Tips to Always Meet your Deadlines

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Alexa Cuartin

Time management is one of the main things you must learn to tackle during your professional life.

Managing time is hard, this is a fact. It’s no wonder time management is listed as one of the toughest things you must learn to tackle when you start working, basically, well… anywhere. And when it comes down to a career in project management, being able to control your own time and to meet your deadlines becomes essential to your success.

In this post, I’d like to share some of the tips that have really made a difference in my day-to-day work life, because, if you’re remotely like me, you won’t feel like your day is done and over until your to-do list if all checked.

Deadlines are important

The very first thing you have to understand is that you really need to care about your deadlines. You need to make them a priority, like something you must accomplish in order to advance.

Identify and overcome distractions

You need to be clear on what is it that does it for you. Whether it’s a chatty co-worker, your window, or social media: just cut it out. Learn to maintain focus by eliminating the things that prevent you from it.

Break down your tasks in small units

It’s easier to get things done when you break them down in individual actions. When managing a project, it’s only natural that you would identify and separate the tasks that need to be done. So, why not do this with your own time? Set a clear time frame for each thing you must put your mind on during the day. This way, you’ll make sure to sit down and actually do it. Plus, people will learn to respect your own time, versus demanding newer tasks from you.

Try not to move your deadlines

Why? Because you’re only creating setbacks for yourself. You should instead focus on pushing forward and work harder to try and make it on time. Chances are, you’re only a few hours of work behind, and just about to make it and stay on track. Also, focusing on maintaining your deadlines will teach you to prioritize your own actions. You’ll learn to focus more on important, meaningful tasks, and less on minor, not-so-meaningful ones.

Put these in motion, and you'll notice a quick impact on your goals and your work.

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