Goal getters vs Goal setters: Which person one you want to be?

There are two types of people in this world. One of them sets goals, and the others try to achieve them. Yes, there are goal-getters and goal-setters. You might get a little confused here that if the difference between them. Both are working toward their goals.

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So, let's talk about Goal Getters vs Goal Setters so you will get your answer.

What are goal-getters?

Goal-getters are those people who prefer to achieve their goals before the deadline. Instead of thinking about setting goals and making a list of them, the goal-getters get them. Such people do their best and, most of the time, end up getting what they want in the first place.

Positive points of being a goal getter

Following are a few pros of being a goal-getter:

·  Gets more responsible

When you are goal getter, you always think about how to achieve your goal in a certain period. You will become more responsible when you have goals in your mind, and you are on track to achieve them. So, the number benefit of being a goal-getter would be becoming responsible. You will never leave your tasks for tomorrow. You will try your best to achieve them today.

·  You will have a positive mindset

Having goals makes you a person with passion and a positive mindset. You will always think about the possibilities instead of the negative aspects. When you have a positive mindset, you will look for better opportunities to help you achieve your goals. There is little chance that you will think about negative situations when you are a goal-getter.

·  Make things happen for yourself

You make things happen for yourself. While achieving your goals, you will always keep looking for a better future. You look for better opportunities, go for them and achieve your goals. This is how goal-getters make things happen for themselves.

A positive approach and looking for opportunities instead of focusing on what is not happening is a win-win situation for a goal-getter.

Potential negative points of being a goal getter

We have talked about the pros of being a goal-getter, but this doesn't mean that there are no cons of being a goal-getter. Following are a few cons of being a goal-getter:

It might make you jump into a tough situation

You will always look for opportunities to achieve your goals, but sometimes this attitude might get you into a tough spot. You might find an opportunity and jump into it without thinking about the outcome. Jumping into something when you don't have many ideas about the future is silly. It does happen to the goal-getters most of the time.

Sometimes you get crazy about achieving goals

You might be a little crazy if you are a goal-getter. Thinking about the possibilities that will help you achieve goals drives people crazy. Therefore, you have to think that what if you get too crazy for your goals instead of losing what you already have? This surely can happen, and it is one of the worse outcomes of being a goal-getter.

What are goal-setters?

People who set goals like making a list of what they have to achieve in the future. Having a deadline for the goals will help you to stay focused. In your mind, you will know how you will achieve your goals, and you will have a schedule of everything in your mind. There are both pros and cons to being a goal-setter. So, let’s talk about them in detail now.

Positive points of being a goal setter

Following are a few pros of being a goal setter:

·  Have a clear plan

You will know what you are looking for when you know your goals. Having a clear plan is no less than a blessing. So, the number one benefit of being a goal setter is that you will always have a plan and a goal in your mind with a deadline. It will help you stay on track and never forget what you are looking for.

·  You have specific priorities

Being a goal setter, you will have all the goals in your mind. You will sort out your priorities so that you will achieve your goals. Having specific priorities will also help you stay on track to achieve your goals within the timeline. You will stay focused if you have a plan in your mind.

·  Awareness about your future

Most of the time, people don’t know what they are looking for. What type of future do they want? This won’t happen when you are a goal-setter. You will always have an awareness of your future. You will know what you want from life and how you will achieve them.

Awareness about the future is necessary because otherwise, you won’t know what you want to achieve to have a better future.

Potential Negative points of being a goal setter

Doubtlessly there are benefits of being a goal setter, but there is a negative side that you need to know as well. Following are a few cons of being a goal-setter:

·  Unnecessary pressure to achieve goals

You might have seen those people that are always under pressure and wants to complete their work on time. When such people don’t achieve their goals or tasks on time, they get a little extra pressurized. It happens with the goal-setters who sets goals and indulge them in the situation to achieve them.

It is the bad side of being a goal-setter when all you think about is how to achieve a certain goal. Having goals is a positive thing in life but getting yourself head-to-toe in a situation where your mind ends up facing failure is not a positive approach. So this drawback of being a goal-setter might make you become a depressive person.

Having a timeline to achieve a goal is important, but this doesn’t mean you become crazy about it. You won’t think about anything else but your goals alone. It is not a healthy approach in life, and it might cause imbalance.

·  Negative impact on motivation and performance

The pressure of achieving goals all the time might affect your performance, and you will become less motivated. While you are working in an office on a certain project and you have a deadline, it is also a goal for you to achieve. What if other teammates working on the same project complete their tasks on time, and you are still working?

It might affect your motivation to complete your task and performance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a positive approach in your life. Being a goal-setter, you might keep comparing yourself with others, making you a negative person. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on your goals.

Never indulge yourself too much in anything that will negatively impact your thoughts, mindset, and motivation. Being a goal-setter can drive you crazy, but you must keep your sanity intact and consider positive things in all situations.

Difference between Goal Getters vs Goal Setters

If you are looking for the answer for Goal Getters vs Goal Setters and what the difference is between them, then you should know that most of the time, the goal setters waste their time in setting goal only. Only contrary the goal getters set goals and achieve them. There is a thin line between goal-getters and goal-setters.

This doesn’t mean that a goal-setter cannot become a goal-getter. You just have to work hard enough to achieve your goals.

Are you a goal-getter or a goal-setter?

What type of person are you? Are you a goal-setter, or do you achieve them? Well, you can become both by setting goals and getting them. If you become too passionate about being a goal-getter, it might not benefit you and negatively impact you. You can become a goal-setter and still not become successful in achieving them.

It would be wise to set goals and become patient. You can achieve your goals with your hard work, but this doesn’t mean that you have become a weird person who always tries to achieve something and doesn’t care about anything else in the world.

Sometimes people get a little lazy while setting the goals that they will eventually achieve. This is the main difference between a goal-setter and a goal-getter. You don’t have to become lazy while setting goals. You have to make a list and put a deadline before them. You can start working and focusing on the opportunities to achieve them. This is how you will become a goal-setter and a goal-getter both.

Final Words:

Now you know the difference between Goal Getters vs Goal Setters, and you can easily tell whether you are a goal getter or a goal setter. There is nothing wrong with being one of them, but it would be best if you set goals and then try to achieve them over time. Never push yourself too hard to the brink of getting disturbed by being one of them. So, take your time and try your best.

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