Priority Matrix Template: Learn How to Create One

Prioritization is essential if you want to execute a project successfully and effectively. Being able to identify what issues are the most urgent and important, and to keep track of the issues that require follow-up, will ultimately be the key to obtain a positive project outcome. A priority matrix can help you maximize the effectiveness of your project plan by categorizing the tasks by their possible impact. 

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What is a Priority Matrix?

A priority matrix is an analysis and decision-making tool commonly used in project management and business analysis. It allows project managers to build a clear process of decision making and to determine what items or tasks to prioritize. 

Working with a priority matrix can help you streamline your work and categorize tasks according to their importance and their duration. These tools can be applied to different types of work, such as operational projects, business processes, or complex management projects. Priority matrices can also be customized according to different needs, but mostly, they measure the impact, level, and urgency of tasks. 

Why Use a Priority Matrix?

A priority matrix provides project managers with a helpful and reliable process for decision-making, resolving disagreements, thus promoting consensus amongst stakeholders, which is always ideal when managing projects. By having a clear process for organizing the tasks that need to be completed during a project, you can avoid wasting time trying to decide which tasks to tackle first. 

Priority matrices are so much more than simple to-do lists; they can be extremely valuable for project managers because they are designed to help you analyze and determine which tasks are urgent and critical, and which ones require less focus. 

Benefits of Using a Prioritization Matrix

In principle, a priority matrix can help to categorize tasks depending on their possible impact, but they also make it easy to:

  • Prioritize complex issues when multiple factors are influencing the decision.
  • Analyze tasks and objectively rank level and importance.
  • Determine urgent and critical focus tasks and areas.
  • Discuss what the most important factors are and keep stakeholders on track.

How to Create a Priority Matrix

Several factors might influence the urgency or importance of a task on your list. Follow the next steps to create a reliable process for making sure you’re dealing with your work in the most efficient way possible.

  1. Make a list of your tasks.
  2. Think of the consequences for not doing each of your tasks, this will help you understand which tasks cannot be postponed. 
  3. Split your list into two categories: “high” and “low importance”.
  4. Create two new sub-categories: “high urgency” and “low urgency”. 
  5. Assign numeric values to each of your options (from 1 to 4), where a lower number means a higher priority. For example: 

  • High importance and high urgency: 1
  • High importance and low urgency: 2
  • Low importance and high urgency: 3
  • Low importance and low urgency: 4

This is a quick and simple method to prioritize a list of tasks and to start getting things done. However, there are more advanced criteria that you can factor in to sort and prioritize work, such as whether the service or product you’re developing is highly requested by your customers, or if the project itself aligns with your company’s planned objectives and strategies. 

Improve Project Prioritization with Instagantt

When it comes to managing projects, prioritization is crucial. A priority matrix is a management tool that takes a basic to-do list to the next level because it is specifically designed to help you determine what tasks are critical so you can focus your team’s efforts on the most urgent needs. 

Project management software like Instagantt helps you take your project planning with gantt charts to the next level, making it much easier to organize, manage, execute, and report on work from anywhere. It’s also the perfect tool to create and manage your own priority matrix so that you and your team can focus on completing your tasks and maximizing your effectiveness.

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