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Are you a manager or a team leader? Well, no matter what role you are playing if you are leading a good number of people then you certainly want to know about their performance and progress so far.

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You would certainly want to brag about your teammates to other people and how successfully you are leading a team. Therefore, you must use a reporting tool that will provide you with black and white figures that will help you to understand the progress your team members have made so far. 

When you start looking for the Best Reporting Tools, you might get a little confused. You need to focus on your requirements and the features of the tool, this it easier to make any final decision.

Top 9 Best Reporting Tools

Do you find it hard to keep up with your team members because you don’t have much idea of how your team people have been working on any task so far? Well, here is a list of the top 9 Best Reporting Tools that will help you to analyze the progress and performance of your team members to make decisions in the future:

  1. MeisterTask

MeisterTask has been designed specifically for task management and it can be used as a collaboration platform as well but it will also help you to lead your team more productively. It will automatically gather all the data from the projects you have been working on and then provide you with a report containing the following details:

  • Current tasks
  • Recently created tasks
  • Completed tasks

If you want to have custom reports of your employees or team members then you just have to pull up the data on task completion, employees, or team members by timeframe. MeisterTask will provide you with colorful bar graphs that will help you understand the reports in a better way. You would know whether everything is on track or you need to make a few changes to stir up things around a little bit. 

  1. ClickUp

One of the robust reporting tools that works brilliantly and is amazing perfect for managers and their teams is ClickUp. You can create your mission control center with all-in-one ClickUp dashboards and your life will only get easier and smoother after that. You can add data into the tool and it would be as easy as adding widgets and then you can customize the visuals. This reporting tool will work according to your commands and what outcome you want the tool to provide you with. Surely it is one of the perfect reporting tools and there is nothing complex about this tool. 

You can set goals and then you can track the progress of your team members and check whether everyone is there at the end of the month or not. With resource management, you will know that how well you are leading your team and how productive your team has been while working on any specific task. 

  1. Datapine

Well, Datapine is a reporting tool that is based out of Germany but this doesn’t mean that you can not use it for your benefit. This robust reporting tool is free for anyone to use. You won’t be able to track tasks using this tool but surely its feature will help in marketing data from your files, social media, databases, helpdesk, and CRM/ERP for Bl reporting. 

The specialty of this reporting tool is marketing analytics like data visualization. So if you are looking forward to digging out old records and data then certainly Datapine is the best considerable option so far. You will also be able to track the performance of your teammates with this tool to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working their best to complete tasks and show high performance. 

  1. Whatgraph

Everyone would like to have professional reports drawn to decide for their team members. So if you want marketing-specific report templates then Whatgraph is a good option. It comes with custom branding so if you want to do marketing and advertising because you run an agency then surely this reporting tool comes highly recommendable. 

To run your business smoothly, the ready-made API of this tool speeds up the reporting system. So without wasting any more time you can make important decisions and ensure that you don’t end up facing any loss. Whatgraph integrates with well-known marketing platforms like Twitter, Google Ads, Shopify, Snapchat, and Google My Business. You can connect with any data source within no time using this reporting tool. 

  1. Tableau

For Salesforce, Tableau is the ultimate reporting tool because it has visual analytics reporting features and it will pull all the required data from Salesforce work on the analytics and provide you with better CRM reporting. This reporting tool consists of Excel, Google Sheets, Google, and Salesforce so you can have the data in one place for all the reporting outcomes. 

Surely it is one of the best reporting tools for business intelligence because it has got analyzing skills and you won’t have to dig into each member's tasks, progress, and performance so far. A new feature has been introduced Tableau GPT that further consists of AI that will analyze multiple data sources, analyze it, spot if there is any pattern there, and then let you know what your next step should be. 

  1. ProWorkflow

Remote and hybrid work settings are getting more popular because they will save the hassle of traveling and their costs too, there would be no need for a workplace. Ensuring that every employee of you are working and doing their best from a remote position won’t be easy. Therefore, you require a remote collaboration platform and ProWorkflow is surely one of them. With the help of this reporting tool, you will stay updated about the tasks, time logs, projects, workflows, resources, and contacts all in one place. 

You won’t have to use different tools at the same time for making reports, managing projects, and focusing on deadlines. ProWorkflow is the ultimate reporting tool that you must use to get all the work done smoothly.

  1. Thoughtspot

It is one of the most powerful reports that we are talking about here because it can search answers for to your queries, visualize your data, and also help in monitoring the progress of your team members so far. If you are a beginner then surely this reporting tool is not for you because to use it, you must have the right set of skills and the knowledge to handle such power reporting tools. 

You must become a data pro because only then you can use this tool to connect model data, set up AI data automation, and connect cloud data sets as well. 

  1. GoodData

It is a cloud-based BI and analytic reporting tool that most developers use to add data dashboards to applications while designing them. If you want to create customized real-time dashboards then you can use the Google Data for this cause. 

To run a successful team, you must create a solid reporting tool and once you are done with the creation, you will be able to do your job more smoothly with the help of a reporting dashboard especially customized according to your team’s exact requirements. With the help of customized reports that Good Data can generate will help you to make future decisions to run your team more successfully. 

Surely it is an expensive tool but if you want something worth it that will make your team managing a little easier than investing in this reporting tool won’t be a waste of money. 

  1. Datadog

Having an all-in-one data management platform that also works as a reporting tool will surely make your life easier and your job smoother. Yes, Datalog is a data management platform and it will also help in reporting everything from DevOps to security analytics to IoT monitoring. Surely it is one of the advanced reporting tools that we have discussed in this list so far but it will surely help you to manage an enterprise team in an IT department. 

You can track everything going on in your workplace like actions in third-party systems, inventory changes, and button clicks. You won’t have to rely on any in your workspace to get all this information if you only choose this reporting tool for whatever business or reason you want it for. 

Datadog helps you to blend IT and business performance data at one platform into one dashboard. Creating custom alerts is another beneficial feature of this tool that will only make task management easier and smoother for you. 

Final Words

Now you have the list of the top 9 Best Reporting Tools that you can consider for your job details. If you are invested in your team and you want to know who is working and who is lacking at which point, a weekly report would be a good source to get to know more about your teammates. Therefore, you can choose one of the best reporting tools from the list we have discussed above.

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