What is a construction process? Steps you Should Know to Track your Contruction Project.

It is a process of making buildings for different purposes like hospitals, industries, markets, schools, homes, etc. It is a physical process and of great importance. It is the process during which you have to perform different tasks to meet the demands of your client.

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An insight to What is a Construction Process?

During this process, several steps are performed rather than the actual construction phase to get the desired results. The construction process can be performed by following the steps given below:

  • Developing a concept
  • Having a solid and effective plan
  • To do's before starting the construction phase
  • Selection of laborers
  • Actual construction
  • To do’s after completion of construction

These six steps make sure you are going in the right direction and what you are going to get after planning and executing a plan. A project manager is responsible to keep all these phases of construction on track and developing good communication with clients and laborers.  

Let’s find out the details to understand What is a Construction Process in a good way.

Developing a concept

It is the first and a dreaming stage as it provides a base to plan a construction project. In this phase, the client tells the project manager why is he hiring him and what is expecting at the end of the project.

You can say it is a goal-setting phase during which the client is ambitious to make his vision clear to the project management team that they could provide him maximum and loyal suggestions to make a final decision.

During this phase, it is decided how many days the team will be working to achieve their target and what cost will be spent on this project. An estimation of time duration and cost to be spent on this project is roughly made by sitting with the client and architectures.

Land for the project may vary depending upon the choice of the client. The client selects the site for the project and asks architectures to do needful to confirm the suitability of the site for the project. The management team shares different ideas that can form a better foundation for the project.

Project Designing

The second phase of the construction project is designing the project. It is the phase in which the management team starts working to make sure the client's dreams come true with 100 percent accuracy and desired results. No doubt, it not an easy task, only professionals and experienced project managers are suitable for designing a project.

During this phase, a team that is going to handle this project sits with the client and talks about design, and prepares a sketch of the client's dreams.

  • The project management team tries its best to satisfy the client to get the discussed project.
  • If the deal gets fruitful then the next step is taken that is making assumptions about building size i.e. its height and width and many other parameters are finalized.
  • This is not a final and guaranteed phase but a preliminary stage to direct the planning towards actions.
  • The sketch of a construction project is rough information about the size, color, material, and texture of the building.

After that, documents are prepared for a contract in which the final design is presented by documentation to place a bid. This bid decides either a project management team is going to handle this project or not.

Estimation of the quantity of material, area of land, and desired texture is kept is made that can be beneficial to make a financial statement to meet the expenses and arrange them when needed.  

Let’s add more value to know about What is a Construction Process.

To do's before starting the construction phase:

There are many steps to do before observing practical construction.  A management team including engineers, field specialist, an analyst, architecture, health, and safety manager, and administrator visit the field and do their duties efficiently to avoid problems after completing construction.

They are responsible to deal with the law of the country and keep them on the level. All the documents of sites are prepared according to law and the project designed is of the nature that it strictly obeys policies and terms of the country and use of such materials and products aimed to be produced is kept lawful.

The field specialist visits the field with his team and checks either the land selected for project construction is feasible or not. Soil and water table tests are examined and according to results, the predictions are made.

Similarly, health and safety managers, analysts, and engineers also visit the site and collect their observations after that it is decided what to do and where to start from. All environmental factors are considered for better and prolonged project construction.

It is important to know What is a Construction Process in light of these mentioned things.

Meanwhile, when all the observations and test results are collected, a sum up report is prepared. After that these reports are presented to the city authority to get legal permission ensuring that this project will never cause any harm to the environment or any living entity.

1. Selection of laborers, material, and equipment

After doing all needed tests and preparing reports to get legal permission, now it is time to select your laborers and the equipment you are going to use to make your construction project most easy and less time-consuming.

The project management team looks into the matter with great intentions that which equipment will be useful and either they are affordable and balancing their budget. Some big and well reputable companies do have their advanced machinery and equipment, so they do not need to take on rent or buy.

The laborers may be their personal or hire from other companies on contract. They cleaned the land before the project started. Extra trees are cut and the rubbish dumped by people is also removed to make it suitable for construction. They make the land of the site obstacle free by leveling it.

The material to be used in construction is also selected during this phase. The management team makes sure that the material they are selecting is reliable and not too costly that it may go out of budget. Therefore, this phase is of great importance for productivity.

The project manager is in charge of the whole project but he can involve subcontractors who can use their laborers and material of project construction by following the instruction given by the manager.

No doubt, subcontractors use their material and laborers but the project manager keeps them on track by having an analytical observation.

2. Actual construction

Now the actual practical work for a project construction starts. A meeting is called for all members and their roles are assigned to them with the deadline of work completion. The project manager makes sure that each person participating in the project construction is owning his duty and following the instructions and timeline.

The information shared during the pre-construction meeting maybe

  • The site location for working
  • The equipment used by laborers individually
  • The material’s quantity and quality
  • The timeline (arrival and departure)
  • Lunch break etc.

3. Gantt chart Template

Here, the Gantt chart may be helpful for a project manager to keep check and balance of the team. Mostly, the Gantt chart is provided to every person on the team that he can keep on track of himself and it is also observed by the manager.

The timetable of the worker may be different because of their duty hours like some are working early in the morning, some are working in the noon and some are observing the evening shift. So, the timetable of every worker does not need to be the same. So Gantt charts can be made accordingly.

This is very important to consider the time value and complete it on time as mentioned in the contract to avoid a delay that might be not good for your client financially or in many other aspects. It will also break the trust developed between you and your client.

To do’s after completion of construction

When the project is completed or about to complete, the last and necessary phase is a post-construction phase. After completion, the project manager has to look into some important steps before leaving the in charge ship of the site.

A project manager has to perform the following tasks before checking out.

  • Inspection of the whole building

It is necessary to check the whole building before leaving it. Make sure the problems reported during the construction are resolved and the building is now totally up to the mark.

You should inspect the building and ensure that everything is fine there as it is your prior duty at the time of completion.

  • Handing over the warranty of the building to the owner

The owner cannot check the material used in the building of the equipment or machinery fixed in the building to ensure security to him. You can facilitate him by giving him a warranty of building that may be

  • You are responsible for any misshape of low-quality building material found
  • You have fulfilled all rules and regulations etc.

Closure of project

Then comes the closure of the project when all the project management team and client have to sit around a table and take a review of the post-construction legal formalities and the goals they set before.


We hope you understand What is a Construction Process. Project construction is a long term and full of legal formalities. To complete it successfully, we must consider the necessary steps and the liabilities. It is not possible without team collaboration in the right and effective way. Some of the important and crucial steps have been shared to provide a simple guideline to complete a construction project.

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