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Yes, we are fully aware that forecasting and managing a project can sometimes be tricky. After all, a project involves many important aspects, that sometimes (let’s be real, most of the time) comprise different types of information. And, many of those times, juggling all that information in just one place becomes a real issue.

And this is where we come in. We are excited to let our users know that we have developed a new feature that will make managing information a little easier. Thanks to our new Information Fields, you will now be able to add more powerful, relevant and useful data to your tasks.

One of the most critical aspects in project management are timing and budgeting. You need to have a real sense of how much of your time and budget will be compromised on a specific task, otherwise, you won’t know where you are standing. Now, when creating a task, fill in the new Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, Estimated Cost and Actual Cost fields, and you will stay on top of these crucial aspects, at all times!

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