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No matter what subject or class you teach, or if you’re organizing webinars, meetings, or events, you’re going to need to keep track of attendance. Tracking attendance is a simple activity that helps managing participation. Recording attendance is equally important when keeping track of student’s or employee’s absence or tardiness. An attendance sheet template is a perfect solution for efficiently collecting this type of information.

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Keeping Track of Attendance

There are several different reasons why you might want to keep track of attendance: you’re organizing a gathering or an event and you want to know how many people turned up, or you’re teaching a class and you need to keep track of your student’s daily attendance and class participation. Whatever reason it might be, using attendance forms or templates can help you enormously by standardizing the information you’re tracking, and also by keeping the information in one single place. 

Workplace attendance, for instance, helps managers keep track of when and if employees show up for work. Student attendance sheets help teachers track student presence, contribution, or absence so that they can resolve issues efficiently. Some teachers also use attendance information to create a reward system based on consistency and participation. In general, by recording and tracking attendance information you can gather data to analyze if a particular aspect of your class, schedule, or event needs to change, presenting a unique opportunity toward future improvements. 

Daily Attendance Sheet Template

Daily attendance sheets are very common for students and employees. These type of templates help to easily record and track important information which you can then visualize and store. You can document information about the nature of the class or program you’re teaching, or about the company or the list of employees you’re managing. 

Printable Attendance Sheet PDF

Recording attendance information doesn’t need to be a pain; it needs to be quick and easy. Luckily there are many different templates and software that can help you make things much easier for you, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business and to take your class or management skills to another level. 

How does this work? For instance, by using an online platform to record your attendance information, you can access this information and make it printable. Some of these platforms also allow you to share your templates online with another teacher or manager, or student. 

Online Attendance Sheet Example

We’ve created a template that allows you to gather quick attendance information. It’s very easy to use and to update. Instagantt, which is an online project management software, makes it incredibly simple to plan, capture, update, manage and report on attendance, basically from anywhere using gantt charts.

You can create a basic template that allows you to gather contact information or record specific details about the class or the event you're teaching or organizing. For managers, this means that they’ll have access to gather specific information based on shifts, absence, or workable hours.  

The possibilities are endless. You can track as much information as needed. Dates, locations, or names. You can easily manage multiple employees on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can keep track of work shifts, vacations, sick leave, and personal time. You can color-code attendance categories and leverage this information to get a quick overview of attendance. Moreover, by keeping track of this information in one single place, you can always make sure it’s accessible to you and print it, share it, or analyze it whenever you need it. 

Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance Sheet Template

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