Important things to know about What is a Venn Diagram?

Usually, we go through details of the topics for collecting the information of different categories. It seemed difficult to go through data and represent it to others well. In ancient times, the philosophers used the Euler diagram to resolve the objects or the data in short form. Later on, scientists and mathematicians start looking for other alternative ways to describe different phenomena through diagrammatical illustration. It was here when Venn Diagram was born.

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A philosopher and logic expert, john Venn presented a wonderful visual presentation of the information in short form, elaborating the details through the symbols. It seems like you have enclosed an ocean in a little pot. You need to dive into that ocean to understand the Venn diagram and how it is useful in different fields of life.

What is a Venn diagram?

A Venn diagram illustrates data or information of different objects related to different subjects in the form of diagrams. It uses symbols and some practicing rules to explain the whole procedure in simple steps. You need to understand what Venn diagram and its application in our life and go ahead enjoying its creation process. Venn diagram contains different circles, symbols, and styles to explain whether the elements are overlapping somewhere or not.

A few years ago, only a few people knew about the Venn diagram and used it to present their data, theories, or some complex equations in a simpler form. Now, in the 21st century, everyone, even our kids, knows what is Venn diagram and how it is useful.

It is necessary to teach our kids about Venn diagrams to make them more practical and result-oriented. The Venn diagram does not need special technology to draw as it can be as simple as you can draw using pencils or computer program tools. By filling colors in the circles of the Venn diagram, you can give it a more sophisticated and beautiful look.

What are important symbols of the Venn diagram?

In terms of understanding the concept what is Venn diagram, the beginner s needs to learn some important symbols and behind-the-story logic to get full command over it. Here are a few symbols to explain what is Venn diagram and how symbols represent it.


Term union reveals the fact that you are presenting all elements of two or more different sets of groups in one set of circles. We use the symbol of the union as U. You can represent two sets, A and B, as AUB when you are collectively writing all elements in a single circle.


Intersection stands for common things or the overlapping data that you can find in both sets if set A of birds contains the pigeon and set B also contains that bird, it means the pigeon is overlapping, and it will come in the intersection. We represent the term intersection symbolically by putting the symbol as ꓵ. When we are representing these two intersecting sets, we write them as AꓵB. It clearly shows that the data you have collected from two different sources or regions are overlapping at some particular point that you can elaborate through the Venn diagram.


When you want to show the difference in two or more data sets, you can look for the difference of the set just by putting the symbol minus – explaining the short form of the process. The difference between two sets A-B means the elements of set A are not present on set B. So, we can easily extract the distinct elements by going through the different processes.

Universal set

Some common terms need our attention, like the universal set. IF we talk about a universal set, it means we are talking about the ocean of elements that contains each element of other sets. You can create it yourself or grab it from some sources.


Another term and its symbols you need to know before start working on drawing a Venn diagram are finding out subset. The subset is all about having the elements of set one in the second set and the second set become the superset of the first set. In simple words, in a subset, you are comparing two sets and eventually deciding the second set is more powerful than the first set.

What are the uses of the Venn diagram?

When you are learning about what is Venn diagram, you should have must have an idea about its uses in different fields of life. To make it convenient and motivating the new learners, it is necessary to explain the common and practical applications of the Venn diagram. Here are a few examples of applications of the Venn diagram.

Science subjects

Usually, people think the Venn diagram only belongs to math, and they keep it limited by using it just for practicing math exercises. Not only mathematics, but you can also use it in science subjects if we talk about biology, you can organize the features of animal and plant cells through the Venn diagram. It is an effective and beautiful way of presenting the details you have collected.

Venn diagram makes the science subject interesting for the little students. By comparing the structure of animal and plant cells through the Venn diagram, you are promoting an interesting learning environment. You can use different colors to present the two circles and the overlapping area of the Venn diagram.


In mathematics, it is common to use a Venn diagram to present the sets containing different elements. You can use the Venn diagram to explain different logical terms of sets like union, intersection, subset, or complement of the set. It does not restrict to the point of drawing it for some exercises of mathematics, but you can use them too for justifying some practical mathematical examples instead of using theoretical way.


Statics is a much more complex and dry subject for students. But by using the Venn diagram, you can make it interesting for your students. It will help you to collect data from different sources and arrange them beautifully.


The best practice and advanced application of the Venn diagram is its use in the business field. Most companies following the Leader In Me program are well aware of the importance of the Venn diagram to present data and keep it attractive for the viewers as well. Great business companies all over the world are using the Venn diagram for categorizing their tasks as daily Dos and the other distinct tasks of the month.

Companies can compare the product's features and the public demand for it and gather the overlapping data and distinct data declaring what they need to add and what they have already.


In the computer field, the Venn diagram is also serving the experts to present wonderful visual effects to the users and keep their services attractive to their customers.

Improving students reading skills

As Venn diagram give an aesthetic look to learning pattern due to its eye-catching colorful structure. So, it makes a teacher a creative and skilled teacher who boosts the students' knowledge by developing interest.

Importance of the Venn diagram

Still, thinking about why you should learn what is Venn diagram and why you should use it for presenting the information? The following point must motivate you to learn more about what is Venn diagram and why to use it.

Attractive representation

Everyone loves to look at aesthetic things that are usually eye-catching. Sometimes, the website users do not prefer to read the instructions properly, but they love to go through some shortcuts and aesthetic data arrangement. They want to save their time and energy, so they skip such websites having a lot of reading material. If the website owner uses the Venn diagram to explain his services, he can grab more viewers.

Give a comparison of two or more objects.

It helps to compare the objects easily instead of wasting time moving here and there and writing on the page in random patterns. Just draw two or more circles and keep putting the thing in a relevant place. Like if the thing belongs to both groups, you can put it in the overlapping place of those two overlapping circles.

Comes will the flexibility to adjust to any subject

It does not bind you to mathematics only, but it makes you independent to use it for various subjects and real-life examples.

Can convert the complex things into simple logic

If you are going through some complex logical statements or equations, you can resolve them into simpler data by using the Venn diagram effectively.

Promote creativity in students

As the Venn diagram has an aesthetic and attractive look due to shapes and colors, you can make your lecture interesting for students and promote creative learning.

·   Procedure to draw a Venn diagram

·   Categorize the elements

·   Draw circles

·   Look for the elements which are overlapping

·   Organize the distinct elements in relevant circles

·   Shade the circles or rectangle

·   Add more circles if needed

What are the categories of the Venn diagram?

You can categorize the Venn diagram based on a number of sets or information categories or the nature of the procedure of set you are looking for. So, the categories may be as follow.

·   Based on the number of sets

·   One circle Venn diagram

·   Two circle Venn diagram

·   Three circle Venn diagram

·   Based on the nature of sets

·   Union set Venn diagram

·   Intersection Venn diagram

·   Complement Venn diagram

·   The difference set Venn diagram


When you are learning what is Venn diagram, you must look for its daily life application and its basic components so, that you can create for making your project attractive.

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