5 Impressive Ideas to Increase Your Productivity

Created by
Alexa Cuartin

It is pretty safe to say being productive is one thing we all strive for in our jobs. But, how do you manage to stay productive when you are constantly multitasking, getting a million things done, attending meetings and finishing reports?

We get it, it’s a draining ordeal. Time is almost never enough, which means you end up taking work home and doing it all again, week after week.

But, have you thought about changing the way you work? By following a few simple new steps, you will be able to accomplish a whole different level of productivity, completely changing your usual workday experience.

Follow these tips to up your productivity game

Dedicate blocks of your time to doing the same thing:

Whether it’s responding to emails, cleaning up your notes or scheduling projects, by dedicating blocks of your time to similar tasks, you’ll make sure to finish up faster than you would otherwise. Why? Because your brain is dedicated to completing actions, eliminating distractions that would normally stop you from following through.

Write things down:

It’s not about creating endless to-do lists that you’d probably never cross out entirely. It’s about clearing up your mind. After all, productivity is about being in the zone. And, by writing down everything you are thinking and worried about doing, you are also freeing up mental space, allowing you to stay focused and also making sure you won’t forget anything.

Plan your day ahead:

It’s crucial to know exactly what you need to do, even before you start your workday. So, start planning ahead and really take control of your day. This way, you’ll make sure you actually start doing the important stuff done and forget about wasting precious hours thinking about what was it that you needed to do first. 

Maintain a clean workspace:

I can’t stress this enough. Your desk is your temple. Visual clutter also creates mental clutter. If you truly want to maintain focus, you also need to create a clean, clutter-free workspace for yourself, one that will make you want to sit down and get some real work done.

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