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Every business needs to be efficient in all its operations and that is almost impossible without having some standard practices.

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 Implementing some standard operating procedures for a business with the help of an SOP template can significantly help your business. Implementing these templates practically ensures that everything follows a uniform workflow.

Creating and implementing SOP templates is not as simple as it sounds so here, we will explain all the important things you need to know before getting started with it.

Overview of SOP for a Business

An SOP is a standard operating procedure which in simple terms is a set of mid or high-level instructions. These instructions determine how everyone in the organization will achieve a specific task. It works as a guide for specific progress with the main goal of improving the efficiency and productivity of the whole team. While some think that these are just for new members, they make a great resource for everyone on the team.

SOPs are of different types and here are 4 of the most important types of SOPs.

  1. Checklist

Checklist SOPs can be described as simply tick-box formats of the list containing tasks or criteria considered essential. They ensure all steps are taken in any routine process or inspection. They are easy to use and quick to look up. These are very powerful for compliance and quality assurance purposes by producing documentation of activities performed.

  1. Hierarchical list

The hierarchical list of SOPs arranges steps into a step order which is important for complicated procedures. They create clarity by decomposing tasks into primary and subsidiary steps, including a comprehensive understanding of each step. This format is useful for big organizations that have complex procedures.

  1. Flowchart

Flowchart SOPs visualize process steps through diagrams, which is convenient when there are more decision points to consider. Graphical layout facilitates process flow and decision-making, creating simplified operations that may be complicated. They are useful for visual learners as they provide cross-departmental understanding and problem-solving.

  1. Step-by-step list

SOPs in the Step-by-Step List format specify every procedure one after another. This style reduces the amount of errors and keeps consistency. It is especially useful in training and standardizing complex tasks since it offers detailed step-by-step instructions for each action.

Understanding SOP Template and its Benefits for Businesses

It is a template or a document containing all the SOPs that outline the specific guidelines and steps for performing different tasks. Creating this template ensures that you don't have to list down the SOPs again and again for different measures. Instead, you have a standardized format that can be customized and used according to different tasks and procedures throughout the organization.

  1. Consistency and standardization among all business operations

Using SOP templates can ensure that all business operations are followed uniformly. This standardization ensures that there are no quality standard issues whatsoever. It does not matter who is working on a specific task since everyone will perform similarly.

  1. Efficient onboarding process

When your business sets an SOP for its employee onboarding and training process the whole thing becomes significantly more efficient and easier. It is like setting a syllabus for new employees to cover so that they can consult with other team members until they understand how the standard procedures in the organization work.

  1. Improved accountability among individuals

Since implementing SOP templates ensures that everyone is working with the same procedure standards and regulations, they can be held accountable whenever they do not follow the outline or steps specified to meet certain standards. The best part is that this benefit works at every level of an organization.

  1. Better operational efficiency.

Lastly, using SOP templates can provide better operational efficiency since everyone is following a standard set of procedures for the same task. It means that the decision-making and need to guess the solution among employees will decrease and they can be more efficient while following routine operations.

How can you design your business SOP Template?

Here is the step-by-step guide to creating your own SOP templates for every business.

  1. Start by choosing the right type

The first step in creating your SOP templates will be selecting the right type of template. There are 4 main types of SOPs as discussed above and you must choose the right one according to the type of template your business needs. 

  1. Tips for maintaining clear and concise language

Next, you will be selecting the main body of your template, and here are some tips to keep the language clear:

  • Use simple words
  • Avoid using technical terms until they are necessary
  • Make sure that all your instructions are very easy to understand

By following these tips, the body of your template will stay much simpler.

  1. Ensure that the template has accessibility and readability

Be careful about accessibility and readability when designing your template. Use readable fonts, proper spacing, and good headings. Think about the requirements of all potential users, including those who are disabled. A well-written SOP is more likely to be read correctly and consistently.

  1. Incorporate your business identity into your SOP Template

To ensure that your business's identity is present in the template, you must incorporate branding components such as logos or company motto. This not only strengthens brand identity but ensures that the SOP is instantly recognizable as part of your business' operational framework.

Creating your business SOP template: Best practices:

Following the guide above is not enough alone if you want to create a template with SOPs that brings operational excellence. So, while you are creating your templates where are the best practices that will take your SOP templates one step ahead?

  1. Involve members from different teams and gather multiple ideas

When designing your template, you must involve people from different teams and get their ideas and views about the template. Having multiple experts in the drafting process means that your template has already gone through multiple minds and the chances of mistakes are less.

  1. Keep the whole thing simple and to the point

As explained in the previous section you must keep everything as simple as possible. It must be concise so that the new employees as well as the old ones can comprehend everything it states with ease.

  1. Regularly update your SOP with positive changes

Your business will be on a continuous road toward improvement and so should this template. It is crucial to regularly update your template with all the important positive changes that help with achieving operational excellence.

  1. Train the whole staff so that they ensure SOPs

Lastly, when your template of SOPs is finalized, you must ensure that everyone on the team is very well trained with it. This way you know that they understand it and the implementation can be started right away.

Mistakes to avoid when creating your SOP Template

While you are creating your business SOP template by following the guide and tips shared above there is a lot that can go wrong. So, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid ensuring that your business SOPs serve a great purpose.

  1. Keeping an Outdated SOP

Having an outdated template of SOPs means that your team is still sticking to the old practices which may not be efficient at all in today’s market. So, keep your template up to date with the latest information and procedures to keep the whole team efficient.

  1. Not customizing the SOP to your business

Many businesses make the mistake of picking an online template and they start using it right away. For the best results, you must customize your template according to your business requirements and procedures.

  1. Not reviewing the SOP template properly.

Even after the template is final you must let team members review it and leave their feedback. It will surely help in getting a lot of feedback that will prove to be valuable in the revision and improvement of your SOPs template.


Implementing an SOP template in a business is not only about setting a strategic plan for achieving something but it is also a step towards operational efficiency. These templates contain a simple set of instructions which when followed by the whole team result in amazing efficiency for everyone. You may find SOP template options at multiple places online but the important thing to know is that they must be customized according to your business needs.

So, if you are looking for the best results for your business with the implementation of SOPs through these templates, you can design yours with the steps and measures discussed here. It will be the right step to set your business on the journey towards excellence through achieving operational efficiency.

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