Top 10 Product Management Certifications

Product management certification is the first step of a product manager toward his career, which defines or ensures the skillset of the product manager. Before we study the top 10 product management certifications, we need to know details about product management and product management certification.

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Product management certification is just like merit certification or character certification to clarify someone's degree or character being at some institute. Before we study the top 10 product management certifications, we need to know details about product management and product management certification.

Product management is not like project management, but it requires more proactive behavior and leadership skills to plan, develop, execute, and sell the product. The product manager starts working from the first end and continues it till the last end until the product launches. The product manager defines his team and trains each team member according to their roles. The companies depend upon product managers more than the project managers as they are pillars as they prepare or manufacture their products up to a quality level.  They look for product management certification before hiring a product manager.

Top 10 product management certification

A product manager can go with these top 10 product management certifications and start and boost his career with multinational companies. Here is a summary of the top 10 product management certifications for your convenience.

1- Product management certification of the pragmatic institute

A pragmatic institute of product management is a well-reputed place to initiate the career of new product managers. This institute wonderfully teaches the product managers to explore the market data and then use it for effective and quality product development.

·   It trains the product managers to grab basic information about the product management process by engaging them in practical activities.

·   Teaches how to tactfully explore the market data and use it for product development.

·   The product managers become experts in using the right strategies for aligning the right strategies and developing the products after knowing the needs and wants of the customers.

·   Product development is aimed, and product marketing is also under consideration.

·   This course is available in person and online, and it is a paid course.

2- Product management certificate of Association of international product marketing and management

When enlisting top 10 product management certifications, and international product marketing and management association is top of the list. It is the most famous and largest institute of product management that covers almost 280 groups.

·   Product management certification of AIPMM is of great importance for a product manager to begin his career from zero.

·   This certification is a full-time practical and mental training in which the institute conducts exams, quizzes, 18 learning modules, and preparation of study material.

·   This certification is in the approach of more than 65 countries that elaborates its importance in product management.

·   It is available in different phases, online, in-person, or on-demand, with different price packages.

3- Product manager HQ's one-week product management certification

One of the easiest and short-term starters of the top 10 product management certifications is product manager HQ which defines the strategies to win the customers' trust. Product manager HQs provide one-week training to teach and boost product management skills in the United States.

·   Product manager HQ provides practical one-week training, which includes market survey, collection of data, and arrangement of data.

·   It teaches the new product managers to learn about the fundamental roles and practical methodologies to bring about the best of product management.

·   Shortly, you can say it teaches how to prepare the track for product management that you can smoothly follow.

·   It also teaches us to prepare for a product manager interview in a well-renowned organization.

·   It is an in-demand and online course with different packages.

4- Product manager HQ's one-week technical product management certification

Another certification of product manager HQs ranks among the top 10 product management certifications, which is a one-week technical product management course. This course reveals the inner secrets of product management's technical tact and helps to dive deeper into the treasure of strategy setting for product management and market analysis.

·   This course certification allows you to learn about tactfully dealing with PM by developing the skills and using various methodologies.

·   In a week, the product managers will learn the technical ways to deal with the answers to critical questions asked during product manager interviews.

·   It is an online and in-person course that anyone can enroll in by paying the fixed price of $279.

5- Products school's product management certification

Product school of product management deals with basic and advanced knowledge of product management, especially in digital products. This product school is the best of the top 10 product management certifications as it starts from the beginning that is best for beginners, and leads to an advanced and technical level that is best for the professionals.

·   It deals with digital product building and managing to deal with the modern challenges of the modern era.

·   The certification of products prepares the students to learn about the challenges of the new world of products by encouraging them to explore the market.

·   This certification includes the professional learning of product building, whether it is digital or physical.

·   The duration of this product management certification is about 2 months with practical training and tactful dealing with interview questions about digital product management.

·   It is a paid course with an online and in-person option.

6- Product and brand management certification by Coursera

This is also a short-term but well-known course among the top 10 product management certifications as the total time spent on this course is just a few hours but covers all basic details about product management. This certification covers all fundamental needs of implementation and product development. It is the best course for the newcomers as it contains brief instructions on product selection, implementation, and development.

·   This course not only teaches the practical applications of product management but also brand recognition and management.

·   It ensures the newcomers learn new skills for dealing with various challenges coming after the launching of new products.

·   Coursera includes a set of assessments to declare the learner as a trained and skilled person, which is only possible when he passes those assessments.

·   It is only an 18-hour long training course.

·   It is an online product management course with free enrollment.

7- Digital product management certification by EDX and Boston University

This digital product management certification at Boston University is one of the top 10 product management certificates that mean a lot in the field of product management. It is best equally for newcomers and experienced professionals. 

This course teaches the students to dive deeper into the information collection about digital products, plan, and develop them.

This course is not minor or rare, but it has the same ranking as equal the graduation and sometimes works as a substitute for the master's program.

This wonderful digital product marketing course at Boston University covers 5 modules which include the management of

·   Product life cycle

·   Product growth

·   Market analysis

·   Product development etc.

This is a long-term course that has no defined duration of the course.

It is a highly paid course that is only in-person, not an online course.

8- Software product manager certification

This course in software product management is all about software planning, developing, and launching. It is not about digital product management but specifically only for software product management. This software product manager certification covers

·   Detailed teaching of what I software, gathering market analysis about software, targeting the specific software product, and developing it

·   All fundamental and advanced knowledge of software product management knowledge is included in this course.

·   This software product manager certification is also offered by Coursera through an online learning system.

·   This technical software product manager certification has a duration of about 3 to 4 months, having 8 hours per week learning phase.

·   It includes almost 8 modules during the learning phase.

·   Free enrollment but later on advanced phase, it is paid

9- Product management certification by Udemy

Out of the top 10 product management certifications, this is the shortest certification but full of information about dealing with the product launching.  This simplest and shortest product management course covers the usability o by testing, product mapping, and experiencing the product market analysis.

·   This certification of Udemy includes the basic knowledge of some simple software products.

·   It does not cover the comprehensive field of product but can guide you to develop simple products like the application to reserve your seat at the airport etc.

·   This course is about 4 and a half an hour only

·   It is a paid course.

10- Become a product manager Nanodegree by Udacity 

This course is also a wonderful thing to bring to newcomers to learn product management as

·   It covers all aspects of product management, from planning to development and then to the launching of the product.

·   It is best for the career building of even new students who do not know anything about the product and want to start from zero.

·   It is a four months longer course

·   It is a paid course.


These top 10 product management certifications are helpful for the professionals or the newcomers to start or boost careers.

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