How to use ChatGPT for Coding? Your step-by-step guide to becoming a better programmer with AI

Does ChatGPT make you a better programmer, or will it take over your job? Learn how to use ChatGPT for coding, and you will become exponentially efficient at your job.

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There is no doubt that ChatGPT was the AI chatbot that set the bar high for other chatbots. It can generate responses to any question thanks to its machine-learning models and NLP capabilities. Those responses contain information from huge data sources, making ChatGPT helpful for many professionals. It can even be helpful for coders if they know how to use ChatGPT for coding.

Using ChatGPT for coding helps achieve better results with accuracy and persistence. In short, your job becomes much easier since you will only be defining logic. So, here we will discuss how to use ChatGPT for coding, project management, designing Gantt charts, documentation, and other developer requirements.

Can ChatGPT write code, and how efficient is it at coding?

It is important to note that ChatGPT is an AI chatbot, and AI still has a lot of evolving to go. It does not mean that it will never be able to provide useful code. However, it also does not mean ChatGPT will always generate perfect code. In most cases, you must do some edits and tweak the code ChatGPT generates.

Sometimes, it can get lost since it cannot generate logic. That’s where ChatGPT will only generate unusable codes that will be total garbage. A major part of how well ChatGPT will work for your use case depends on how effective prompts you generate.

Your step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT for coding.

If you don’t know how to use ChatGPT for coding, here are all the steps you need to follow. By using ChatGPT this way, you can be very efficient in getting pieces of code written by ChatGPT.

1. Design the logic and understand your requirements.

You will start with designing your logic. The code you get from ChatGPT can be for a logic already available on the internet. Otherwise, you need to design and type your logic so ChatGPT can understand it. When designing your logic, you need to work on everything you want that code to achieve.

2. Narrow down your requirements and be specific.

Once you finish the logic, you must move to the technicalities section. It is the part where you describe your syntax, technology, programming language, and all other requirements. When you make this part of your requirements very specific, it will make things very easy for ChatGPT to generate code accordingly.

3. Write the most effective prompt that generates code for you.

In this part of the process, you need to describe your logic and all the ChatGPT requirements. This part needs to be very specific for guiding ChatGPT to the right way for generating your code. If you fail to correctly describe your requirements to ChatGPT, the response you get may not be very effective. It may result in garbage code and ambiguous information that does not lead anywhere.

4. Understand the implementation of that code.

When you generate some code with ChatGPT, it also guides you about where and how you need to use that code. You can ask it to guide you about using the code if it does not. Understanding the code and the right implementation is essential; otherwise, that code will not be useful.

5. Implement that code and repeat the process until you are done.

The last part of this whole process will be implementation. Since you learned the implementation from ChatGPT, the only thing left for you to do now is add that code to the source code file. In most cases, that code will not work as it is since it will need editing, tweaking, and customization to meet your project's requirements perfectly. Work on that, and you will be done with the process.

The most important thing when using ChatGPT to generate code is staying focused on your prompts. Depending on how efficiently prompts you to write, ChatGPT will generate better results.

Different ways you can use ChatGPT to assist you in coding.

Apart from generating code directly, there are multiple other ways in which ChatGPT can help you in coding and development. These include project management, documentation, and more. Below are the details about 7 different ways developers can benefit from knowing how to use ChatGPT for coding.

1. Use ChatGPT to explore resources and practices.

ChatGPT makes learning new things very easy. You can explore different learning materials, documentation of other projects, tutorials, etc., with the help of ChatGPT. Similarly, you can specify your work and ask for the best practices to complete your project. This AI chatbot will assist you in every case.

2. Make project management easier with ChatGPT.

Project management is an important part of coding for bigger projects. If you don’t manage your resources and time effectively, meeting deadlines can be difficult. The best way is to provide it with the material and let ChatGPT decide how you will design your Gantt charts. Those Gantt charts will have the best project flow with efficient deadline management.

3. Translate your already-written code into another language.

Say that you wrote code for one project, and now you need to write the same for another project that is developed with a different technology. No need to worry, as ChatGPT can translate that for you within seconds. So, you only need to re-implement the new code translated by ChatGPT, and there will be no need to write all that code again in the new language line-by-line.

4. Make debugging easier by using ChatGPT.

There are different ways ChatGPT makes debugging easier. You can paste your code with the expected outputs and ask it to debug the code for you. Alternatively, tell the error you face and your expectations from the code. Either way, it will provide suggestions and code changes if you provide the code in the first place. It changes hours of debugging into minutes.

5. ChatGPT can take care of the documentation part.

ChatGPT is a chatbot, and the best use for it is to let it write documentation. You can specify the requirements for different project parts, and it will write the documentation itself. You just need to overview the text generated by ChatGPT before you include it in the project’s documentation. After the overview and slight customization, your job will be done.

6. Get assistance on how to use APIs and frameworks.

We often find new APIs and frameworks that can significantly help us during the coding and development phase. However, using them efficiently takes some learning and research. Well, that time-taking part of the process can be made easier with ChatGPT. It guides you with examples, which makes implementation very easy.

7. Get your concepts clear with ChatGPT.

If you need to learn anything as a coder, ChatGPT will be your best teacher. You can get anything from it, including:

·   Information

·   Examples

·   Tutoring material

·   Practice tasks, etc.

So, whether you need to learn something new or revise an old concept, ChatGPT will always teach you with great results.

Why should a programmer use ChatGPT instead of manual coding?

Writing code manually is the traditional way of development, but knowing how to use ChatGPT for coding is new. You must use this AI tool for coding for several reasons and below are the 3 most important ones.

1. Faster development

Since you only need to describe requirements, generating code will take a few seconds instead of minutes or hours. Hence, your efficiency and speed as a coder will increase drastically, and you may focus on other tasks.

2. Better accuracy

ChatGPT gathers results from multiple sources so that you can be confident about its accuracy and reliability. However, the results depend on the prompts, so completely relying on them and never checking anything before implementation will not be the right practice.

3. High satisfaction and productivity

With ChatGPT, you can complete multiple tasks in a shorter time, which means higher productivity as a developer. Dealing with more tasks with greater productivity improves your satisfaction rate as a developer.


ChatGPT assists humans in a lot of things, but one thing that is more exciting than the others is its code-writing capabilities. It can write code like an experienced programmer within seconds, and anyone can copy and paste that correctly into their source files to make things work.

However, you must know how to use ChatGPT for coding. Remember that if you know the right practices, things will be extremely easy for you since ChatGPT can be helpful in things like documentation, project management, etc.

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