Top 10 Gantt Chart Examples for Project Management (Updated July 2024)

When it comes to running your own projects or keeping track of things with your team it’s important to know all of your options. And one of the best options that you have at your disposal is a Gantt chart. You just need to take a little bit of time to see what the options really are. You might even be surprised by all the different ways that a Gantt Chart Maker can be used and all the different types of industries that can use them. So, let’s take a closer look.

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Why Gantt Charts?

Gantt charts are a great option for anyone because they allow you to track anything and everything related to your tasks, projects and more. No matter what industry you’re in you can set up a Gantt chart that will help you get your job done more efficiently and more effectively. And that’s going to mean you get a whole lot more money in the bank in the long run. What could be better than that?

Gantt charts will help you to know:

  • The duration of the entire project.
  • How much your activities cost, and how much your project is likely to cost.
  • Know what the different activities are
  • When activities need to start, and when they need to finish.
  • How long your activities were primarily scheduled to last.
  • Current progress status.
  • Know what the different activities are
  • How much your activities cost, and how much your project is likely to cost.
  • The duration of the entire project.
  • When activities need to start, and when they need to finish.
  • How long your activities were primarily scheduled to last.
  • Which activities depend on others to be effectively completed.
  • Current progress status.
  • Which activities depend on others to be effectively completed.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Gantt chart examples available, so you can select the best fit for you and your team:

1. Human Resource Planning Template

When it comes to planning things out in human resources you might not realize just how much is involved in the process. The truth is, you’re responsible for nearly constant updates and strategies related to all of the different trends within your company, which means you need to know about who is being brought in, who needs to be brought in, where to reprimand or even fire and a whole lot more. In fact, as the human resources team, you are responsible for practically everything related to the employees within your business.

Planning properly means that you’ll be able to plan and be prepared for whatever might happen within the company. It means that if you need to bring in new people or if you need to get rid of some you’ll be prepared for it and know how to do it and what to do. It allows you to have the tools you need to keep your company running smoothly and makes sure that each of the people who are brought into the team can execute the tasks that they need to make the business a success. But how does a Gantt chart fit into that?

A Gantt chart is perfect for human resource planning because it gives you plenty of strategic opportunities. You can easily document progress on any projects, processes, and even individuals that you need to within your charts and you can make sure that you are mapping out and even designing your strategies effectively.

Human Resource Planning Template Gantt Chart

2. Construction Gantt

Anyone can tell you that managing a construction project is crucial. Without adequate planning, things can easily go wrong and you could end up with some serious problems. In fact, projects could be completed incorrectly, leading to wasted money, time, and potentially even to injury. That’s why making sure you have everything written down, planned out, and carried out in the proper sequence and more is something you absolutely want to work on. But how do you make sure that you’re doing all of those things?
With a Gantt chart, of course.

When you plan properly you can make sure that you have all of the right tools and equipment. You can make sure you have all of the right people and you can make sure that you are on the right path to getting the project done properly and quickly, no matter what it is that you’re actually doing. In fact, Gantt charts can be used for small projects or large projects and they’re important for anything you want to put together as well.

These charts will allow you to make sure you keep on schedule when it comes to your timeline and that each step of the process is not only being done but being done correctly. You’ll be able to visualize all of the tasks and even organize and prioritize as well as assigning each of the tasks to different members of your team.

Construction Template Gantt Chart Example

3. Sales Process

When you’re in charge of sales you must know what’s selling and what’s not. You need to know who is doing well with their sales and you need to know who isn’t holding up their end. Not to mention you’re going to need to know who you still need to reach out to about a lead or who needs a follow-up call and a whole lot more. If you don’t keep track of all of these things at once you risk missing out on a whole lot of money and sales. That’s definitely not something you’re going to want when it comes to making a living on sales.

If you’re a sales rep yourself you can keep track of all of your personal sales, contacts, leads, and more with a Gantt chart. If you’re the one in charge of all of the sales reps it’s even more important to use one of these charts to make sure you know what everyone is doing and if they’re actually holding up the standards that they should be. You might also want to recommend that each of your team has their own Gantt chart to track their information while you’re using it to keep track of all of them as a whole.

With one of these charts, you can slim down the sales process and start feeling a whole lot better about how well you’re keeping on things. There’s no longer any reason to worry about something slipping through the cracks because the Gantt chart holds everything you need to know.

Sales Process Template Gantt Chart Example

4. Product Roadmap Template

All right, so you’re ready to create a new product but you have a whole lot of steps to get through before it’s going to be ready, right? Well, that’s not going to be a problem if you know how to track it all. You need an organizational structure that lets you map out each of the different things that go into creating your product. You also need to make sure that you’re following all of the right formattings, meeting all of the deadlines, and a whole lot more. When you have a way to organize all of this information you’re going to be off to a better start.

You’ll have no problem creating an effective roadmap if you know where to start and a Gantt chart is going to be a great way to do exactly that. This type of chart will let you layout each of the major tasks that need to be completed between where you are now and where you want to be (launching your product). You can set each of them up as separate tasks and then create subtasks within each of them. Those subtasks can even be assigned to different people on your team or given different deadlines and more to make sure that they get done.

With a Gantt chart and proper organization, you’re going to make sure that you have everything you need to get your product off the ground. Create a high-class strategy and actually put it into action and you’re going to be off to a great start. Plus, you’re definitely not going to skip out on making a Gantt chart next time when you see how simple it is and how much easier it makes things.

Product Roadmap Template Gantt Chart Example

5. Digital Marketing Plan Template

Digital marketing is a crucial aspect of any business because it pertains to the advertising that your customers and potential customers will see about you. In most cases, this pertains to advertising through social media, but it can pertain to other forms of digital conduct as well. Plus, done properly, it’s going to make sure that you can reach out to the right people. You want your target audience to be able to find you, and digital marketing is one of the only ways you’re going to do that.

A Gantt chart allows you to create a plan for all of your digital marketing. Instead of just creating advertising as you go along or just ‘winging it’ you’re going to have the ability to actually lay out a cohesive strategy that will get you from point A to point B in no time. You just have to lay out the different pieces of the puzzles, including the different tasks that need to be accomplished and who is going to work on them. All of this is going to make it easier for you to execute the plan.

With your Gantt chart, you won’t have a problem building a marketing plan schedule that’s extensive and in-depth because you can create all of the tasks and sub-tasks and more that you need. You’ll be able to oversee everything that goes into your project as well, including budgeting, deadlines, and even who the different tasks are assigned to.

Digital Marketing Plan Example

6. Employee Onboarding Template

When you bring a new employee into your team you want to make sure that they can actually fit in with the team and with all of the different aspects of the job. But how do you make sure of that? You need a consistent onboarding process that will help you along the way. With an onboarding process, you’re going to have a better chance of getting your new employees up to the standard that you want in a short amount of time. You won’t have to worry about someone falling behind or not knowing how to carry out something because they’ll be fully trained.

When it comes to training new people it can be difficult to keep track of what they need to know and what they’ve already gone through. With a Gantt chart, you can create sections and tasks for each new employee and make sure that you’re going through each of those tasks with them. That’s going to make the process of onboarding more efficient and more effective. Not to mention it’s going to make your new employees and your existing employees feel a whole lot better about the arrangement.

A Gantt chart makes sure that you can create the exact onboarding process that you want. You can set up as many or as few steps as you like and you can customize the entire chart to fit your preferences for visualization and more.

Employeee Onboarding Gantt Chart Example

7. Video Production Template

Producing a video is a lot like producing a product in that there are a whole lot of different steps involved and you have to make sure that you don’t miss any of them. If you do you could find yourself struggling to get that video out at all let alone getting people to pay for it. But when you get organized you’ll have the opportunity to stay in charge of your project and to stay on track at all times as well. That means managing the writing, shooting, editing, and more. And it’s all important no matter the length of your video.

With a video production Gantt chart, you’re going to have a method of creating structure and flow to your process. You’ll be able to keep yourself moving in the right direction at every turn and you’ll be able to manage input, suggestions, requirements, and content from different people and even different departments as needed. You’ll even be able to keep careful watch over what everyone is doing and whether tasks are being done properly and on schedule.

Using a Gantt chart makes sure that all of the steps that have to be carried out don’t get too overwhelming. After all, with everything you’re responsible for making that project go off without a hitch you might be a bit nervous about something being missed or not done to the standard you expect. With a chart to organize, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Video Production Gantt Chart Example

8. Mobile App Development Project Plan Template

Building a mobile app is an important step for just about any business. After all, in today’s world, it’s more common to find an app available for a brand or company that you want to associate with than it is to not find one. You don’t want to be the only company that doesn’t have an app when you’re trying to get attention and business from customers. And that’s only for businesses that exist outside of an app. If you’re looking to create an application as your business it’s even more crucial to get things right.

With a Gantt chart, you’re going to have the ability to layout the steps that it takes to create your app. And that means everything from designing what the app is going to do to actually going through the process of creation. It means working with a host of different people, departments, and more to get that app done from scratch. And when you use a Gantt chart to help you you’ll be improving your chances of getting it done properly and more quickly. That’s kind of the whole point, right? You want to make sure everything is done in a way that gets you to a successful launch?

Well, a Gantt chart makes sure that you can set up your timeline properly and then follow through with every step along the way. You can make sure that each task is assigned to someone and that they are being completed by the deadline. And you can make sure that you always have the equipment, people, and tools that you’re going to need.

Mobile App Development Gantt Chart Example

9. Social Media Planner Template

If you’re going to be involved with social media in any way you need to keep track of your posts, your content, and a whole lot more. You need to know how to track where you’re posting, what you’re posting, and when you’re posting. Not only that but you’re going to need a way to make posting even easier so that you can really build up engagement. You may even want to make sure you can keep track of what’s doing well and what isn’t doing so well in the process.

By creating a social media planner you’re going to improve your chances of actually posting all of the times that you want to. You’re less likely to miss a post because everything is scheduled out for you and makes it easy to remember. You can even layout information with more than just your own charts involved. If you want to keep track of someone else’s social media you can do that too. Or you can have multiple people work with you in creating your own. All you have to do is create a Gantt chart and you’re going to have no problem pushing through.

These charts allow you to set up details of what you want to post so you know when to do it, where to post it, who’s in charge of the post, and anything else that you want. You can also adjust and rearrange your posts and content however you want and whenever you want. All of that is going to make it easier for you to stay on top of your goals and plans for your social media pages, whether for personal or professional use.

Social Media Planner Gantt Chart Example

10. Gantt Chart Template for Email Marketing Specialists

Are you an email marketing specialist? If you are then you absolutely need to keep track of timing for your email marketing campaigns. You need to keep track of content that’s doing well and content that isn’t and you absolutely need to make sure that you’re always aware of what’s happening within your business. That means keeping track of a whole bunch of dates, times, contacts, subjects, and more. But just strategizing things on your own can be a whole lot more difficult than you might have thought.

The key is using a Gantt chart to make sure you stay on top of everything. As an email marketer, if you don’t keep track of everything related to your emails and your contacts you could miss out on a whole lot of sales. Not to mention you could find yourself losing contacts and leads. Instead, you want to make sure that you have a chart to track your tasks, including follow-ups, strategies, resources, actions, and a lot more. All of these things are going to make it easier for you to get on task and to stay that way.

With a Gantt chart, you’re going to be ahead of the game when it comes to laying out your strategy and then executing that strategy to the fullest. You’ll be able to make sure that every person that comes into contact with you or your business in any way is going to get the full experience of your company.

Email Marketing Template Gantt Chart Example

Conclusion time

If you’re looking to start using Gantt charts for yourself and your business make sure you’re getting creative about it. There are plenty of options when it comes to these charts and the ones we’ve talked about here are just a small peek into those options. All you have to do is take a look and see how you can customize things to fit your needs. Luckily, when it comes to creativity, flexibility, and user-friendliness, you’re definitely not going to go wrong with Gantt charts for your company, no matter what industry you’re actually in.

Instagantt will provide you with all of the features and options that you need in order to make Gantt charts work for you. Whether you’ve ever used them before or not, you will be able to create one in no time because this system makes it as simple as possible. The user-friendly, intuitive design and customizable features will ensure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to creating the type of chart you and your business need.

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