Top 10 Online Project Management Courses

Project management is a valuable skill that can help you in securing the best position in any company. If you want to join an organization especially related to management and business, you must learn project management. It is the main part of dealing with other organizations and presenting your ideas in front of the whole team.  

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Project Management courses can be easily learned online by the people who have an interest in them. It is also important to have some background knowledge of project management and other management skills. People who have completed their education in management sciences can learn project management very easily and quickly.  

However, anyone can join Project Management courses. After taking the course, you will know all the basics and initials of project management. It is important to know the valuable tips and techniques to come up with the best project management. It can make you successful within any organization. 

Let’s move to Top 10 Online Project Management Courses.

Top 10 Online Project Management Courses to know about:

We will discuss some of the best online courses you can take for project management. It can help you in enhancing your knowledge about management skills and techniques. You can become the best project manager if you take any of these courses. You have to understand them well to get the best outcome. 

1. Alison – Diploma in Project Management

It is the best Project Management course for those who want to learn project management step by step. It covers all the steps of a project life cycle to have enough knowledge to apply in your practical life. It will help you in learning the Project analysis, Planning, and development, etc.

It will also educate you about designing the project uniquely that can catch the eye of anyone present in the meeting immediately. It will also help you in learning about the evaluation of the project and how it is done. It is a professional-level course which is best for people who want to polish their skills and flourish in the management field.

2. Project Management Specialization Coursera

It provides multiple courses on project management. People who are new to the management field can learn project management quite easily after taking this course.

  • It keeps everything simple so that everyone can understand it, even the people who are not from the field of management sciences. 
  • This course is offered after having a partnership with many famous Institutions.
  • It includes the University Of California and the Indian School of Business. 

You will have the opportunity to learn a lot from experienced teachers and instructors. One of the best things about this course is taking the first three classes for free. If you like the course, you can continue it further. Otherwise, you can quit it. 

3. Complete PMP Exam Prep Course by Brain Sense

This is also one of the most effective courses in project management that will prepare you for the PMP exam. It includes 8 modules that explain the steps of project management quite well. You will be able to learn project management within no time after taking this course. This is one of the professional courses that are effective for the people who were preparing for the PMP exam. One of the best things about this course is that it is entertaining and unique. It will be a great help for those who find learning boring unattractive.

4. PMP Certification Training Courses & Classes Online (Udemy)

This is a project management course that is offered by the PMI. It is a gold standard Project Management course. 

  • The most important thing about this Project Management course is that it is internationally recognized and has helped several people who are now doing wonders within their organizations and fields. 
  • It is also helpful for the people who want to clear the PMP exam and score well. It can prepare you as well as provide you with certification.

 You can Excel within the project management after taking this course easily online. 

5. Pace University: Practical Project Management Certificate

In this course, you can learn effective project management. It is for those people who want to get introduced to new methodologies of project management and tools. 

You can learn a lot of things after taking this course because it will help you in discovering more about project management. You can apply the skills in daily life to the projects that you are working on. People who are in the field of management can also take this course because they will learn amazing things about project management.

6. Post Graduate Program in Project Management by University of Massachusetts Amherst (Simplilearn)

This Project Management course is offered online by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. It is a postgraduate course that will help you in learning the advanced level of project management. If you have already completed the basics by graduating in project management, you can take this course. This will help you in getting ahead of difficult and complex projects.

  • You will also be able to pay more attention to the existing projects that you have to work upon. 
  • Project Management courses are of many types. 
  • You have to learn all of them if you want to excel in your field.

 This course will help you in introducing you to the best project management skills. 

7. The PM Prepcast

There are many courses for PMP exam preparation. However, this course is different from the others because it provides visual learning. It will help you in learning through video tutorials which can be entertaining as well as effective. There are many people who can adopt things better when it is taught visually. This course is effective for those people who want to learn project management skills by watching videos. 

It has a great number of videos that can be easily downloaded so that you can watch it any time of your choice. People from more than 50 countries trust this course because of its effectiveness. It has been registered by more than 44000 project managers.

 It is no doubt that you will love the well-presented videos, which will be highly organized on a professional level. You can watch the videos on any medium either it's a laptop, desktop, or the screen of your smartphone. It can also be watched at any time according to your schedule.

8. Simplilearn: Project Management Expert

This is also one of the most effective Project Management courses. It has professional knowledge and equipment that will allow you to have the Best project management skills. It will also help you in getting educated about the effective methods of project management which can help you in any organization.

 It provides step-by-step knowledge about project management, including its analysis and evaluation. Once you have effective knowledge of all the steps in project management, you can learn and excel in it.

9. Coursera: Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

This course is offered by the University of Virginia, and it is one of the most influential courses because you will have to submit assignments and work after every week. This will enhance your learning, and you will also take the course seriously. 

This course is effective for those people who want to stay dedicated to project management. It will help you a lot in learning the professional skills of project management, and you will also become more practical by submitting assignments and work every week. 

10. edX: Introduction to Project Management

It is a free course for people who want to learn project management at the initial level. You can watch a lot of videos related to project management which can help you in learning the steps of project management. It is a step-by-step approach to project management that is going to introduce you into the world of management in a very effective manner. 

  • You can provide your services to any organization after taking the course because you will have an idea about product management skills and have projects are handled.
  • It will polish your skills also educating you with valuable knowledge about project management. 

You will be able to make a project proposal that can be presented in front of the whole team. After that, you can work on the project effectively with all the steps you have learned from the course. It is a 6-week course which requires 3 hours on a daily basis.


Final Thoughts:

Some of the best Project Management courses that can help you a lot in your field are described in detail Top 10 Online Project Management Courses will help you learn the basics of project management. People who want to learn project management on a professional level can also choose the course according to their requirements. 

These courses are affiliated with most of the excellent institutes, which is why you will learn a lot from professional and experienced coaches. If you want to excel in the field of management sciences, you should choose any of the project management courses from the above-mentioned courses. Project management is very important if you want to work with organizations in your daily life. If you want to pursue business as your career, project management cannot be ignored.

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