Software Development Project Plan Template

Before you start working on your next software idea, you need a plan. Software development requires time and it can be argued that planning is absolutely necessary for the success of your new product. Why? Because no matter how simple or complex your idea might be, you will need a project plan to provide structure, proper documentation, and procedures in order to navigate your tasks and meet your deadlines.

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Software Development and Project Planning

Software development can be defined as the dedicated process of conceiving, creating, designing, programming, and deploying applications or components. If you're not partnering with a professional software development company to ensure a streamlined and effective project planning process you should plan it all in detail.

When working as a software developer, project planning will largely determine the success or failure of the entire initiative, simply because your project will need a goal and a purpose, clear objectives, clear schedule for deliverables and revisions, and an acute understanding of costs and resources.

The Components of Software Development Project Plan

We’ve covered why it’s so important to sit down and write a project plan. But we haven’t mentioned how to do it. In case you’re wondering how to write a proper software development project plan, let’s dive into the essential steps to planning a successful software development project.

Goals. It’s all about clarifying the intentions for your project. You already have an idea, so write down your goals and vision, and specify your ideal endpoint. Your goal must be clear and concise, this will help you forecast what you wish to accomplish. By defining and outlining your objectives, it will become easier to build a realistic and clear project plan, one on which progress can be made by following steps.

Documentation and requirements. Once your goal has been defined, you will need to identify what you will need in order to reach those objectives. Documenting aspects such as resources, budget, and time will be necessary in order to outline the work that needs to get done. Also, requirements will vary depending on the nature of your idea, and the size of your project, but it will serve as a guide to planning and scheduling tasks and deliverables.

Budget. Before you get into planning your initiatives, keep in mind your actions have an associated cost. Building a project plan and understanding your requirements will help to determine an estimate of your costs and your overall investment, which is something of extreme importance when working with stakeholders.

Team. Software development is usually not a solo-job. On the contrary, it requires a different set of skills in order to outline and accomplish several sections of your project, so it’s important to choose the right people for the job.

Methodology and progress. Choosing the right methodology for your software development project plan is also imperative for the success of your idea. Keep in mind that there are several methodologies that you can choose from when planning your project. For example, Agile methodology relies on sprints and user stories in order to accomplish deliverables and progress.  

Creating a Timeline for Your Software Development Plan

Software development requires handling, analyzing, and documenting a handful of information. In order to navigate this process, building an action plan can be extremely beneficial because it will most certainly help you establish a path and create a timeline for your work. And this is where project management software such as Instagantt (Gantt Chart Maker) can make your life a whole lot easier.

Build your own project plan and focus on drafting your concept, gathering requirements, meeting your deadlines, and bringing your ideas to life.

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