A complete guide on what makes a good manager

In today’s era of business, everyone requires a good manager. A good manager is someone who can make a known and visible difference in the work environment. A lot of people wonder what makes a good manager. However, the simple answer to this question is, such qualities are built-in. 

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Well, some people may or may not have good manager qualities, but they can be practiced. There is no shame in polishing your manager qualities. The foremost qualities that a manager should have must be in their character. 

To discover more about what makes a good manager, today we will give you a complete guide on what makes a good manager.

Everything you need to know about what makes a good manager?

Many people have this misconception about being a good manager that they are supposed to be strict. However, a strict and rules-regulated person does not guarantee to behave as an ideal and good manager. 

Our society has glamourized overworking. We all work overtime just to get into the good books of our colleagues. However, such reasons are absurd. Furthermore, several ways can determine the potential of becoming a good manager. Every business firm, office, and company are in the outlook of good Managers. 

They are looking for someone who can take control in their absence and can benefit the firm or company. A good manager can change the whole game of your business. Several things need to be sorted out before hiring someone as a manager in your company.

While some people are blessed with management skills and yet many of them are not aware of themselves. For someone who wants to become a good manager should first focus on what they need to learn. 

Why good managers are important? 

Good Manages are associated directly with the success of any company or business firm. Many surveys have proven that the companies and business firms do much better when work under good managers. It is because a good manager will always work and strive hard for the success of the firm and company. 

A good manager does not abandon their responsibilities and makes sure to complete the given tasks to get done by time. Without an assistance of a good manager the success of company can be reduced greatly. Hence, there is always a need of a good manager. 

What makes a good manager? 

Several things count or matter while making a good manager. A good manager does not have to be perfect, but they need to be careful of their responsibilities. Several qualities can help you find the ideal manager for your company. Some of the most primary qualities, which make a good manager are specified below.

The below-specified qualities do not only explain the ways to make a good manager but also explains why it is important.

  • A great manager should be a great leader

The first and most highlighting feature that makes a good manager is leadership quality. People should be aware that without leadership tactics and efforts, they cannot qualify as good managers. Being a great leader means being accountable for what other employees practice behind you. 

To be a good manager with leadership qualities, you need to be sure that you are approachable. Sometimes employees are scared by talking to the manager or even approaching them. Such things do not count in leadership quality. A good manager is someone who is a role model for everyone around them. 

They need to set such examples which can benefit individuals and the company as well. A good manager is not only about giving orders or just auditing the ups and downs. Instead, true leadership lies in the art of helping your employees and workers to complete their tasks.

  • A good manager is always empathetic and acknowledging

The other most important factor that is involved in the making of a good manager is being empathetic. Showing empathy to your workers and the employees around you can be very motivational. Everyone needs to be acknowledged and want their efforts to be noticed. 

No one wants their efforts and hard work to go in vain. A lot times it is observed and believed that a good manager is someone who keeps their distance. Or someone who acts like a serious boss walking around to pin point the mistakes. However, this is not true at all. True good manager skills lie in being more empathetic and complimenting people for their work. 

Other things to consider

Creating a friendly and flexible work environment can also be practiced by showing the equal amount of respect to your juniors. There is no shame in being polite to your employees, after all they are also the part of company’s success. 

A lot of surveys have revealed that most of the workers do not get the required support and help. Such factors can divert the work attention and drain all the efforts put of the workers.

Good leaders know who is able to complete the tasks accordingly

Another quality of a good manager is to know who is responsible for certain tasks and who is not. A good manager is known to have the certain power to know who is a good task manager. A good manager has such traits in them that are built-in. Some of the managers do not want to hand over the responsibilities to new employers. But a good manager should be able to trust the new employers as well. 

Without this the company of firm will not be able to get the most required success. Hence, a good manager should be able to know who needs to do the tasks done accordingly. Such factors are required to identify employees who are able to get most of the things done. 

Good managers should have a good understanding

Having a good understanding and being co-operative with people around you can also be a trait of good managers. The understanding and support given by the managers is often neglected and is not noticed. 

However, it is the duty of a good manager to notice the little things. It is important for a manager to set example by developing understanding with their workers. Many times, people do not know the importance of having a sense of understanding. Everyone has their own problems either personally or work related. 

Problems can cause the workers to work slowly and may not give out results as expected. Instead of arguing, blaming or firing them a good manager should ask them for anything that is disturbing them. As a senior good manager, it is your responsibility to know what your employees are going through.


You can also offer them a help and take them out of the troublesome situations. This way you can make the work and personal life environment even a better place. Therefore, make sure to not go hard and tough on the employees or workers. Give them some personal space and take your time to develop understanding between each other.

Good managers should have high emotional understanding

Managers who are emotionally understanding are sometimes considered to be weak. In the past several years the idea of being emotionally unavailable was hyped. However, during the recent times emotions are much more respected.

To be emotionally available and strong does not make someone a less of a person. Instead, it makes even a better and excellent manager. Such factors can also help a manager to give solutions to every stress situation. Most of the times, companies face drastic damages and drawbacks. 

To cope up with the company’s damage and reputation it is important for the manager to be dominant. It does not mean to be hard or tough on yourself but to be a problem solver. There are a lot of managers who overthink about the situations and faces depression or other emotional stress. But a good manager will always try to cope up with such feelings.

It can be done by ignoring the negative thinking and allowing the optimistic approach to make its way. This is when a good manager can show their decision power and worth. Hence, it is important for a person to be emotionally strong in order to become a good manager.

A good manager is an optimistic thinker 

Lastly, the main factor that can bring drastic changes into a business or company is the optimistic thinking. Thinking negative about everyone and every problem is a serious drawback. Such factors can also affect the company’s reputation as well.

Therefore, before hiring or becoming a good manager you must personally test yourself. You need to think about the problems in different ways preferably in more optimistic ways. Optimism can be a good success achiever.


The above-specified information explains everything you need to know about what makes a good manager. You can develop these skills or learn more about these qualities to be a good manager. A good manager is also hardworking and has many responsibilities. So, be prepared for it if you want to become one. 

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