Creating a Timeline in Instagantt

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Where does a project start? I think we could agree that a project starts the moment dates are set. After all, time is what dictates when meetings, deadlines, actions, and results will occur. 

In fact, one of the main reasons a project fails to be successful is not having a clear understanding of start and end dates, and not having a clear visualization of what is expected to happen each day. So, how do you accomplish having all the pieces of your plan fit together while keeping your team informed of the next steps? A project timeline is just what you might need.

What is a Timeline?

A timeline, by definition, is a chronological order of events. It tells a story. It shows the phases of a project; what’s already happened, what is happening, and what it’s supposed to happen in the future. Having a clear timeline helps immensely when it comes to following the progress of a project. 

What are the Elements of a Timeline?

To create a timeline, you will need to have knowledge of:

- Tasks that will need to be completed

- Dates of tasks

- Duration of tasks

- Dependencies between tasks

Luckily, one of the perks of using project management software is that it allows managers to easily create timelines. Gantt charts, especially, offer a view that allows project managers to get a crystal clear picture of a project. 

In Gantt charts, a horizontal bar represents time periods and duration of tasks. You can name these bars so they also represent a certain task or group of tasks. You have tasks that are dependant on each other? Not a problem, you can connect these tasks so they are represented as dependencies on your timeline.

How to Create a Timeline in Instagantt

Creating a timeline in Instagantt is as easy as it gets. Create a project and make a list of your tasks. Once you have assigned dates to your tasks, you will automatically have a horizontal line with a timeframe. Gantt charts will represent each of your tasks’ start and end dates on a clearly visualized and organized timeline.

Instagantt: Creating a Timeline

Also, thanks to Instagantt’s drag & drop feature, you will be able to easily move your start and end dates and even create dependencies between your tasks across your entire project timeline.

Drag and drop timeline

It's time to give Instagantt a try!

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