What is ChatGPT (OpenAI)? Everything You Need to Know About This AI Chatbot.

ChatGPT has recently created a lot of fuss about it, especially in the business and education sectors. So, learn what is ChatGPT (OpenAI) and what its capabilities are.

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There have been several developments recently in the field of AI and ML. These advancements are mostly related to image, audio, and video processing. For example, some new tools have been launched that use AI to draw whatever prompts them to draw. While those tools were very niche-specific, ChatGPT is something else. It gives you the experience of using a search engine with a twist of human touch.

It has gained a lot of popularity in such a short time because it can solve problems from different fields of life within seconds that would otherwise take hours or days of work. In this article, we will discuss what this tool from Open AI is and how it can revolutionize your world with its capabilities.

What is ChatGPT?

The simplest explanation of this question is that it is a chatbot based on natural language processing algorithms and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to answer any question a user asks.

Apart from answering your questions, it can make research easier for you, do your tasks, and even write code for you. The best part is that every task completed provides the correct guideline for learning the process and implementation.

How does it work?

ChatGPT is based on a language model architecture known as Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which stands for GPT. Open AI created this architecture, and currently, the most famous iterations of this model are GPT3, 3.5, and 4.

Whenever we ask ChatGPT something, it uses this architecture to gather the right words to answer it. Then gives a human touch to its answer and presents it after fine-tuning it. That’s how it works, according to Open AI.

What do people currently use ChatGPT for?

Chatbots are usually used for specific tasks. For example, if a customer support chatbot is integrated with a website, it will only provide support to the visitors to that website. Hence, its capabilities will be limited to that use case only. However, when it comes to the usage of ChatGPT, its usage is not niche specific. That’s why people from all fields of life are using it currently.

In fact, people are using it to get answers to the simplest questions, making their research easier and also getting their work done by AI. You can ask it to give you any information, like 15 blog titles for the XYZ website or a hiking trip packing list. That will ensure you don’t have to read multiple sources online to curate your list. Instead, ChatGPT does that for you. Other things that people use it for include:

·   Writing school essays

·   Building resume

·   Writing, rewriting, or summarizing content

·   Writing code for specific functionality

·   Writing code for whole apps

·   Writing business emails or cover letters, etc.

How does it offer a different experience than a search engine

The working of ChatGPT and a search engine are similar. You can ask questions in both places and get answers to those questions. When you do that on a search engine, you get multiple answers depending on their search engine ranking. Now you must research those sources to check which answer is right.

On the other hand, ChatGPT searches for answers to your questions and provides one answer containing all the necessary information you may need. Hence, you don’t have to do your research. Even if ChatGPT states that the answer may not be perfect, you can trust it in most cases unless it includes any facts or data you must verify from the original source.

Hence, ChatGPT significantly improves your research speed.

How easy to use ChatGPT is, and what's its cost?

Using ChatGPT is very simple since you can access it at Open AI. Once you visit the Open AI ChatGPT website, you must register for an account. Alternatively, you may log in if you already have an OpenAI account. Now you will get to the ChatGPT interface where you can ask anything, and it will give you the most appropriate answer. The best part is that it continues the chat and answers with the context that you have previously created.

The most recent model, GPT 4, is a subscription-based tool, but the previous variant, GPT 3, is free to use. Not to forget that its capabilities are exceptionally better than GPT 3.

Benefits of using ChatGPT for your business

ChatGPT is highly capable and impressively easy to use, and anyone can use it for their business. In fact, it comes with certain advantages for people using it, including the following:

1. Efficient communication with customers

Providing customer services becomes extremely easy with tools like ChatGPT. It is because representatives can easily understand their queries with the help of tools and even generate adequate answers. The only thing they need to do manually will be personalizing. It also enables your business to generate better business emails for customers.

2. Reduced labor costs for customer service

If your business provides customer service, using ChatGPT will reduce labor costs since fewer people can do the same work with the help of AI assistance.

3. Fewer chances of human error

When using ChatGPT, you lower the chances of human error in any response you generate. With less probability of errors, your business' credibility increases.

4. Versatility and human touch

One of the best things about using ChatGPT for business is its versatility. It can answer your questions about any field of life. Moreover, the answers contain a human touch, making other people think that a human generates the response.

Drawbacks of using ChatGPT for your business

Even if its services are free, using it is very easy, and anyone can use it for their business tasks, there are still some drawbacks, including the following.

1. Lack of attention to detail in conversation

If you continue a conversation with a customer and generate a response, that response will not be personalized to the conversation. Additionally, editing it may take more time than writing it. Moreover, there is always a chance of making human errors while personalizing responses.

2. Writing the right prompt to get your answers can be complex

Not everyone knows the best way to use artificial intelligence chatbots. These provide answers depending on your prompts. So, if you don’t have a good idea about prompt generation, getting the right answer from ChatGPT can be very difficult.

3. Inability to continue conversations

ChatGPT is not designed to continue conversations. You can generate answers for every conversation, but whenever you start a new ChatGPT session, it will start providing information from the basics, which may not be a good impression for the customers.

Is ChatGPT good for the world or not? What about the jobs?

One of the reasons there is a lot of fuss and everyone is talking about these tools today is that they are said to take over their jobs. The recent AI tools that generate art and videos are already taking the jobs of graphic designers and video editors. Similarly, automated driven cars are taking the jobs of human drivers. So, it may not be far that other people also lose their job to AI.

However, in reality, AI is not that powerful yet; it is the human brain and how it implements the AI. So, it is safe to say that if your job is taken over, someone else will use AI to increase their efficiency instead of AI replacing their job itself. It also means that you will have a secure future if you start leveraging your performance by using AI tools where needed.

Since it makes humans efficient at their jobs and makes hectic tasks simpler, it is good for the world.

Alternatives to ChatGPT you need to know about

Undoubtedly ChatGPT is one of the best AI Chatbots we have known to date, and its versatility makes it so special. However, other companies are also developing versions of AI chatbots to participate in the competition. So, if you were looking for alternatives to ChatGPT, the best names currently available are Google Bard, Bing Chat, Jasper, YouChat, and Chatsonic.


The number of developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence that have been made is astonishing. ChatGPT is one of the tools that has created a huge revolution since its advent, and the tech giants have launched multiple similar tools in the market. It surely is extremely capable, but that capability is limited to how humans instruct to work.

 So, if you want to secure your future and don’t want AI to take over whatever job you work for, learn to use these artificial intelligence tools since humans will implement these tools and not the tools themselves that take over your job.

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