Plan a Better On-Boarding Process with Gantt Charts

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Alexa Cuartin

Employee on-boarding is so much more than a simple HR task. You are bringing someone new over. You are inviting somebody to join your team, someone that might as well be doing important things for your company in the near future. 

So why take this lightly? In reality, you shouldn’t. Employee on-boarding is a big deal; it’s the first impression your employees will take home, and as such, you should be prepared to make them feel welcomed, from the very first moment. 

Many companies make the mistake of treating the on-boarding process as a merely bureaucratic procedure: sign some paperwork, provide laptop and logins, and briefly introducing the new hires to some members of the team. But if you really want to make a good impression and you want to make them engaged and included from the very beginning, you should be prepared with a structured and thoughtful on-boarding process that will make your new employees feel like they belong from the start.

Here are some ways you could improve your new team member’s on-boarding process:

Be prepared:

Create an on-boarding list of tasks that represents every step a new employee would need to go through. Make sure to cover each aspect and be thorough when it comes to each of the new hire’s role and responsibilities.

On-Boarding Process with Tasks

Get everyone else on board, too:

Your entire team should be aware a new person is coming on board. So make sure to communicate it accordingly, before the new recruit’s first day. 

Set up a meeting with the whole team:

Do not skip introductions, no matter how time-consuming this might sound. It’s important that your new team member knows who the go-to people are when it comes to a number of different work scenarios. This will also help to build team camaraderie along the way.


Once you have carefully designed your newest team addition’s on-boarding process, make sure to follow through. Check on their progress and ask for feedback. This will help you tailor your next on-boarding list, based on the next employee’s position.

On-Boarding Process with Gantt Charts

So, begin by creating an employee on-boarding template using Instagantt, and start welcoming those new recruits! Instagantt encourages team collaboration. So go ahead and invite managers, leaders, and teammates to your project, so they can also be fully aware of your new team member’s own on-boarding experience. 

It’s time to give Instagantt a try!

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