Learn How to Conduct Effective Weekly Reviews With Your Team

When you are leading a team, staying on top of different tasks and projects can sometimes feel extremely difficult. From a number of different deadlines to handling separate requests, keeping track of your team’s to-do list can sometimes be very difficult. Luckily, conducting a weekly review with each member of your team can be an excellent way to stay on track and to closely monitor progress.

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What Is a Weekly Review?

A weekly review is a dedicated space that allows you to prepare for the week ahead. It often takes around 30 minutes and it helps you organize your workflow, get aligned with your goals, and ensure that the work you and your team are doing is on track. 

By conducting regular weekly reviews, you and your team can spend valuable time sorting out the upcoming week’s schedule, revising what was accomplished during the previous week, and prioritizing the tasks that will need to be completed during the upcoming week. Weekly reviews can also help team members better prioritize their time and resources, by analyzing their own performance.

Benefits of a Weekly Review

Planning and delegating. Conducting weekly reviews will benefit your planning skills, but it can also help you organize your different requirements and delegate specific tasks to your team members. Running one-on-one meeting reviews can help you identify particular skillsets and analyze how your team members go around tackling a different set of tasks and issues.

Improved communication. When managing several projects and multiple people are involved, being able to communicate effectively is essential. By conducting weekly reviews you can ensure everyone understands exactly what they’re doing, and it’ll also be an opportunity to discuss the project with your team members, and to review progress, performance, and new ideas. 

Goals and objectives. Project objectives are much easier to review and discuss when you conduct regular weekly reviews. In each review, you can check up on progress and ensure goals and objectives are on track, which ultimately improves your chances of success. This also benefits your team because it allows you to discuss new goals and to tackle any issues that could hinder the progress of your project.

How to Conduct a Weekly Review

First of all, it’s important to perform weekly reviews uninterruptedly, this will show your team you’re committed to these sessions and that you value them. So try to schedule them on the same day, same time each week. 

During your reviews, you’ll want to discuss how much was accomplished and to plan what will be accomplished during the week to come. It’s also good practice to breakdown specific, complex tasks and to discuss project milestones. Let’s take a look at some of the most important steps to consider when planning to conduct weekly reviews with your team:

  1. Summary of last week. Start your weekly reviews discussing your team member’s past week: what worked, and what didn’t. Take the time to go over what could have been improved, and discuss what was accomplished. Also, this could be an opportunity to talk about the things that need improvement, and to congratulate your team members on their wins. 

  1. Reviewing goals. Take the time to dive into your project plan and to review short-term and long-term goals. Ask for details about their progress on each task and review deadlines and milestones, and make sure to go over their work plan for the upcoming week.

  1. Reviewing KPIs. Tracking how your indicators are going is essential, especially when it comes to lengthy projects. During your team’s weekly review, make sure to go over your most relevant KPIs to measure your project’s progress and performance. 

  1. Weekly plans. These instances are also a great opportunity to go over your team’s plans for the upcoming week. What are the most crucial tasks? Are there any pending issues that need to be resolved? Take the time to dive into their milestones going forward. 

Take Your Weekly Reviews to a Whole New Level With Instagantt

Managing and leading a team is no easy task. You’re dealing with deadlines, issues, meetings and a hundred different requests at once. But luckily, a weekly review with each team member can be a great way to stay on track regarding your team’s progress. These short meetings can help you remain updated on the tasks that are being completed, and ensure the right workflow for the weeks to come, right until the project has been successfully completed. 

But wouldn’t it be easier if you could conduct weekly meetings and update your project’s progress, all at the same time? This is where technology comes in. Project management software like Instagantt can truly make a difference by helping you keep track of all team-related and project-related information in one single place. With Instagantt, you’d be taking your weekly reviews to a different level. Our Gantt chart software allows you to manage your projects, create tasks and deadlines, and easily follow-up on your team’s weekly completed work.

Weekly updates give your team members the opportunity to meet with you and review their progress. But they also give you the chance to motivate your team and get feedback about your own work, which allows you to improve your project management skills. Make the most out of these instances by using software that allows you to easily create and manage gantt charts, and collaborate with team members, all in one single place. 

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