Everything you need to know about what is 1-1 meeting?

When working in an organization, whether as an employee or a manager, you need to communicate and develop a loop with each other to bring more effective and productive results. 1-1 Meetings are great instances to communicate them with your team.

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When you are not having healthy communication with the manager of your organization, you are not sharing feedback, the things that are interrupting your intentions when you are at work, and gaining the solutions. 

You can do so by exploring what is 1-1 meeting? How can your useful tips and tricks to make 1-1 meeting fruitful? And what do you need to avoid to make it successful? These all questions will arise in your mind when you have at least a simple idea about what is 1-1 meeting is and find some exemplary situations to practice. 

Here is the guide for you that will surely help you to know what is 1-1 meeting, tips to make it successful, and the pros and cons of the meeting as well. 

What is 1-1 meeting?

First of all, you need to know what is1-1 meeting? That means you are asking for the definition of 1-1 meeting, ways to make it more effective, and the tips to get the goals you want at the end of 1-1 meeting. 

1-1 meetings are the scheduled meeting or the time-space when you meet your boss or the managers to discuss the feedback of the weeks or the months, share the hurdles you are facing during your work, develop a loop by communication, and making it easy to work in the organization for the employees. This definition better reflects the meanings and the importance of the question, what is 1-1 meeting? 

1-1 meeting is essential to develop a strong bonding between the manager and the employees by communicating with each other. It is not possible to make the projects successful when you being a manager. Just give the instructions to do work and bring the estimated fruits at the end without knowing each person of your team personally. 

When you do not know the employees of your organization personally, you do not know about their personal skills and their interests that can bring innovative results for your project. So, 1-1 meetings allow you to communicate with each of your employees one by one and know their strengths and skills. So, you can allow them to work on different tasks to bring about unique and extraordinary results that will allow them to grow independently.

When the employees grow independently in their tasks and the skill development, you are making sure your organization is also making some great attempts towards success. The growth of employees is directly linked with the growth of a business that is only possible if you have a direct bond with the teammates of your project. 

Steps to follow before diving into 1-1 meeting 

Whenever you want to dive in deeper to find something extraordinary and mind-blowing, you need to do some preparations. When you make a mind map, develop a plan, prepare some route to follow, and make up your mind what you are looking for, you can better grab your goals. So, here are some steps you need to do for preparation for this meeting after knowing what is 1-1 meeting?

Grab a pencil and a diary to schedule your meeting with each employee with frequency priority 

Without preparation, you cannot make anything your victory as you do not have set your mind and the aim to get. You are not well-planned, which means you do not have any idea what you have done, what you want to do, and what you need to do. 

Therefore, being a manager, you need to grab a pencil and diary or can use any template on your laptop to prepare a list of the employees working with you as teammates and schedule 1-1 meeting with you. You need to equally divide the time for each employee. You can also set the frequency of 1-1 meeting of each employee by considering the nature of their tasks, or you feel more need to talk with. 

Next, enlist your to-dos and identify the hurdles. 

Being an employee or a manager, you need to enlist to-dos of the day or weeks that you want to discuss and then find out the things you feel are creating hurdles for you or your teammates. It should not be like once in the moon when you have interaction and communicate with each of your teammates being a manager. You should keep on doing so on repetition. Enlisting the hurdles, you feel during your work and looking for a solution. 

Set the objectives you want to achieve at the end of this meeting 

When you get intimation from your manager about 1-1 meeting, you need to set the meeting goal you want to achieve at the end of the meeting. Similarly, if you are a manager, you also need to set the objectives of the meeting that you feel you should get at the end of the meeting. 

Keep the presentation templates simple. 

Next, be very simple on the templates you are making for 1-1 meeting to make it easy to understand by the teammates. So, be very specific and simple on organizing the meeting data. 

Do not forget to schedule minutes of meetings. 

When you are scheduling 1-1 meeting with your teammates, you need to go for minutes of hours to consume each minute perfectly and fruitful. 

When you are well-prepared for 1-1- meeting means you are ready to gain something mind-blowing at the end. Not only before meeting preparations are essential, but meeting durations also need your attention. 

Things to do during 1-1 meeting:

Being a leader of your team, you need to consider some important things during 1-1 meetings. When you are following these important and essential instructions, it means you have got the actual meaning of what is 1-1 meeting?

Show proactive behavior instead of being reactive.

First of all, consider yourself a leader, a leader of your team, and a leader of yourself as well. You need to be proactive by behavior and selection of words as well. So, do the things that support your character during 1-1 meeting by owning each task willing to take it as part of your job, and using proactive language like I will do this task instead of I have to do this task. 

Listen to others' points of view with attention. 

It is also against the rules of leadership and a successful person in life, whether personal or professional, that you only use to say many things but do not listen to others. During the meeting, give a chance and grab the chance to share precious ideas, listen to the bad things happening at work or at home. It will help to reduce the stress over the nerves of your employees. 

Do not forget to develop a win-win situation. 

After knowing the actual essence of what is 1-1 meeting is, you should not forget to develop a win-win situation in which you not only ask your team members to do some tasks but also need to listen to them and give value to their point of view. 

Needs you should know what is 1-1 meeting is and why you should have it after intervals. 

So, now you know what is 1-1 meeting is and tips and tricks to make it successful but still, if you feel ambiguity about why you should have 1-1 meeting, you should have a view over the following points.

It helps to bridge up the gap between employees and the management. 

Having meetings in groups does not lead you to reach each employee and get his personal point of view or listen to the problems he is facing, but 1-1 meeting does so. It helps to bridge up the gap between the management and the employees that occurs due to lack of communication. When both sides communicate well and understand each other's point of view, they cover the gap of the weeks by sharing and daring the feedback. 

It helps to provide coaching to employees for improvement 

By arranging 1-1 meeting, a manager can find out the areas where a particular employee is facing a problem or have weaker skills. In this way, he can provide coaching to teammates to improve his skill set. 

It resumes trust 

When employees and the manager do not meet or communicate personally, there appears a wide gap that is a pitfall for the working environment. So, by arranging 1-1 meeting, you can also resume the trust of your employees in you. 

When employees do have good communication and trust in their manager that they will support them not only at work but also for their personal lives, they will feel more relaxed, happy, and confident, which is much helpful for a working environment. 

It keeps your team motivated 

When you meet with your team, share some of your experience, and keep motivating them after intervals, you are making them strong on working and boosting their energy. 


If you want to keep on your team motivated, trustworthy, and admiring you all the way, you need to know what is 1-1 meeting is and how it develops strong bonding, good communication, and leadership skills while leading you and your team to a successful pathway.

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