Top 10 CRM Software Examples to implement in your business

AQ business consists of multiple teams and departments working together. As the business grows it becomes essential to implement a proper system for keeping everyone productive.

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The CRM software examples are exactly the right choice if you want that but there is a lot more of high importance that you need to know.

So, in this guide, we will not only discuss our top CRM software examples with you so you can pick one, but we will also discuss their importance and some helpful tips to maximize your benefits.

What is CRM Software and why should every business implement it?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and CRM software utilizes software technology to manage the relationship between a business and its customers. This management includes existing and new potential customers. This software can help focus on relationships with individual entities including suppliers, service users, customers, and even colleagues.

While business sales and marketing teams usually struggle a lot, this software can help by tracking a customer’s journey with your business. The tracking of this interaction helps businesses improve the journey resulting in better relationships. There are multiple reasons and benefits why a business should implement CRM software and the top few are discussed below.

  1. They help improve sales efficiency

CRM software assists in tracking leads and managing sales pipelines. It helps in automating various aspects involved in the selling process. So, a CRM leads to efficiency in sales operations allowing companies to make deals quickly and find new selling opportunities.

  1. Your market strategies can become more effective

CRM software allows the segmentation of customers and prospects on different factors that help in creating more focused marketing campaigns. This software allows companies to focus on groups, therefore being relevant and effective in their marketing messages to those groups.

  1. CRM software can help improve internal communication

A CRM system provides access to customers and sales process data to all the relevant team members. It means that the whole team and multiple departments will be on the same page. Hence, it enhances coordination among the team members since everyone is on board and can work better as a team.

  1. CRM software fuels data-driven decision-making

CRM software provides a wide range of valuable customer interaction-related information about sales trends and market dynamics. Through the analysis of this information, businesses can make better decisions to pinpoint areas for improvement and change their approaches according to ongoing market trends.

Top 10 CRM Software Examples to implement in your business

Here are our top 10 CRM software examples that every business can consider.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a huge name in the CRM industry as it provides an all-around suite of features that include sales, service, marketing, and more. Salesforce's Cloud-based Platform has become a leading choice among businesses of all scales for CRM solutions thanks to its scalability and flexibility. It supports an extensive ecosystem of integrations which help in improving efficiency significantly

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  1. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM is an easy-to-use solution at the core level with a primary focus on marketing and sales features. It is specifically designed for small-to-medium businesses to boost their inbound marketing strategies and seamlessly integrates with various apps which greatly improves overall customer engagement and management. HubSpot offers a complete solution for every type of business with its variety of applications that seamlessly integrate.

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  1. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates CRM and ERP to create an all-inclusive business system. It performs exceptionally well at simplifying customer and sales data. Microsoft Dynamics also streamlines marketing operations, making it even more efficient when integrated with other Microsoft products that provide a single familiar interface for the end users.

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  1. Zoho

Zoho CRM belongs to the wide range of solutions known for their affordability and flexibility in the ZOHO Suite. It provides AI-powered sales support with features like automation for improving customer relationships. It also offers multichannel help to companies of all sizes. Its modularity makes it suitable for firms that are looking to personalize their CRM experience.

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  1. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite CRM is a cloud-based, end-to-end solution that provides both the features of ERP and CRM. It is designed for businesses seeking a platform to manage customer relationships, along with sales and business operations. It provides real-time insights regarding factors that have a vital role in business decision-making.

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  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers sales management with a user-friendly interface that makes using it easy for businesses and individuals. It is created to assist sales teams with easily tracking leads and deals. Pipedrive simplifies the CRM process by focusing on pipeline management with tools supporting workflow processes. It helps through the process of standardizing activities for sale groups that are small-scale or midsize.

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  1. SAP CRM

SAP CRM focuses on large-scale business applications introduced by SAP. It is aimed at bigger organizations with complex sophisticated requirements for customer relationship management. It provides various functions such as service automation and integrates well with SAP’s ERP solutions for efficient sales and marketing.

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  1. Inishgtly

Insightly CRM focuses on relationship mapping and project management for small to midsize businesses. It provides an intuitive and refined interface with capabilities including workflow automation as well as sophisticated reporting. Its lead routing feature helps with better customer engagement while simplifying business processes.

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  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is well-integrated with its support and sales suites, ensuring a comprehensive approach to customer engagement and integration. It makes a perfect choice for every business from the startup level to the enterprise level. Zendesk is a perfect ticket CRM software with a focus on enterprise helpdesk functionality.

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  1. Freshworks

Freshworks has a simple UI with AI lead scoring and automation tools to enhance business-customer relationships. It is built for fast-paced sales teams and offers support in the form of phone and email. Businesses can use integration options with activity capture which makes this a great choice especially if a business is looking out to invest in an easy-to-use yet powerful CRM solution. Since it packs a lot of power it is mainly a good choice for enterprise and large-scale businesses.

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Tips to improve results from your CRM software implementation

Now that you have picked one of the above-discussed CRM software examples, here are some tips to improve their functionality for your business.

  1. Integrate with other business tools for the best results

Every business uses a range of tools for its systems and for maximizing the efficiency of your CRM software you must integrate it with all the tools. These may include:

  • Email tools
  • Financial systems
  • Marketing automation software

This integration will create a seamless workflow which will significantly help in improving customer relationships.

  1. Always keep your data clean and up-to-date

The CRM software you use for your business will provide insights according to the data you provide. If you are providing older data, then you will get insights according to older market trends. Similarly, having inaccurate and inconsistent data will negatively impact the results. So, it is vital to keep your data clean and up to date.

  1. Train the whole team to benefit from the CRM software

It is crucial to ensure that your whole team is trained on how to efficiently use the CRM software. A business may require multiple training sessions to ensure that everyone on the team understands the full capability of the CRM software that you are implementing and that they can utilize it to their benefit as well.

  1. Customize your CRM software according to your business needs

Every CRM system may not be perfect for every business. That's why they offer customizability along with generic solutions so businesses can get the software tailored according to their requirements. That's what your business needs to do here to get specific pipeline stages and custom fields to ensure that the software supports all your business operations.

  1. Regularly auditing and improving is crucial for success

Lastly, you must regularly audit the working of your CRM software to check which areas may need some improvement and improve them accordingly. It helps constantly track the performance indicators improves potential issues and allows for adding new features.


Finding out the best CRM is not the only goal that a business should focus on. When looking through the CRM software examples a business must look for what main goal they are looking to meet with the implementation of this software and then see how that software meets your requirements. This is the way that makes picking the right software much easier.

However, the job is not done either after finding and implementing the CRM software. It is crucial to use it to its maximum capability and the tips shared in this article will be vital for every business in that case. So, see how a CRM can benefit your business, find the right one, and implement it to bring everything to

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