How to use time blocking to increase productivity. Ultimate Guide

Sometimes you find it hard to do your work on a daily basis because you get interrupted by people or any other activity. In all this you leave work for tomorrow but what if you don’t get time tomorrow as well? There is a better and wise way of completing your work on time by using time blocking.

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While working you don’t have to neglect other tasks. There is a better and wise way of completing your work on time by using time blocking. But what is time blocking? How can you use this very simple time management method for managing your task while focusing on other things going on in your daily life routine?

An insight to What is time blocking?

This is a very simple and unique time management method through which you can literally schedule your whole day tasks. You can make blocks for every task you have to carry out in your whole day. You can add a block of time for completing a task then take a break and after that, you can start working on your next task.

You can also add the time of break-in to your time blocking chart so that you don’t take a minute less or extra than you decided earlier. Now you know about time blocking but how to use it to increase productivity?

Importance of time blocking:

Time blocking will help you to gain your daily routine goals but in a more convenient and managed way. Here are the benefits of using time blocking for scheduling your daily life tasks:

Follow your schedule:

When you don’t have a proper schedule for carrying out your tasks, you get messed up and start getting tired of your work. In this way, you get distracted your whole day and just start neglecting the most important job you had to complete on time.

When you start scheduling your tasks and make time blocks for every single task whether you are doing any work or it is time for your break. Put everything in a time blocking schedule and just follow it. In this way, you never get frustrated or distracted by anything.

Become productive:

When you start managing your time and task you start getting productive. If you follow your schedule you will get free time that you will be able to consume to do something else. You start getting creative that how you can start using your free time in a more productive way.

You stop wasting your time on idol things like just sitting idle or wasting your time in something that is not beneficial for you. But time management teaches you how to use your idol time in a better way.

Work on time:

You were assigned a task but you were not able to complete it on time but why? You failed to manage your time and you just left it undone. You thought you would complete that task later and you never found that free time to finish your work.

With the help of time blocking when you will have a time slot for every single task you will be able to manage your schedule and complete your work in that specific time slot. While following your schedule you made according to your daily routine things never get messed.


When you have a proper schedule of your day, you know how you have to manage to perform every single activity on time. This time management will bring a sense of satisfaction to your mind.

Things don’t get messed up and everything will get completed on time without any delay. This satisfaction will remove the stress of work from your head and you will be able to manage your work properly.

Guide to use time blocking in a professional way:

Time management is important but not everyone follows it properly and you try to get rid of your work and leave it for tomorrow but you just can’t leave important tasks for tomorrow. You can use time blocking but how to use it to increase productivity?  You will better understand now that what is blocking?

Here is a guide that will help you to start using the time blocking management technique and how you can use your time in a more beneficial way.

Task slots:

Simply make task slots according to the time they are going to take before you complete them. Because when you start scheduling your tasks like this, you will always complete your task in that time slot.

While you are working just simply focus on your work. Never allow anything from outside to distract you from finishing your task. In this way, you won’t leave your work for tomorrow. You stop wasting your time on idol things.

Break slots:

Well, you are not going to work all the time. You are also going to need a break to refresh your mind and get your energy levels up again. But remember always to put your break slots in your time-blocking schedule.

If you follow that break slot you won’t waste extra time while resting and when the broken slot is over you’ll get back to your work.  

Stay on track:

After making a schedule for your next day or week, it is time to follow that schedule. you have to follow the task slots and break slots. Never take extra time because if you’ll take extra time then you are going to mess up the whole schedule.

You have to stay on track just by following your schedule. By being on track everything will complete on time. But never take time more than the ones you added in your task and break slots.

Time estimation:

If you think you can complete your work in half an hour but it is a tough call then it is better to add a little extra time in your task time estimation. If you think you can complete your work in half an hour, put 45 minutes in that task slot.

By having an estimation of your task time whether you get distracted from something outside, still you will be able to do your work on that day. Time estimation will tell you how much time you will take to complete one task and then you can start working on the next one. But never lost track of time.

Relaxation time:

You are going to put break slots in your time-blocking schedule but it doesn’t mean you have to work like a robot while you are busy working on your important project. You can add relaxation time during working.

You can’t work for hours on a single project without getting any break. You might get tired of the work and leave it eventually. So, it is better you add a little time to getting relaxed while working.

Talk about your time management strategy:

If you are benefitting from this time blocking trick then how about if you start talking and discussing it with other people? Well, you can help those people who are finding it hard to complete their work on time.

Everyone finds it hard to make a schedule for their daily routine tasks. But by using the time blocking technique you will become more productive. The free time you get after completing your work, you can use that in a more creative way.

We hope these points guide you about what is blocking?

Variations of time blocking you should know:

There are three variations of time blocking that you can use to schedule your daily routine tasks. Following are the three variations:

1. Make a bucket

Keep a track of every task and then start making a list of every task like a task bucket. Then try to put similar tasks in the same time slot. Like if you have to go somewhere instead of doing a single task you can do other things you postponed before. So, make a bucket of tasks and then add similar tasks in a single slot so it won’t consume much time.

2. Themed days

While scheduling your whole week you can make a theme of every day and highlight them. You can add colors to your timetable. Put red on your full packed day and green when you’ll have free time. It will help you in deciding which task you want to complete on a specific day.

3. Schedule tasks

Like for weekends, you make a list of the tasks you will only carry out on your weekend as individual tasks. In this way, you will be able to distinguish your weekday tasks from your weekend ones and you’ll keep remembering them as you are going to do them individually.


What is blocking? Well. Never neglect the importance of time because once it is gone it won’t return. It is better to start managing your work in a better way. Never waste your time or leave your work for tomorrow. We get tired and frustrated of doing a single and getting distracted by something again and again.

You know time blocking can help in managing your daily routine tasks in a convenient way. It will teach you time management so you don’t have to leave any of your work for tomorrow. You will become productive because you’ll know what you have to do when you are free.

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