Guide to Successfully Manage Projects Across Departments

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Alexa Cuartin

Are you constantly trying to communicate with several other departments within your company in order to know what the status of a project is? Are emails, chats, video calls, or even pop-up visits to your neighbor department just not making the cut anymore?

Communicating the status of tasks when you work in a multi-department company can sometimes quickly start to feel like chaos. If this sounds familiar, you might be in need of a project management tool that allows for smooth communication across departments.

Track and update what matters

Is it possible to effectively manage a project when multiple people from multiple departments are involved? We truly believe so. A critical aspect of project management is being able to know where every different project is at. Luckily, a tool like Instagantt will allow you to track, update, and follow the progress of each project.

Instagantt: Multi-Department Progress
Multi-Department Progress

Project timeline completion

Multiple people are involved, so it’s very important to communicate the status of each phase, each deliverable, and each task. By simply setting clear sections and timelines, your team can stay up-to-date on the overall progress of your projects.

Instagantt: Track Progress of your tasks
Track Progress

Unify communication in one place

Communication across departments should never be an issue. Updating every aspect of a project, knowing exactly who is responsible for what, and being aware of everyone’s deadlines will undoubtedly improve communication between departments. After all, keeping track of these aspects means there will be no foreseeable last minute surprises.

Also, by mentioning your teammates, you will be able to leave comments on any task, regarding any relevant information that will help your project’s completion.

Instagantt: Mentioning teammates

Always stay informed on what’s important

One the many great things Instagantt can help you do, is developing an image of your project’s current status, by showing real-time progress of your different tasks.

This helps teams make better decisions at the right time, such as focusing or adding more resources, or even getting the right people involved at the most adequate time.

As a result, you will be able to build a project, view your entire schedule, and to have your multiple departments collaborating in real time. All in one place.

Click here to see our own Multi-Department Project Management Template.

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