What is a 9/80-time schedule?

Most of us follow a very rigid timeline during our working days and don't get leisure time to spend away from work. This routine makes our mind stiff and lowers its efficiency. If employees get some extra time to spend with their family and on hangouts that boost up their energy to do work. If a worker does have a fresh mind, he/she will perform his tasks efficiently.

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We are familiar with 40 working hours per week from Monday to Friday. Most of the businesses adhere to the 8/5-time schedule per week which seems very rigid time like if employees attend their work from 9 to 1, have an unpaid break of an hour, and then rejoin work from 2 to 7. It is really a hectic and rigid routine to be observed by employees.

What is a 9/80 work schedule? Well, 9/80-time schedule is not followed all over the world but a few companies are considering it a very useful tool to boost up the energy of their employees so that it may do better for their company. But it is a new strategy and known by most of us. We need to find a flexible and variable working schedule to maximize our work energy.

What is a 9/80 work schedule?

This pattern of work is schedule is flexible for employees as they have to do work 9 hours per day from Monday to Thursday and 8 hours on Friday (4 hours for the first week Friday and 4 hours for the second week Friday) in the first week, 9hours Monday to Thursday in the second week and observe an off day on Friday of the second week.

This schedule is set for two weeks to make the employees of a company at ease. This working schedule is followed by 9 hours working each day instead of eight hours four days a week and the second week is going to be a relaxation week as employees have to work for nine hours for four days but the fifth working day is observed as off day.

Employees are not paid for the overtime of one extra hour but they are offered an extra holiday. Employers may choose for executing this timetable to have inclusion during every single working hour, with gathering workings of laborers for alternating every other Friday.

Example of A company that has implemented a 9/80 time schedule:

Raytheon is a U.S defense contractor company that manufactures weapons, military and commercial weapons. This company is successfully offering a 9/80 time schedule for their employees. This company supports its employees to work in a peaceful and unexhausted environment to get fruitful results in this most competent era of business by following innovation creativity and flexibility as well.

Let’s talk more about What is a 9/80 work schedule?

Suitable circumstances for 9/80 work schedule:

9/40 work schedule can work under the following circumstances:

  • Is it legal for your employees?

Before you start with a 9/80 work schedule for your employees, you must check with the legal jurisdiction of your region. It might create a problem for your company being an illegal working hour schedule. Secondly, you must have earned the trust of your employees that they can work in an extended hour with ease without being exhausted. This might be a problem for the company's reputation.

  • Will the bonus be useful?

A person who is dealing directly with the company's employees knows better the weaknesses and strengths of the employees. He/she can better make a decision that can aid as driving for which employees on an individual level. Deciding to change working hours is the individual decision of any company, so take into account your company's needs and those of your actual employees.

So, this will give you an idea about What is a 9/80 work schedule.

  • Do employees praise this schedule?

When trying to run a 9/80 time schedule, a company needs to keep the check and balance how much costly leaves and holidays may be. Sometimes it happens that employees don't praise the flexibility given by the company but they misuse this favor.

This is the responsibility of management to maintain the employees’ records and keep track of their working hours, break, and paid holidays. Quality and quantity of employees' work are key to maintain check and balance of their performance.

One more thing that can be added over here is punctuality. If a company is providing flexibility in working hours then it is a most prior duty to be on time for both arrival and departure.

How can you make every hour of the 9/80-time schedule beneficial/effective for your company?

For this purpose, you have to develop a strategy of win-win and synergize. You have to choose the employees to rely on as a team. Categorize them according to their skills and capacity to do work and yes, their specialty as well.  Take them on a single board and make a team plan to get your productive goal in the meantime.

Next, the most important thing is to develop a trust bond between you and your team. Let them discuss openly their opinions and ideas related to the work they have to do. Give honor and respect to their ideas you will find some the employee who thinks out of the box having an extraordinary imaginary power. This may lead your work to a productive yield and give your company some reforms to add.

Let’s have some more details to What is a 9/80 work schedule.

  • Track every hour

Track every hour of every employee by maintaining the record of hourly observations quantitatively which are easily measurable. This will help you to decide how effectively each hour is being used by employees. For maintaining records, you may use excel sheets or simply a handbook and pen to note down your observations.

  • Work Smartly

To utilize these precious working hours precisely you need to tame your team to work smartly. Your employees need to be trained to prioritize their work and meet the deadline.

Advantages of 9/40 time schedule

9/80-time schedule may be of advantage in the following aspects:

  • Comparing typical to advance schedule

In addition to working with a typical 9/80 workday schedule, you can have an opportunity to try something new such as increased productivity, work-life balance as well as easier commutes. The transition from traditional to 9/80 work schedule means fewer issues with greater benefits.

  • The balance between work and personal lives

On days off, employees can get a well-earned reward which encourages them and in turn, it improves morale giving a positive outlook to them. Employs find a great balance between work and personal lives through this type of schedule.

  • Flexible schedule

A flexible schedule seems to be more attractive and enchanting to prospective workers. It is the best option for all those who need help in their lives by not letting them tie to their task for a specific time interval.

  • Leading cause of increased productivity

Controlling your schedule in your own best professional way leads to energizing you with the best and satisfying outcomes which can enhance their ability and enforce them to work at their best.

  • Helping and positive environment

Getting two or three days off during the month can help the environment in some beneficial ways. It can make you able to take your vehicles off the road for about two days which is helpful in some ways as it reduces air pollution as well as noise pollution.

  • Cutting your break down to thirty minutes

Another way of getting more benefits of the 9/80 schedule is cutting your break down from an hour to about 30 minutes which increases your time interval for a specific task to be accomplished

Disadvantages you need to know:

It may also lead to some disadvantages which may be:

  • Working with traditional hours

In contrast, this unique scheduling can restrain employees from reaping and acquiring the usual benefits of the required schedule. Even working with additional hours can reduce their efficiency as well as create more stress which inhibits their progress. Working early in the morning ensures employees get exclusive productivity, however, the addition of an hour or more encourages less productivity which negates the benefits of a compressed schedule.

  • Disturbance in daily routine

Taking one or more hours in addition to a 9/80 workday schedule may disturb some employees' daily routine life. They may feel some difficulty in picking up their children from their schools or colleges or it can make them feel less energized in making their dinner or to commute with others.

  • Short evenings per day

Working even an extra hour per day makes you feel exhausted. Losing your prior time at home that involves relaxing a little bit or having dinner. This thing lessens your priorities of personal life.

  • Mesh with industrial task

From a business perspective, a 9/80 work schedule works best but it can be fatal in dealing with your clients or customers during extra hours which encourages productivity opportunities.

  • Company issues

Working with small companies might disturb your 9/80 scheduling just because of coverage issues that impact the budget as well as customer interaction. In order to fulfill the task following this schedule, one needs to shut down his business for a day or more to accomplish his task within a durable time interval which can prove to be inaccurate for someone.


9/80 time schedule supports the efficiency of employees at a good level by keeping track of work quality and quantity. It will work both for employers and employees depending upon the different circumstances discussed above. We hope this guide will tell you What is a 9/80 work schedule.

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