7 Habits of Highly Accountable people

Everyone is not perfect in the world and requires accuracy. This accuracy cannot be attained without being responsible and taking charge of you. Until or unless a person is not taking responsibility for what he has done he is not going to be accountable.

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Accountability is the norm that someone knows better what he has done, what are the result of his deeds and how can he improve his doings to take them at accuracy level. Accountability is required both personally and on the organization level when people are working as a team. Success is possible when a person taking into account his deeds otherwise blaming others will lead to failure.

Top 7 habits of highly accountable People:

The habits we adopt make a person accountable or not. Some habits are common for being accountable but some are unique in every person. 7 habits of Highly Accountable People are given below.

1. They don’t blame circumstances for their fate

The accountable and highly effective people develop the habit of being responsible. They don't play the blame others game and get the advantage of this. They stood responsible for their deeds. They show proactive behavior instead of being reactive to their circumstances.

Proactive people use to adopt the following things:

  • They do not blame others
  • They are punctual and regular
  • They exert more energy to make them better by enlarging their circle of influence
  • They focus on their circle of influence instead of affecting the circle of concern
  • They are incharge of their mind, habits, and actions toward their work
  • They can create their own weather
  • They don't let their mood change according to the weather around them but they have the potency to create their weather of mind and soul that keeps them fresh and more proactive which helps them to work with charm without being disturbed by others' actions.

If we talk about the people who are working in an organization or company, they develop a list of their customers and other stakeholders by categorizing them as the most reactive and cooperative individuals.

Cooperative or proactive people enjoy the same environment but the reactive people create a mess when dealing with. The highly accountable people do not bother it anyway but they find their proper and proactive way to deal with such people.

2. They set their right strategic vision

The most effective and prolonged habit of highly accountable people is they plan their goals before time and set different strategies to achieve them. They are very clear about their objectives without being distracted by their surroundings and people.

No doubt in every field of life; i.e. being a student to get high grades in exams, being a parent to secure the future of children and being a businessman to achieve the maximum growth of company or business, we need to set our goals first then find out the ways to achieve them.

All well-known and developed businesses have distinct and very clear objectives and they adopt multiple strategies to achieve them whit the evolution of market demands. They do not stand stagnant against the old strategies they try to meet new challenges without giving lame excuses.

Personal mission statement and organization’s mission statement are set in written and put on their priority every day to make them remember they are making struggles for what to achieve.

This is one of the important 7 Habits of Highly Accountable people.

3. They focus on the goals which are most important and urgent

Highly accountable people do not work randomly with all types of stuff. They do create a to-do list that helps them to categorize the task they have to perform to achieve their goal within a time limit. This helps to keep them on track and organized.

Discipline is clearly reflected in their life as they do every task on a fixed time. After that, they arrange their tasks according to their importance and urgent bases.

They set four categories of work to meet the objectives till the deadline:

  • Important and urgent task
  • Important but not an urgent task
  • Unimportant but urgent
  • Unimportant and not urgent as well

The most important and urgent tasks are at the highest priority as they needed to be achieved to survive among the competitors.

4. They are empathic listeners

Highly accountable people are empathic listeners. They like to listen to the suggestions of others instead of imposing their order for accomplishing the task. They do not behave like a boss to the employees of their organization but there prefer to be a good leader.

A good leader must be a good listener to resolve the problem around him. After listening, the problems, the employees are facing to meet their task and providing them support make shows their effective leadership ability.

They first listen and then suggest the best strategies to complete the task step by step and enjoy good bonding with their employees. Empathic listening makes them able to shift their paradigms to compete in a high competition environment.

They build a friendly but productive environment for workers to make them feel comfortable to show amazing results. They motivate the employees to show their creativity and lead them to the right track.

5. They believe in teamwork

We know already that one and one make eleven instead of two. If more than two people work together, more ideas they get to work smartly. They believe that if they work in a team they will get quick and effective results.

Highly accountable people boost up their team members in different ways to keep them engaged and on track.

  • They show value towards their team by developing a strong bond and trust so that they enjoy a relaxed workplace.
  • Teamwork leads to uncover the hidden abilities and creativity of team members.
  • Different supportive tasks are assigned to team members according to their skills that they can perform creatively.

In teamwork, each and every employee's suggestions and words are valued. All are considered equal and allowed to share their views to achieve the set goal.

For example, if we talk about a reputable school, all categories of staff teachers, coordinators, and principals are working on the same platform and having the same mission statement behind their working.

Every team member shares his thoughts to make the school more disciplined and highly ranked by introducing an effective security system by guards, cleanliness by the sweepers, effective teaching methods of teachers, and backbone support of management.

6. They establish interdependent relationships

Highly accountable people establish interdependent relationships to maintain the balance in an environment that will promote the thought that everyone can win. For this purpose different strategies are followed like win-win, win-lose and lose-win, etc.

This habit of being highly accountable promotes a positive working environment without being harsh and letting others down showing that others don't have potential or they are not respectable like them.

7. They boost up their energy

This habit refreshes creativity and abilities. Highly accountable people not only deal in a better way in their business life but they also know how to keep them fresh and comfortable. They manage different activities to boost their energy to do work and run their family in a better way parallel to their business.

They boost their energy by managing the following activities:

Activities to boost their body

They do not leave the needs of their body apart but keep them on track as well because they know very well if they have good physical health, they will work efficiently otherwise their efforts will go wasted.

  • They develop healthy eating habits
  • They do exercise regularly
  • They get sufficient rest to feel their body relax

Activities to boost their spirit

They also spend time enjoying nature. They are familiar with spiritual boosting and do different activities for booster:

  • They read different books that are near to them
  • They use to listen to the music
  • They used to admire nature by visiting different places like hill stations.

Social Activities

They know how important it is to develop social and emotional relationships. For renewing them, they use to do the following activities:

  • They make contributions to others' lives and put on the right track if they are suffering.
  • They develop emotional relations with close people
  • They look around them and seek to understand the people deeply.

Activities to boost their mind

They use to do the following activities to boost their mind that they could be able to think about of the box while planning for the new project:

  • Keep reading the articles or blog of their interest
  • They keep limitations to their time spent watching TV and mobile or listening to music


So, these were 7 Habits of Highly Accountable people. Highly accountable people are highly organized and positive motivation to others. They create a positive environment around them. They are not perfect but accountable for their actions. They do not leave their personal life and relations at stack but they manage them with their hectic routine.

They are also team-player as they develop trust among the team members and lead them to the right path to success.

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