Top 20 Time Management Tips to know about.

We all know that time management is the key to success but managing time is not as simple as it seems. There are hundreds of tips available that are neither realistic nor applicable. Do not worry because these Top 20 Time Management Tips will not only make it easier for you to manage time but also you will notice an improvement in your schedule.

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Time management is very important in the life of every person no matter whatever the occupation is. For leading a successful life, time management plays a vital role because it helps you in achieving your bigger goals by dividing them into smaller bits. This seems like you are dealing with smaller tasks but actually, you are making your future easier by making your present life convenient.

Although it is a very beneficial thing, it is not very easy for everyone to do efficient time management. This is because of the following reasons.
- Difference in lifestyles.
- Difference in working routines.
- Difference in fields of work.

Despite these reasons, here we will discuss the Top 20 Time Management Tips that will help everyone in making their lives easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the best time management tips, so you can select the best fit for you and your productivity:

1. Create weekly and Daily based timetables.

Talking about time management, planning is the best thing. When you create plans for your life for daily tasks and weekly plans, you will know what challenge is coming next. This will help you in getting physically and mentally planned. Eventually, this will make your life composed and easy by dividing it into smaller tasks.

2. Always go to meetings well prepared.

Meetings are the most time-wasting things anyone can ever have. This is because the starting of any meeting is wasted to know about the meeting. An effective way of dealing with this problem is that you and all your colleagues come to every meeting prepared. This can be done not through a short notice, but it will be very effective for managing time, and completing the meeting is a short amount of time.

3. Never start a task without a deadline.

Every task needs time to be completed and it depends on the complexity of the task and how much time it will take. For effective time management, you must have a proper deadline for every small and big task. It will help you in completing your daily and weekly tasks and help you in getting rid of a procrastinating routine.

4. Never waste your free days.

A free day can be any weekend or a public holiday. This is the most important part of your routine for time management. This is why this is included in our Top 20 Time Management Tips. Although you will not have a lot of work on these days, you must spend these days by planning your future days and tasks. Apart from work, you can also plan your holidays and family trips these days.

5. Start from the hefty tasks in the morning.

Morning is the time when the body is capable of doing the most. You must not waste this time and you must spend time doing the most. To accomplish this, you can plan the hefty tasks for the start of the day, and you will end up with small and easy tasks for the end of the day. This will also help you with pressure management throughout the day.

6. Always keep track of the done and undone tasks.

When you plan for your daily and weekly routine, it is as important to keep track of all your tasks as important it is to follow it. In your planner, you must add an option that will be used to mark the difference between the done and undone tasks. This will help you in being mentally prepared for the tasks that are left, and you will also feel motivated because of the tasks that are done.

7. Avoid all distractions.

For most of us, notifications are the most distracting things. Although these are from your phone, your computer, or any other device, you must get rid of them as soon as possible. This is because when you are working in a good working environment a notification will distract you from your work and you will not be able to deal with the assigned tasks efficiently.

8. Focus on what matters the most. Do not multitask.

A common mistake that many people omit is that they try to multitask to complete their work quickly. This is a very wrong decision as our bodies are not designed as machines. This is the reason why we must only focus on the things that matter the most and complete the work in a step by step order.

9. Start the assigned work as soon as possible.

For any person, procrastinating is the worst thing. Whenever you are assigned any task you must try to start it as soon as possible instead of waiting for the deadline to come near.

10. Try to complete the job instead of achieving perfection.

Some tasks are very difficult to complete. If you are ever assigned with a task like this, your priority must be to complete it instead of achieving perfection in it. This will keep you motivated, and it will also help in making good use of your spare time. That is why this tip is one of our Top 20 Time Management Tips.

11. Never miss out on breaks.

The nature of our bodies does not allow us to continuously work for hours and days. That is why we have breaks. These breaks are a very good source for refreshing the mind and body. This is why you must never miss out on any break even if it is only 5 minutes of break time.

12. Never waste any waiting time in your life.

Sometimes people are waiting for an opportunity to start any task in their life. Waiting or procrastinating is the worst thing to do. This is because humans are living in the constant race of advancement and if you waste your time by waiting for inspiration or opportunity, you will soon be left out.

13. Be a human, do not work like a machine.

The human bodies are designed in a way that they can provide a lot of efficiencies but in return, the body also asks for some free time. This time can be spent on a hobby or anything that brings peace to the mind and the body.

14. Never give up on enough sleep and exercise.

This is one of the most important parts of our Top 20 Time Management Tips. This is because proper sleep and exercise help a lot in keeping your mind and body healthy. For effective time management, you must consider having enough sleep daily. With sleep, you must also make a proper exercise routine. This will help in increasing your productivity.

15. Make schedules for your working hours and free hours.

As you are planning your working hours, you must also plan the things that you will do in your free hours. These can be anything like your small house-related tasks or any hobby that you love to spend time on. It will increase your productivity by reducing the chances of wasting your free time.

16. Do not be available to everyone.

Saying “No” is a very important part of a successful life. Most of the time people use you and when you need them, they are not available for you. That is why you must not waste your spare time on others. Always know about the people and stop providing your precious time to the mean or useless people. This is another vital part of the Top 20 Time Management Tips list.

17. Follow the routine of nature.

Nature asks us to start our day early in the morning. This is the time when the body is fresh, and the mind is also capable of processing more and better. Due to these reasons, you must consider getting up early in the morning and starting your day with an active body and mind.

18. Get rid of all the unnecessary and bad habits.

The unnecessary things that you do in your daily life can be anything from gaming to watching a drama or a movie daily. For efficient time management, you must get rid of these things and habits. If these habits are necessary, then you must plan to do them in your free time when you are done with all your tasks.

19. Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.

A golden rule of leading a successful and happy life is that you enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. When you follow this rule, you will be able to stay motivated and this will help you in dealing with tasks more efficiently. Eventually, this will result in effective time management.

20. Try to set reminders for every task.

When you plan small and big tasks, you must set reminders for the start and the end of every task. This will keep you aware of the timelines and the progress of every task. It will also be very helpful in meeting the deadlines.


Nowadays living a successful life is the priority for everyone. To achieve this, you must use your time very efficiently. That is why we discussed our Top 20 Time Management Tips here. You can use these tips to make the best use of your time by reducing the wastage of time.

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