Instagantt vs Trello
Which software is the best solution for me?

Instagantt is so much more than a Gantt chart software. It’s a complete solution for project management. It strips away the complexity associated with Gantt charts and provides a simple, flexible way to schedule your tasks.

Why Choose Instagantt Over Trello for Gantt Charts?

Trello is great for organizing your to-do’s. It’s an excellent tool to follow up with your tasks and remembering what you should work on next, but Instagantt provides you with a holistic view of your projects, allowing you to not only schedule your tasks but to follow the progress of these tasks and to execute your projects in full, in an effective and logical way.

Why Choose Instagantt Over Trello?

  • Timelines
  • Dependencies and milestones
  • Task and subtasks
  • Drag & drop
  • Baselines
  • Critical path
  • Multiple projects and workspaces
  • Diverse exporting options: Excel, image and PDF
  • Public snapshot sharing options
  • Team collaboration options: notification and task assignment
  • Custom view and custom fields
  • Custom color options for progress bars
  • Risk and priority 
  • Estimated and actual cost
  • Gantt and workload view
  • Ready to use templates

Why Instagantt is the best option

Where do Gantt charts come from?

Your entire schedule synchronized. By using Dependencies, your tasks will be aligned, making sure that schedule changes won’t ever become a headache. 

Manage your workload

Workload view allows you to easily understand how many tasks your teammates are working on, ensuring a proper work distribution across your team or department.

Track progress, easily

Set, change and measure each crucial aspect of your project. Be fully aware of your project’s status, at all times, and always be on top of your deadlines.

Trello Alternative

Trello is an amazingly effective yet simple organizational tool. It allows you to stay organized by setting your projects into boards, allowing you to quickly see what tasks need to get done next, and who is in charge of completing them.

However, you will soon realize that it lacks some of the most basic and useful features that you and your team will need when managing small and large projects.

Moreover, Trello requires supervision in order to avoid mess and disorganization, as cards tend to be forgotten at the top of multiple lists. Instagantt’s Gantt chart structure requires no maintenance since tasks are scheduled and logically organized. Instagantt provides a space for your team to work together, by providing an open channel of communication. 

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