Everything you need to know about the 10 best agile tools for 2024

Agile project management methodology stands among the best project management methods of 2024.

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In this effective methodology, the professionals split the projects into little chunks or cycles to deal with one by one. By doing so, they can get rapid and huge productivity in repetitive manners. This methodology is successful among the project management teams due to its effectiveness of being completed in a few days or weeks. 

The team members can track whether the small cycles have run successfully or not. This can help you to identify the incomplete part as well and allow fixing it on time. So, if a project manager uses the 10 best agile tools for 2022, he can achieve the project goal on time without letting any part incomplete. 

Everything you need to know about the 10 best agile tools for 2024 

Looking for the best agile tool for your project? You are on the right page as it loads the 10 best agile tools for 2024 that will surely help the new managers to grab one of them according to the nature of the project they are dealing with. 

1.     Monday.com 

Moday.com app has become viral among the new project managers. It helps the managers to divide the tasks, arrange them, and then divide them among the team members. The app carries the following wonderful features for agile project management. 

Team management 

Monday.com has been the topmost app among the 10 best agile tools 2024. This app perfectly manages the teamwork by tracking their tasks and their completion as well. 

Customizable user interface 

It brings different templates on which the users can work, but it does not bound the users on these templates. Users can make changes according to their needs and choices. 

Helpful in task management

It also helps you to enlist the tasks you have divided into small cycles. Then, it arranges these tasks depending upon the priorities, either according to deadline or importance. 

Presents analytical reports

Monday.com app, one of the 10 best agile tools for 2024, also prepares reports of your project progress according to completion or still leaving some cycles behind.  

Provides wonderful support 

It provides you managerial support as you can coordinate with your team through this even when you are not at work or out of the station. 

Monthly or annual payment

This wonderful agile tool is not free, but you have to pay little to enjoy its managerial features, whether monthly or annually. 

2.     Trello 

Trello has become much more famous among many other online well-known platforms like Google. It is quite easy to use. So, it is the best and more entertaining agile tool with colorful templates to enjoy the best time and tasks management. 

Board and card system 

Trello agile tool has a board and card system to arrange the tasks. This seems much more interesting by using the card system. We get to know about the tasks. 


You can make changes in the form of a template to arrange the tasks. You do not need to stick to a single template or board, but you can change it. 

Brings collaboration 

You can create team collaboration on the team board of this agile tool. If you are a manager and you want to motivate your team to do a particular task, you can do it here. 

Prioritize tasks 

It helps you to extract big rocks by prioritizing the tasks. 


Trello, among the 10 best agile tools for 2024 is secure enough to keep your confidential documents and the project details. 

Mobile friendly 

You can even use this tool on your mobile phone when you are moving around the city or the world. 

Free/per month/ annual payments 

You can use this tool initially for free, but later, you have to go for monthly or annual packages. 

3.     Kanbanize

Kanbanize is working with wonderful charm to create little chunks of the tasks and prioritize them. 

Team management 

Kanbanize helps you to manage your team by tracking their task. 

Customizable user interface 

It is customizable for the user as you can add or remove the templates or tools. 

Helpful in task management

It arranges the tasks and allows you to grab and do them step by step. 

Presents analytical reports 

It prepares the analytical reports in the form of graphs and word descriptions as well. 

Monthly or annual payment

It is paid application. You can go with monthly or annual packages. 

4.     LeanKit 

LeanKit agile tool brings about the management of the team and the tasks. 

Task management 

LeanKit tool is one of the 10 best agile tools for 2024 to manage the tasks of your team.

Time management 

It brings the option of a Gantt chart, timeline, or calendar to manage you and your team's time.

Team management

It helps to keep track of your team and updates you about the completion of their tasks.  

Paid per month/annual 

This tool is paid that you can buy per month or annually. 

5.     Active Collab 

Active collab agile tool is the best software that you can use for managing the tasks and budgeting the project. 

Manages documents 

By using this wonderful tool, you can manage your documents by categorization.

Helps on budgeting 

It also helps you with the budgeting of the project. 

Workload reporting 

It provides you with a written report of the workload of you and your team. 

Paid per month 

You can buy this tool of project management by paying monthly. 

6.     Proggio 

Proggio is the most modern agile tool for project management that stands at the top among the 10 best agile tools for 2024 due to visual explanation of the projects. Proggio has the following features to facilitate new managers. 

Creates blueprints of the project 

Proggio is something different from the traditional planning of the tasks of a project. It creates blueprints of the project tasks to clearly explain what to do next. 

Get timelines 

You will find a calendar where you will just mark the starting and ending date and it will set a timeline for you to follow. 

Chat support 

Here you will find a chat board where you can communicate with your team fellows or customers if you have added. This agile tool can be best for schools and other learning institutes. 

Automatic reporting 

You do not need to spend time on report writing when you are using this wonderful agile tool. It will track your goals, progress and develop a quantitative report. 

Free and paid

You can use the Proggio app for free when experiencing a trial, but it does not include advanced features. To get an approach to advanced features, you can go for monthly or annual packages. 

7.     Axosoft 

This is another wonderful agile tool of the 10 best agile tools 2024 due to its aesthetic visual presentation of the progress. You can find several templates to enlist and organize the tasks. It will show your achievements in the form of beautiful and colorful graphs. You will enjoy the following feature so of this agile tool. 

Project timeline 

Axosoft agile tool for project management helps you to set a timeline by using the Gantt charts and calendars. It will label the specific tasks on the specific days.

Documents management 

Axosoft also manages your documents by keeping them secure. You can check the related documents through this agile tool when you need them. 

Issue management

It also brings the issues to your notice by checking the deadline and the importance of the tasks. Then it manages these issues as well.   

Time tracking 

It is also working as a time tracking machine as it tells on what time you will which specific task. 

Task and resource management 

The tasks or the documents you have made or attached with them will be available for you when you need them. So you do not need to manage the documents and tasks by yourself. 


It will also develop a report after analyzing the progress of the project. 

Paid monthly/annually 

Axosoft tools best for agile project management is paid that you can get per month or annual package. 

8.     Zoho Projects 

Zoho Projects is the product management software or app that can recognize the need of products. It can track the planning of product manufacturing, their production, and the shipment as well. SO, it is going to be your assistant to tell you what you need to do and what you have done. 

Project planning 

By using this app, you can design the project by labeling the date's quantity and fixing the deadline. You plan when to start this project and which tasks you will be doing this week or next week. 

Time and task management 

Zoho projects have made their place among the 10 best agile tools 2024 being best at time management and tasks management accordingly. 


It brings the team members on a single platform and keeps them in coordination through proper communication. 

Provides reports

It develops reports of the tasks you have marked done. 

Tracks bugs 

It also tracks the bugs and extracts them from your priority list. 

9.     Teamwork 

Managers use this agile tool for breaking the project into little tasks and then dealing with them one after one to keep the flow. 

Creates tasks for the project 

This app can break the project into tasks to make it easy for you to choose.  

Customizable with tasks and time management 

You can add a Gantt chart calendar or create your own timeline for organizing the tasks according to time. 

Tactfully manages time for complex projects. 

It is best for complex projects that you think simple, agile tools cannot handle. 

Can manage multiple projects at a time 

You can deal with more than one project by using this tool. 


Initially, you can try its free version, but later, you have to pay monthly or annually as per your choice and need. 

10.  VersionOne 

VersionOne stands among the 10 best agile tools 2024 because of its progress tracking tool. 

Agile testing 

It tests the agility of your project management and guides you in the best way. 

Manages and organizes tasks 

It organizes the tasks and also helps to manage them on time 

Track the progress

It tacks the progress of your project completion by graphs and analytical reporting.  

Reminds by notification 

It sends you reminders for the next tasks. 


It is paid agile tool. You can get its monthly or annual packages. 


10 best agile tools 2024 that you can use for project management by converting it into simpler chunks are under discussion in this article to help the new managers to grab the suitable one.

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