What is Canned Response? Everything you need to know

A canned response are predetermined responses to common questions and they are one of the easiest solutions to respond promptly a high volume of questions.

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What is a Canned response?

A canned response is an automated response generated for the customers' convenience. It is mostly used by businesses that are running online. There is too much traffic on the website, and most of the people are asking questions regarding the products and services. It is impossible to reply to all of them within the same time. 

A canned response is becoming popular because it is easy for the customer care team and the customers. There are major benefits of a Canned response for any company. It is why most businesses are using it. 

Why are canned responses important for online businesses? 

It is very important for the business is to provide the best customer service if they want to increase their business and customers. However, it is not easy and realistic for the customer service to provide a team to respond to all of the messages because they are flooding in within millions. A canned response can save the entire company from the trouble of dealing with too many visitors and customers simultaneously.

Easy management

It is easier to manage a large number of customers simultaneously if you go for a canned response. One of the known facts is that not everyone is asking unique questions, and mostly it is the same usual question. We can take an example of a restaurant. 

They will get questions from thousands of people regarding their menu and opening time.

  • Instead of responding to everyone personally, a message can be generated and pasted within the chat thread. 
  • Whenever such a question is asked, the answer will be sent in an automated way to whoever is asking the question.

 It will provide easy management for the customer service-providing team. 

Save time

A canned response can also help you in saving a lot of time. You can focus on the important aspects of the business and the unique questions asked by the customer is instead of replying to the same usual questions. 

  • By having a canned response, it will be made sure that each and every customer get their answer immediately without waiting for it.
  • It can save a lot of time and can also be convenient for the customers. 

Not only the time of customer service providers can be saved, but it will also save a lot of time for the customers who are seeking help on the other side. 

Keep customers happy

Keeping the customers happy if you want them to stay your permanent customers is important. If you do not provide proper customer care and service, you will end up losing a lot of clients. It can be dangerous for your business, and you can suffer loss because of it.

 A canned response will help in keeping the customers happy because they will be getting answers immediately without waiting. This way, they can easily get the products and services that are of their requirement. You will also be recommended to a lot of other people because of the quick service, which is made possible through canned response. 

Boost the conversation rate 

You can boost the conversation rate between the agent and the customer through a canned response. The customer will not have to wait for the reply, and they will get the reply within seconds. 

This will immediately solve the issues of the customers, and they will get saved from any frustration and irritation. A canned response can save the time of the agent and the customer at a maximum limit.

Do's and don'ts of the Canned response.

You need to take care of certain things when you are generating canned responses. Let's have a look at some of the dos and don'ts that you should keep in mind when it comes to canned responses. 

  • It would help if you used them for the basic and frequently asked questions. 
  • You should personalize your canned response according to the customer.
  • You should generate an authentic and brief response wherever it is required. 
  • Do not make the entire conversation canned.
  • The canned response should not sound robotic. 
  • It would help if you did not keep it short until the limit where it lacks basic information the customer is asking about.

Where can you use Canned responses? 

A canned response can be generated at different levels. It can be very helpful for the professional teams and for the customers who are visiting different websites and pages. Let's have a look at some of the places where you can go for a canned response instead of personalized and direct messages. 

  • Websites

If you have a website that is providing products and services to people, it is important to generate a few canned responses. This way, it will be easier to manage things, and you will also be able to respond to different customers at the same time. Online businesses are becoming very popular these days. The best way through which you can respond to each and every customer is to generate a canned response. 

  • Customer service emails

You can make a canned and automated response when it comes to customer service emails. Some pages ask for the email addresses to send such responses whenever the user requires it. You can also make your website and products popular, and it will also be a source of promotion. The canned response can be immediately sent to the customer's email inbox.

  • Social media pages

You can go for a canned response on social media pages. There are different accounts of a business and website on Facebook and Instagram specifically. If people ask a question on the page, it is important to provide them with a quick reply which can provide them with complete information. You can do that by generating some of the canned responses.

It will be easier to manage your social media for your businesses, and it is also one of the effective ways to deal with a lot of people at the same time. 

Best examples of canned response

You have to make some of the best-canned responses in order to keep the users satisfied. Let's have a look at some of the responses that you can go for if you want to maintain your website and page for your online business. 

  1. How can we help you?
  2. Our team has received your message, and we are currently looking into it.
  3. Thank you for your patience. We are still working on your query.
  4. How will you rate our customer support?
  5. Were you satisfied with the quality of the product?
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience that we will need more information to proceed.
  7. Here are a few solutions that can help you. 
  8. You will get the refund within a few working days. 
  9. We will get back to you as soon as we are open.
  10. You can Email us for any other queries and information. 

These are some of the examples that can be generated as a canned response. Many people are repeatedly asking the same question, and each cannot be replied to individually. You will be saving a lot of your time and providing sufficient support to our customers.

 They will love your business because it will solve their query within seconds. It is only possible if you go for a canned response. However, you must personalize them according to the customer's needs. 

Final Remarks:

Online businesses and service providers need to provide full customer care and support to visitors and customers. It will enhance their image and will also give a boost to their business. A canned response can also benefit the customers because they will not be waiting for long to get a reply from the agent. It will save the time of the customer and the agent.

There are many benefits of canned response to the customers and to the business itself. Some of the examples and basic information that you need to know about canned response has been discussed in the given text.

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