All you need to know what are Free Project Management Software Tools

It’s important to manage your team and tasks in an organized manner. Using good project management software tools can help you maintain a good pace with accuracy.

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You need to have good planning to make a project successful. Its key to assign team members tasks and keep observing the progress of those tasks to meet the deadlines with expected quality. It might get a little difficult if you are not using any software. Therefore, you can use Free Project Management Software Tools to complete any project.

Such Tools will also help you to collaborate with your team members, and they will accelerate the project according to a certain set of rules.

What are Free Project Management Software Tools?

Free Project Management Software Tools is a set of tools that will help you make a plan with respect to your team. The plan will further help to divide your project into small tasks and assign tasks to your team members. With the help of the software, you will be able to assess everyone’s progress and whether everything is working and completed according to the schedule.

You will certainly have a timeline to complete your project, and with the help of project management software tools, you can make a schedule and deadline for everyone’s task. If your client has some special requirements and now you have a specified constraint, then you can use special tools with the software.

During a project you often need to communicate with your clients and team members each day. A good software will help you to collaborate effectively. All in all, Free Project Management Software Tools are designed to help you to complete your projects right on time, with minimized chance of an error occurring once you are done with the project.

Top Free Project Management Software Tools

Following are the top Free Project Management Software Tools that you can use to work on your upcoming projects:


Some of the most important features you should be looking for are:

Instagantt is a wonderful solution because it’s collaborative and it can be accessed anywhere, from any device. It's custom made for time management, progress tracking and team collaboration, all in one beautifully designed place.

Instagantt Gantt Chart Screenshot

There are many project management solutions out there, but we strive to make our functions and features the ones you will definitely need when successfully running a project. Equally important, we are constantly improving. We believe in what we have built, and we want you to try it for free.


Most project management software tools demand premium prices for the management tools, but when it comes to ClickUp, you get everything free. You can access unlimited tasks, users, and product features if you get a Free Forever to plan. Following are features of ClickUp that you need to know:

·  Customized views

Are you looking to organize your tasks with proper deadlines and follow up alerts too? With the help of ClickUp, you can view your tasks in Board, Table, Calender view, Gantt chart, List, and Box.

·  Dashboards

You can have customized views by customizing widgets to keep an eye on people working under you. For product development and Agile project management, ClickUp is a great tool with its dashboard features.

·  Workload management

To complete the project on time, you must divide the workload among different individuals to complete the whole project on time. You can use workload view and Pulse to divide tasks and analyze the current work progress of every team member.


Nifty is more about focusing on managing project software instead of free tools. You can make a proposal using Nifty and then automate project progress tracking. Set goals with timelines, also collaborate on tasks and balance workloads. Following are a few features of Nifty that you must know:

·  Unlimited user access

An unlimited number of users, clients, team members, and guests will have access to Nifty for collaboration and to work on the same project as a team.

·  Organize every task

If you want to make a list of all your tasks, you can organize them and set goals like a timeline that you must complete in that certain timeline. It will help you to stay focused, manage work, and complete tasks on time.

·  Workflow automation

It is necessary to keep an eye on everyone’s progress, and Nifty allows you to use its feature of automated workflow balance. So, you would know whether everything is going according to plan.


Are you looking for software to help you make a Kanban board? Then MeisterTask is the answer. On a Kanban board, you can set goals, due dates, notes, comments, etc. It is a cloud-based management tool and a project board for flexibility. Following are a few features of MeisterTask that we must discuss:

·  User-friendly interface

You will be able to use MeisterTask without facing any difficulty because it has a user-friendly interface with no complexities. Adopting this new way of completing a project won’t be an issue for you and your team members.

·  Easy file sharing

It is quite obvious that you will have to share files and data with your team members, clients, and other users while working on a project. MeisterTask makes file sharing easy and convenient for you.

·  Kanban board

If you are a Kanabn board fanatic, MeisterTask will help you create a Kanban board where you can set up your notes, comments, tasks, due dates, etc. It will help you to stay on track without missing any important chunk of your tasks.


In the last few years, Trello has become popular for its Free Project Management Software Tools because it has introduced the Kanban board feature. If you are not interested in the Scrum or Agile project management method, then you can use only the Kanban board feature of this software. Following are a few features of Trello that you need to know about:

·  Unlimited boards

You can create boards in masses using Trello to set goals, timelines, due dates, tasks, etc., so you don’t forget any part of your project.

·  Designed for little tasks

Trello is famous for small tasks you can conveniently manage and complete on time. You can create multiple boards so your task boards don’t get cluttered.


If you are looking for simple Free Project Management Software Tools to help you complete your project without facing any problems, then Wrike is a considerable option. Following are a few features of Wrike that we are doing to talk about now:

·  Easy file sharing

You can share files easily while using Wrike, so you don’t have to send separate emails or use any other platform to share data about a certain project.

·  No time limitation

There is no time limitation when it comes to Wrike, and you can use this software as long as you need it to complete your projects on time.

·  Manage tasks & subtasks

Wrike helps divide your tasks into subtasks, and then you can manage both using this Free Project Management Software Tool.


If you want to build a team for a certain project and complete it on time, but every one of you will be working online, then use Hive. You won’t need a workspace to work on any project anymore because using Hive will make everything easier and more convenient for you to manage. There is Hive Solo if you are interested in working on any project alone or have only one other person to work with. Here are a few amazing features of Hive that you need to acknowledge first:

·  Unlimited storage capacity

You don’t have to worry about your data and information storage capacity if you are using Hive because it offers unlimited storage capacity. You can save as many files as you want without worrying about storage capacity.

·  Email via Hive

While working on any project, you will have to send and receive files, but you don’t have to send or receive them via email using any other platform. You can send and receive emails on Hive, so unauthorized access to your important data is minimized.

·  Unlimited special features

You can create unlimited collaborative notes, tasks, and projects while using Hive. It is an amazing feature so far because not all Free Project Management Software Tools offer unlimited services to their users.


The right software will help you manage projects and look for solutions simultaneously. For this reason, you must consider Bitrix24 because it has been designed for small businesses. Following are a few important features of Bitrix24 that we are going to talk about:

·  Task management

You are using Free Project Management Software Tools to manage your tasks, which is the number one feature of Bitrix24. So, you don’t get lost while working on a project and forget about other tasks.

·  12 users’ access

12 users can use Bitrix24 to work on a project together, and you can save 5GB of data in this software.


nTask is a simple software with powerful project management features that will help you work on your projects effectively. You can collaborate with your teams while using this software and build unlimited workspace. Following are a few features of nTask that we are going to talk about:

·  Manage meetings

If you are working on a project, you will certainly have to manage meetings then nTask will help you.

·  Track issues

While working on a project, it is obvious that you will face issues, but you don’t have to worry about them. With the help of nTask, you can track issues easily and sort the out right away.

·  Five team members

You can create a team of 5 members using nTask to work on a certain task.


Now you know the top Free Project Management Software Tools you can consider for your upcoming projects, as they will help you complete your project on time. Every single software comes with its own unique and amazing features. So, you can select the one according to your project requirements. If you don’t want to mess up your project, then it would be wise to get the help of gantt chart software tools.

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