10 Tips for Overcoming Mental Blocks

Sometimes, when you are working and trying to complete work on time but you face obstacles and are not able to perform your duties well. Your work efficiency goes lower than the normal days. This may be due to different causes like adopting inappropriate ways to achieve your target or having a bad and messy environment around you.

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You should take notice if you are observing mental blocks, find the reasons behind them and then do the needful things to overcome these hurdles. Make your thoughts transparent and clean by adopting some healthy habits.

Top 10 Tips for overcoming mental blocks:

You can try these 10 tips for overcoming mental blocks given below.

1. Focus on present except for past

All human beings have a past that might be bitter sometimes and when you are doing the same job as you were doing in the past, you get stuck in your thoughts and unable to do work efficiently. It is better to think about the present without wasting your energy on the past that you cannot change at any cost.

But you can take into count the past experiences to avoid the loss in present. Avoid the activities that you observe as bad and a cause of your failure. Your past can help you in the present if you take it positively and do the things you were lacking in the past when completing your task.

Consider your present life and work more important and take a review from your past if you find a similar situation. It will not let you be trapped in the obstacles of random thoughts and be helpful to get rid of mental block.

2. Never let your moral down

Do not lose hope if you observe any failure or face criticism from people around you, it’s not your fault that you are not fit in their mind. Keep trying your best towards your work and be courageous without being restless.

It is very important to keep your morals high in every situation to restore your energy. You can avoid obstacles by having good perceptions about your present and future. Think less and do more will also help you in this regard. It is one of the most important 10 tips for overcoming mental blocks.

3. Observing holidays from the usage of technology

No doubt the use of technology has become an important part of our life and we are in need to take help from it like using the internet for advertisement, researching the purpose and sometimes to keep you, friends, in touch with you. But recent researches say that it is not a healthy habit to use technology excessively.

It may cause tiring your nerves or distract your intentions and cause obstacles that do not allow you to think clearly and you skip many important fragments of your job you need to do. This will lead you to a mental block.

So, take a break from the usage of technology like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, listening to excessive music, watching dramas and movies for a long time. You will feel relaxed.

4. Transform your environment into a healthy one

Your workplace plays a very important role in your life because you have to spend most of your time there in a day. If you have a messy, random corner with irregular order of things on it, it will not let you feel comfortable and concentrate on your work.

Before starting your work, take an observation of your workplace either it is clean or not if, do the cleaning. Cleanliness improves our thinking ability as we see clean we think clean. Another thing that you can do with your workplace is to place a life sign.

You can keep a plant near to your working corner that will keep you fresh and gives you oxygen as well that boosts your energy to do work. You can also place a fish aquarium in your room where you do work, colorful and moving fish make you happy and increase the level of hope as it is the sign of life and continues the struggle.

5. Do stress management

It is not mandatory to keep working all the time; it will decrease your working energy and make you tired. Here, you need to manage the stress caused by the overloading of work on you. You can take steps for this like:

• Make a schedule to meet your family and friends

• You can take exercise or morning walks that will help you to release your stress.

• You can take a leave from work and enjoy nature by visiting green and hill stations.

• Many other things, you can do to manage the stress of work and tough routine to deal with mental blocks.

When it comes to top 10 tips for overcoming mental blocks, you surely cant ignore this one.

6. Work on your skillset

Sometimes, you face mental blocks to a lack of proficient skills. Suppose you are working as a coordinator in a firm and you are facing the problem to manage your work because you do not have command of your skills. You need to polish and update your skills to make them competent to meet the modern demands of management. You should decide your skillset and work on it like improve your communication skills, computer basic skills, and time management skills, etc.

It will help you to save time and avoid obstacles during your work and you will be on the right track, giving more effective results rather than getting more tired.

7. Become a free-writer

Free-writer means you are not writing for others to get fame or money. You write for yourself to make you feel light by sharing your feelings through words with you instead of saying to others. Yes, you can say it is a diary writing habit or you can you use your laptop or computer, open Microsoft Word, and start writing about your day.

Sometimes, you cannot share your feeling with your best friend or your loved one, all you need is to talk with yourself. Take a pause, take deep and start writing what you feel today. You will feel lighter and all your mental stress will be release out after doing this.

You can also take a count on the progress you have made last week and compare it with the last one and can plan by working on your weak area. When you know your strength and weakness, you are able to tackle mental blocks easily and you do not put extra effort during your work that makes you tired and exhaust.

8. Divide your work into chunks

As we cannot digest the food as a whole similarly, you cannot work on the pile of work at all. You need to convert it into small pieces of work to deal with them effectively. By converting your work into small pieces, you will be able to organize yourself and your work and meet the deadline.

Take a pen and your diary and write the step you need to perform for completing your task. After that arrange them in order, deciding which piece of work you will do first, next, and so on. By doing so, you will not stick to a point; you will know your next target to keep your work in alignment.

Start with the most important and urgent work by following the deadline then take the next important piece. It will allow you to work in an organized way by putting your efforts in the right direction and saves your time. you will be mentally ready that what step you are going to take next.

It is a key thing in the list of top 10 tips for overcoming mental blocks.

9. Get rid of your comfort zone

Some people like to work in their comfort zone and do not want to come out of it and sometimes, even they do not know they are doing so. If you feel you are doing your works with old ideas and techniques then you are stuck in your comfort zone and need to come out to get fruitful and timely results.

You can get rid of your comfort zone by learning new skills and applying them to your work after finding their relation with each other.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to learn the skills that match your job; you can also learn the skills that cause a spark to your thoughts and your personality as well. You can learn cooking and baking that you have never done before. Create challenges for yourself that will make you able to accept the change and cause a change in your working style and people around you like your colleagues.

10. Adopt healthy habits

Mental blocks are not too difficult to overcome; you can do it by yourself by adopting healthy habits that may be like:

  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet including all fruit groups in the right proportion like water, fruits, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, cereals, etc.
  • Taking regular exercise that keeps you physically healthy and mentally fresh all day.
  • Taking proper sleep of about 8 hours at night, it will enhance the thinking power by relaxing your muscle and nerves.
  • Take care of yourself and do not be harsh with you


Mental blocks affect your working ability and also make you more tired without getting any fruitful result of all the efforts you made to achieve your target. It is necessary to overcome the mental blocks that you can easily do by taking some observations and changing the ways of your working style. Above Mentioned top 10 tips for overcoming mental blocks are really important.

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