks, subtasks, and preparing a checklist. 

Infinity daily planner app can

You will get different distinctive templates for project planning, household planning, and personal goals. 

  • You can use tags, labels, checklists, etc., to deeply view your tasks. 
  • It lowers your burden by automatically managing the workflow and allocates more time for focusing on the most important tasks. 
  • You can use this app on the desktop, android phone, and iPhone as well. 

It is a paid daily planner app for which you need to pay once for your whole life. 

7. Friday 

Friday is also standing in the 10 best daily planner apps for 2023 due to its unique features of understanding the value of your time and stopping distractions when you are working. Yeah, when you are working, planning, or doing your tasks, it will not disturb you by beeping notifications continuously but will wait till the completion time you have mentioned on the calendar. 

Friday daily planner app brings the best of planning to you in which you even convert daily plans into chunks to avoid little distractions that consume your precious time. 

  • Friday daily planner app is best at
  • Developing and viewing planner immediately 
  • Extracting little distractions and blocking them 
  • Getting into the calendar and marking your achievements 
  • Shares detailed reports daily
  • Updates planner for the team automatically 
  • Gives you reflection analysis per day, week, and even month

Friday ranks higher among the 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 by getting into the knowledge of more people and becoming their favorite. It is free at the beginning for Sign-up, and later you need to pay some dues per month. 

8. My daily Planner 

My daily planner app honestly paid for its name by planning your days tactfully. You should rank this app at the top of the 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 if you love to organize your and your team's tasks by merging the To-do list and To-do planner. 

You can divide tasks into small chunks and also add some extensions. Later, choose color codes to prioritize the tasks on your calendar. It will automatically shift less important tasks to the next days. So, you can say My daily planner app is your digital assistance that keeps scheduling your tasks. 

My daily planner can

  • Divide your daily plan into tasks and subtasks
  • Bring you to notification 
  • Do time management
  • Tracks rate of progress
  • Alerts you where are you lacking 

The best thing I find for this one of the 10 best daily planner apps is it is 100% free with all these wonderful features.

9. Tick Tick 

Tick Tick sounds like playing a game. Yes, it is like a game as you just need to tick the tasks you will be doing daily, whether personal, family, or work-related tasks. 

Tick app falls in these 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 due to its simple working and boosting your habits to find time for thinking creatively. When you are organized, and you do all professional or personal tasks on time, you will grab some leisure time to spend on things you love to do. 

What Tick Tick can do?

  • It schedules things on your dashboard. 
  • It sets your To-Do list. 
  • It keeps you reminded about deadlines. You will never get late.
  • It can also exclude the tasks you do not like to do by setting an annoying alarm.
  • You can also use your voice as input. 
  • This daily planner app brings you team collaboration 
  • You can use 5 different calendars to schedule different goals at the same time.
  • It allows you to celebrate your achievements.

Tick Tick app has a free version for beginners, but if you want to gain more and plan well, you can use its paid premium version. 

10. Any.do 

The last of the 10 best daily planner apps for 2024 does not mean Any. do has low features and ranks bad in comparison to other apps. It is equally ranking higher among these boosting 10 best daily planners’ apps for 2024 due to its teamwork boosting feature. By using Any.do daily planner app you can organize the tasks of you and your team easily within a short time. 

What can you do with Any.do app?

  • You can use this daily planner app on any gadget, whether laptop, tab, android phone, or iPhone.
  • You can use tags for making more accurate planning 
  • You have the option of customizing the themes
  • You set your priorities by using color codes
  • You can add attachments as proof of work that helps to track teamwork.
  • It gives you a reminder before starting time for a new task

This daily planner app is free, but you can find its three premium paid version as well. 


It is important that you plan and manage your daily schedule in a good way. You can check the above list and understand about different apps and select the best for you.

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