Everything you need to know about what is a project charter?

Project management has been diversified into many categories that enable the strugglers to win the projects and make them successful, leading them to their bright future. The project charter is also one of them that help even the beginner project managers for professional and successful project management.

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Everything you need to know about what is a project charter?

Before working on the Project charter, you should know every norm and detail about what is project charter so that you can develop the right strategy for it. There are some details that every beginner and expert should know.

An insight into What is a project charter?

Before discussing the major and minor details of the project charter, you should have an idea that what is a project charter. The project charter is a professional work on the documentation that can be in hard or soft form using different templates on the internet in which the project manager identifies the objective of the project, notes down the strategies to make it successful by setting the deadlines, and deciding the stakeholders of the project. 

In the project charter, the project manager aligns the tasks, timeline, and team members according to their skills, defining the tasks they will be doing throughout the project completion. When you come to know about what is a project charter, you will create frequent questions like what, why, when, where, and who, etc. These questions enable the project manager to align the setup of the project thoroughly. 

What should a project charter reflect?

When you being a project manager, know what is a project charter. You should also have a solid idea that what it should reflect to attract the stakeholders. The major things that your project charter documents should reflect are listed below. 

  • Clear and concise objectives of the project

First of all, there should be a reflection of the project's objectives that need to be very clear. The objectives of a project should be concise and clear that can only be done by selecting concise words. 

  • Essentials of the project 

The project manager should know the requirements to start and lead the project till the end, whether they are about team members, equipment, or anything else. The perfect professional project charter also defines these essentials at any cost. 

  • Concise but short description 

A project charter should also reflect a brief description of the project that should define what and where it will be happening and who will be participating in it. 

  • The risks that need to be managed

The project manager should also include the list of the expected risks within the duration when the project starts and till the end. It will help to take the initiative before time and find the solutions. 

  • Time-task planning

Everything should be scheduled by defining tasks and their completion time. For this purpose, the managers can use the Gantt charts for themselves and their team members. 

  • Extraction of big rocks 

After that, tasks categorization is important. The project manager should categorize the tasks in a way that the document reflects the extraction of milestones. The milestones refer to the most important and long-term tasks of the project. 

  • Budget 

The budget is the crucial part of any project that needs maximum attention. So, a project charter should never skip the budget presentation. 

  • Introductory session 

In the end, but most important thing that the project charter should reflect on is the introductory session's sketch to ensure his interest and will to share his plans for the project with stakeholders and the team members. 

What are the basic and vital elements of the project charter?

To better understand what is a project charter, there is a great need to seek knowledge about its basic and vital elements, which are enlisted below.

A problem statement 

A problem statement is a brief description of the problems or the issues that a project manager will be facing throughout the project and need to find the solution ahead too. The project managers can identify the problems by using 5-Ws that are what, when, who, where, and why. This 5-Ws help you to write the problems and find the solutions as well by relating them to the relevant person. A problem statement is always concise and clear in the project charter. 

Proposal of the business project 

Proposal of the business project allows you to manage the scope of the project. It allows you to set the things in an organized way that illustrates that what this project is about and how it will be achievable by following a series of aligned strategies. This will make you able to bid on a project and win it successfully. 

Mission statement 

The project charter should not lack the mission statement that is the soul of any project for defining your aims, passion, and strategies you want to adopt for making a project successful at any cost. So, do add a personal and professional mission statement relevant to the project in the document you are going to present or share with the stakeholders or your team members. 

A proper timeline to follow 

A good project charter also contains a timeline to follow. The timeline is always briefly sketched that reflects the concept map of the time and events that will be happening in a particular duration of the project. This element of the project charter allows a project manager to follow the time and to make the completion of the tasks possible before the deadline that imposes a good impact on the boss or the stakeholder. 

Scope of the project 

The project scope is also an important element of the project charter that defines the aims of the projects and their afterward results. It should be according to the vision of the stakeholder for that particular project. 

Defined team members and their tasks

If you know the exact meaning of what is a project charter, then you can ultimately understand the importance of the team members too. So, do not forget to include this element in your project charter. 

What steps should we take for making an outstanding project charter?

Here are some important steps you should follow as a project manager while making a professional and outstanding project charter. 

A detailed discussion with the team and stakeholders

Being a project manager, before making the project charter organize a meeting with the stakeholders for whom you are going to manage the project. This will let you know about the vision and expectations they are having from this project. After that, call for a meeting with your team members and share the perspective you get from stakeholders and ask about the fertile idea from their side that may be unique and good enough to initiate the project from a perfect cord. 

Do proper documentation 

Do not let the vents happen as per the fortune. Take charge of them and plan each and everything on the documents, whether having a paper file or on writing software like Word or Excel to keep them precise. Documents will allow you to keep track of the tasks completion, team performance and also help you to target or initiate the next plan. Proper documentation is also a contract between you and the stakeholders to avoid any mismanagement or misunderstanding. 

Use the right combination of the templates. 

While preparing for the project charter, you can use different templates by using the internet. You can use multiple templates for making a project charter after combining the templates collected from different sources. It will help you to design the best template for your project. 

Work on every chunk of information of the project and note them as well 

How can a project charter be completed without knowing the proper information about each and everything where you will find the clues for improvement and also identify the targets that need improvement. It is better to observe first, collect information, and develop the strategies to bring the reforms. 

Discuss your project charter with your team before implementing it. When you have made the project charter, let it discuss with your team as they can sometimes suggest you a better strategy of improvement or highlight the weak point that could ruin all your efforts. So, don't share the documentation with the project owner directly. First, discuss it with your team.

1. Then present to the stakeholders and get approval 

2. Then present it to the stakeholder and get 100% approval. 

3. What are the advantages of a project charter?

4. Following are some advantages of making a project charter. 

5. It allows the project manager to identify the objectives of the project

6. It helps to keep the project on the track 

7. It boosts up the marketing of the project 

8. It helps to reach the deadline 

9. It keeps the stakeholders, team members, project manager, and sponsors on the same plane. 

10. It does not let you forget or miss any important event


While working on a project, you should know everything about what is a project charter as it has become the need for making a project successful.

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